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    I feel like a loony when i tap, but it does help me. Brad Yates has hundreds of different issues covered so look through his videos and choose one that resonates with you.
    It helps if you repeat what he says as well as tap along. Or use your own words.


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      Ha, I tried to do the anger one, but had to cry and couldn't. Hm. Then a friend picked me up as was taking walk with baby, and gave me coffee. Came away a different person, totall happy and at peace with kids and life. Don't think stars do stuff, but friend said baby was Scorpio; so looked that up and found my enigmatic baby (and mysterious DH) described to a t, which for reason I don't want to think about was bit of a relief. So am not crazy: is stellar constellation and force of nature.

      Then did meditation at night and slept great. Night before, did not meditate and was up from 1 to 5 am.

      Love lovely compassionate and funny friends with marvelous homes and coffee machines and astrological hints. Yes. Must not go it alone.


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        Rrrrrr, am slightly annoyed by meat vendor- she keeps bringing bigger and bigger roasts for me, so they are REALLY expensive and barely fit into slow cooker anymore. Not compatible therefore with weekly budget, cooker, or freezer space.

        Aaah, complaining on high level. Is like drinking scotch. A good pain.


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          Sugar has been rushing back in! To total downfall of eating TWO Snickers today and glass of sherry, as well as plenty of sweet potato. Will go on Total 30 tomorrow in order to take care of issue and also lose extra weight before critical mother arrives. Oh dear.

          Just to think: had bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch was roasted broccoli-cheddar soup, then had to go panic-shopping for horrid hurricane heading here, and bought snickers to share with DH, but he gets none as I ate them all up. Was very good too, but neither fine behavior nor healthful. Also had little piece of dark chocolate with family earlier...dinner was drumsticks with sweet pots and artichoke. Yesterday had fake peanut sauce that also had sugar in it, and even ate some of the kids' buckwheat with cream and maple sirup...also sherry, before, hmmmmm. Was Thursday and can't remember...Wednesday I had BK with the kids (I know....I know). This really has to stop! Am emotional eater of the worst sort and unbalanced mind of the last week has totally taken over. Crave clean-eating feeling and not hormonal-emotional bloated sugar-eater-feeling. No. But will just go and finish off last half of last snickers, and tomorrow is no funny business AT ALL anymore. Not even rest of delicious sherry. And no cheese.


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            Off to a spanking new start with bacon, eggs and blueberries! (blueberries are allowed on a Whole 30, right?) Also had some ginseng tea, which is not the ideal morning beverage, but coffee and tea seem to be out. Maybe red bull? Never had, but prob has loads of sugar or something. I really want coffee. Badly.

            Made a huge jar of Sauerkraut and kefir and now must visit nice but very very SAD people, who have already promised ice cake and brownies. Kids will be horrible this afternoon and we seem to be on edge anyway. Always are, on a Sunday, even though cannot find out why. Is yearlong problem between Dh and me: cannot live peacefully through a Sunday. V strange, but probably there's a meditation out there for it. Little joke.


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              Have resisted ice cake from DC (wasn't much of a temptation, actually), cookies, crackers and self-baked artisan bread and have managed my way through lunch with olives, salami and pineapple. Feel deservedly smug and now must only master dinner (or, as is primal left overs, more like apres-dinner) and will be super hero with happy cells! Am drinking water and am also all otherwise very perfect.


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                Been pretty good today, besides of a drop of cream in my coffee- either one not so good. I had to take a claritin for hte coffee, but really really wanted some.
                Just waiting for Sandy, otherwise. Hope the lake doesn't flood...


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                  Well, my Dears. Sandy came. I never experienced a hurricane, but now I can say I have. Dh and I sat up through most of it. Besides of the sheer destructive power, the sound a hurricane makes is something to remember. It sounds like a gigantic gong is ringing in the sky (and you can't get away from it). It is LOUD. And it UPROOTS trees and whirls around SOCCER GOALS (what's even the resistance???) and pops powerlines like candy.

                  Our property got away fairly unscathed, but not all of our neighbors were as lucky. Nor the cute little towns around us; schools and streets and shops and everything is down and out. After three days without power, water or heat (and tub water to flush the toilet with running low) I took the kids and fled to where everything is as before. Honestly, if we hadn't been 'trained' by Katrina we would have been flat on our backs on day 1.

                  So wasn't even close to primal. In fact, ate all chocolate I could find and lived off whatever was rotting away in increasingly tepid fridge, not daring to open freezer and looking at incredibly expensive farm meats and salmon melting away. Not good. Look like swollen cow myself. Would like to hold up better in face of aversity. When back home, will go tabula rasa and THROW AWAY ALL NON-PRIMAL FOODS (besides of those needed right away for kiddie-Bday). But AFTER THAT! yes. Will be wonder of sel-discipline. Also Criu Bru or similar is on way from Amazon, so will get off horrible coffee and deflate by vast amounts. Right!

                  Anyway. School is canceled anyway, so will wait for faithful DH to give the sign that it is safe ot come back.


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                    All right, back home FINALLY. God, my poor neighbors across the lake STILL don't have power, and I don't even want to think about everybody who more or less or entirely lost their home. Brrr. And I'm pretty sure we have one of these babies every year now. Better invest in a generator and a couple of really large fuel thingies. So.

                    While not being at home, eating was spotty (but not terrible) as was at culinary mercy of (really very) kind host. Mostly egg and coffee with cream and maybe bit of bacon for bf, snacking on fruit and cheese and processed lunch meats for lunch and meat and bit of starch for dinner (and a good bit of caramel chocolate balls to deal with stress). Am dying for a big plate of veggies with butter and salt, so will have that tonight, with as many more fresh raspberries as I can possibly eat. DH kindly poured me glass of sherry, but cannot stand taste. Ha! Have conquered sugary alcohols!

                    So am back in the game! And am very happy! even though parental visit still looms, but will simply exude all my natural grace and will get through easy or at least alive. Yes.


                    • Aaaaah! Total chaos day. Kids shouldn't have had preschool but then had anyway and on top Halloween party and I knew naught and had to make it up on the run instead of cleaning up for visit. So now have three hours in which to cram all cleaning including prepping of completley gutted room for said visit, several loads of washing and all floors as well as kitchen and bath. Usdually is no problem but after Sandy, it is. Also still have to drive kids around to appointments and feel a bit frazzled to be perfectly honest.

                      Better sit down for a quick cup of Crio Bru or similar, which is not as tasty as hoped. Like water and cocoa. Massive amounts of cream rezuired to make palatable.


                      • Parents left for a week to return in a week. Wished Thanksgiving would go rot in hell.


                        • Ecstatic morning in guest-free, own home. So very very nice. But stress eating has caused rolls of fat. Am busting upper weight limit and do not fit into favorite paper denim cloth jeans anymore.

                          Despite stress very proud that yesterday after baby's bday party was over and guests and parents had left I did get back on waggon by dining on canned fish, avocado and coconut oil. Is amazing how it fills you, unlike stupid carton board cheese pizza, whihc, by the way, made me break out in hives around in the mouth. Gluten sensitivity is getting worse, now with hives and instant headaches.


                          • Ahahahaha, am DEFYING parents and have written first draft of new picture book. Will work on short story when kids are in preK and then on new draft when kid has ballet and other kid hopefully wants to watch TV instead of going to playground.

                            Also is DH bday today but was too weak to remember till last night and he doesnt' want to be bothered either. Also couldn't think of present and won't have time to cook nice dinner. But have bargained and he will accept tickets to short story reading at theater in lieu, and bring nice dinner home himself. Love my lovely knight in shining armour and now only have to make him forget my own birthday. Yes. Is obviously silly to celebrate given that we couldn't even figure out own ages last night and had to count on fingers and is only stressful pretense of happiness when really all wanted is a pac of ciggies and a swig of whisky. Of course am smoking only when MIL is in town, but still.


                            • So. Have renewed love affair with primal foods and splurged at the supermarket on steak, chicken, avocadoes, sunflower seeds, pomegranates, salad, broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples, red and green cabbage, salmon, chia seeds, eggs, blueberries, cream, cheese, butter, kale, dandelion, and so on. Now must contain self as I want to eat ALL AT ONCE. I want kale smoothies and steak and salmon with broccoli and butter and sweet potato fries and a ton of eggs and huge chunks of butter and chia pudding and IT IS ALL SO YUMMY! I also still have a huge pot of my own kefir, a gigantic jar of Sauerkraut that's ready to eat, and my very own Kombucha should be done soon, too. Haha. AHAHAHAHAHA! Will TOSS OUT all crappy foods that I have bought for guests and own kids and RID myself of them. Is high time to saddle the primal horse and gallop into the sunset on it. Giddiup! Off we go.

                              Oh. Time to pick up kid. Also should get firewood today, even though wood stove is not installed yet. But SOON and will be fantastic.


                              • Aaaaall right, where were we?

                                Ah yes. Well, parents returned and was actually all very well, besides of having absolutley no time for self and sliding sliding sliding down to a piece of Entenman coffee cake which put me in throws of agony, stomach-ache-wise. Then Parents left and now have to return to shambles of own life, remember distant routines etc etc.

                                Have GOT to lose weight. Am at 70 kg, all time high apart from pregnancies, so NO WAY. Have had laudable two last days and must carry on the good work.

                                Also have decided to let my hair go grey. Is v. nice hair, but do not want to torture it anymore with dyes etc. Will chop it all off, as looks fantastic short, only do not like to go to the hair dresser. Afraid they'll mess up (have been burned before), but it needs a bit of help transitioning. Hm. Also is very expensive. Maybe will go once though.