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    Have had a hectic couple days here and not much sleep- but HOORAY! I think fat burning has kicked in. Suddenly I really REALLY don't care what I eat or even when I eat. Yesterday I had an egg sometime around 10, then nothing till dinner. Got me a huge plate of chicken and rice, thinking I needed to catch up on calories, but left plenty on my plate. I mean, I don't leave anything on my plate, ever.

    Today I had a couple of eggs for breakfast, then took the kids to the outlet mall to get some walking in- didn't need food until 2, when I suddenly got a bit shirky with the kids. So we went home and I had a couple slices of apple, a smallhandful of sunflower seeds and banana chips, and a slice of Kerrygold butter in my Chai tea. Usually I wouldn't be able to stop this sort of snacking, but my new and improved self is fine. Done and done. Incredible, isn't it? (I'm telling you girls: use some happy cream if you are anywhere close to middle age and have low-progesterone symptoms...makes all the difference.)

    Dinner in the slow cooker: grassfed beef, heartlessly 'prepared' with a jar of (fairly paleo) pizza sauce and a handful of olives tossed in....will put in cheese to bake over it and sell it as pizza goulash or something...


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      I have to take it all back. Had a pig out yesterday night, but was more emotional than anything else. Dumb hormones. Taking it all back about happy cream too, is bloody useless. Pun intended.

      Today I had breakfast around 11, bacon and 1/2 an egg and corn on the cobb with lots of butter. Then at 4"30 I had uh, like 3 handfuls of bananachips (must get them out of the house, they are killing me), the rest of the salami in the fridge (not much), and a blueberry Ale we schlepped down from Maine, and a slice of apple. Not great, then. Am slipping. Must eat paleo dinner and nothing after io to maintain right to post here and not be banned in middle of night.

      In other news I have a stiff neck which hurts. The baby lost all his pacifiers (3) at once in the mall - I think he put them into the open shoe boxes at payless shoe source. So now he has a bit trouble falling asleep as I'm not buying new ones in manner of excellent excuse to get rid of these things.

      To rake up some tattered shreds of good news: I think my vitiligo is getting better with paleo, the sun and the supplements. I have one spot on my hip that doesn't get much sun or topical treatment as is always covered by (at least) bikini pants, and it has totally repigmented. I've had it for years, it's been my nothing-happens-control for ever. It's not as tan as rest of (untanned) skin, but def fully repigmented. Spots on arms, elbow and knee and chest have started to repigment. Hands and feet are always hard, but my right hand gained a couple new freckles. I think face too. So hooray! Sun, pepper oil, Gingko, Milk thistle, Biotin, grass-fed meat. I'll keep doing it. (As I said, will just finish ale, then eat paleo dinner.)


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        Ok, you know what? Dairy is out. Just saw messages somewhere in the mid-thousands on the leptin thread saying to avoid dairy to heal gut which is to do with vitiligo. I eat way too much. My eyes are always itchy. I get new pollen allergies all the time. My dust allergy is acting up like nothing good. Yesterday I had a cup of milk and my stomach was so distended it hurt. I. Will. Cut. Dairy. Out.

        Should also lose masses of weight as practically live of the stuff! Yey!


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          Only question is: what to eat then? And what about butter? I need some easy-yummy source of fat and think I might be allergic to CO.


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            Butter and a splash of halfandhalf in the coffee stayed, but I ignored the YUMMY full-fat ricotta and greek yogurt calling out to me from the I did definitely deflate though, which is nice.
            Have been fairly good with the eating too. Just bought and tried Bubba's sauerkraut. It's good! I never liked kraut, but this is good. Then I found a recipe on how to pickle stuff, and now I can't wait to try this myself. Pickled mushrooms are a favorite in this house, so I have to try some of them, and kraut, and dill cukes, and onions, and carrots...mmmh.

            My daily bad news is that I bought bacon at the farmer's market for 9$ a lb, and it has NITRIT in it. Grrr. I can get cheaper nitrate and trit free bacon at the supermarket.


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              Ooooh, today I overexerted myself....Have bene up and going strong at 6:30, had the kids, the breakfast, the kitchen, living room and bathroom done, cleaned and or vacuumed as well as lunches packed before 8, then social stuff till 2:30, a hectic run to the pharmacy and then tired and hungry and cold kids until legs hurt! I stuffed my face full of primal snacks, but managed to avoid the dairy. I took an epsom salt bath because it was COLD here! Then dinner for the family, getting hte kids to I get to read Jane Austen instead of watching John Stewart with the DH. Mmmmmmh, Edwards. Very nice.

              Tomorrow the baby starts preschool.....ooooh *sob*! I have had evil something-happens-to-the-baby-dreams for the last two weeks.....I'm sure it'll all turn out awright? Yes. Dreams schmeams.


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                Baby is okay! No problem with the preschool.
                I have been sliding hte last couple of days....some mac and Cheese here, a bite of toast here....I'm being good with the dairy though, no more gigantic bowls of yogurt or ricotta. Just a splash of half in the coffee and butter for cooking. And it shows! Does that mean I'm allergic? Sensitive? I guess it deosn't matter.

                So Marks article today hit the spot....I should throw out all the crap, go back to eggs and bacon for bf, fish and salad for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner...but is so boring....must think more about what to do though. The kids had pasta two days in the row, which is obviously bad for them.

                Today we tried the bacon from the Farmers market and it was really good. But then I guess Mark lists smoked/cured as a no-no. Why oh why is bacon so good??


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                  It's been a while, so here's the quick: I'm now sure that I don't tolerate gluten. Who knew! After a long time with virtually no gluten I broke down and bought some Pepperidges Sourdough bread. In a greed-attack I had four slices with honey and butter. The next morning I woke up with a HUGE headache. I mean it was so clear, I never had headaches until I started to cut back on the grains. Then I had a stretch where I had some gluten sometimes, and during the same time I started to regularly have headaches, but didn't put together. To return. I had some aspirin and all was fine. Then I got cocky during a playdate and gobbled down a couple of cupcakes. (Wth? Here I go for weeks without missing bread and cake and then this!) and bam, headache is back.

                  And, what's worse, I think I might be allergic to coffee, too. Isn't there some sort of cross reaction? But since I'm back on the coffee, I get the swelling of the eye lids again, together with eczema on teh eyes, tearing, itchiness and stuffy nose. Today I didn't feel like coffee, so I had tea. All was fine. Then I went to write in a coffee place, had a large coffee, and bam. Eye lid gets itchy and next I go to the bathroom, I got two sty-like swellings. At home I had children's benadryl and now the hives are gone.

                  So it's all anecdotal and coincidental, but I think I should cut out the coffee and see if I can't ge my eyes back to normal. That would be nice.


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                    So I think I'll try and go all out high fat for a couple of weeks. I'll cut back the dairy (still eating too much cheese and 1/21/2. Hm. Butter stays, I think.), nix the grains and the coffee. I'l have tea instead.
                    This morning I had tea, an egg and a slab of Kerrygold butter around 9 and it lasted until 1 pm. Maybe there was a dip in energy around 11, which, ha, was also when I had the coffee with half and half. Ha. HAHAHAHA! Tonight is sushi night. Sticky rice has got to stay.

                    I wonder how different it would be if all there was were water and unseasoned meat and veggies, and no electricity. I mean, who'd be even borderline overweight (or sleep deprived)? But then people must have been pretty much always been smart enough to season things. Or make dips. Maggot dip with raspberries. Maybe.


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                      Coffee gives my sties, too. But it depends on the coffee, so I think it might be fungicide they spray on it upsetting my native flora and fauna. I'm only buying organic coffee now that I've used up this last bag of cheap stuff. I'm crossing my fingers that it will help.

                      My vitiligo is growing more lately. Stress is high, so that's probably most of it.
                      Crohn's, doing SCD


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                        Ah, a fellow stye and vitiligo sufferer. Yes, stress is no good for, probably, either. I use Melitta coffee from the supermarket. Not the worst, far from the finest. Of course I just stocked up for a half year. Oh well.

                        Re vitiligo, I think the needling helps a bit, and would probably really help together with a UV narrowband lamp. Must look into that, as is wild price range and not sure one can just go and buy one from ebay. It's still around 300$. The ones from more reputable sites are around 1000$. So hm. But I can tell mine is not happy without me sunbathing every day now that fall has come. Or maybe it is. It's like with kids: things change so slowly you don't know a thing until sudden shock: grown 4 inches, needs all new clothes. Or, in the former case, foot is now completely white. I think I want to depigment entirely, just as to be done with it. Also the baby is starting I maybe we all depigment, are beautifully pale like vampires and will move into the rainforest in Washington State to avoid sparkling in (cancer from) the sun.


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                          Ooooh, my Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks in ROASTED SESAME have shipped! SO GOOD! And always sold out everywhere, so had to go to Amazon for steady supply. The kids eat them like potato chips. Also they like dried Wakame Seaweed, the sort I put into Miso soup. They would eat an entire pack if I'd let them. I guess that's good? Especially as we use salt without Iodine (or -dide, can never remember). Must be good. Hope it's not from horribly polluted sea, only mildy polluted. Hm. It'd be better if wouldn't pollute everything. Isn't insipid statement, but true....


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                            I think I want to depigment entirely, just as to be done with it.
                            I just want to watch it grow and spread, but it's so SLOW! Tiny scrapes and wounds do help it along on my hands, but it never seems to start on my arms or legs anymore. Had it on my knees and elbows as a kid, now it's just on my hands, feet and right armpit - and one other place we don't talk about. Easy to see under a black light. But the light spot on my face does NOT show up under a black light, so I don't know if it's just that the skin is so different there, or it's not true vitiligo but some other reason for whiteness.

                            If we go entirely white, though, then we have to take vitamin D forever!
                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              Yes well, if taking Vit D is the worst of it...pffffft. No prob.

                              I have had a few spots fill in since I started primal, but I think a few others have gotten larger just recently. I got them everywhere, but nowhere near 50%, so no chance on the depigmentation via drug, I would think. And I'm not clear on the skin cancer thing. I think there is a slighty increased risk of basal cell carcinoma for vitiligos anyway (get that yearly check up!), but once the pigment is destroyed, all sort of other skin cancers are significantly reduced. You just gotta not burn, but my white patches don't get sunburned anyway. I think the fat helps there.

                              There is a new drug in the making, with pepper oil something or other. Essential pepper oil alone seems helpful, but anything will help just in conjunction ith light. It seems more helpful than Protopic, which is also just a little iffy on the long-term use. So, there is hope.
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                                Comma - huge apologies. I meant to get back to you t'other day re rabbit. Two of out daughters are crack shots, and so have had many a bunny. I often cook them just like chicken, however the best recipe yet is a slow cooker one.
                                I havn't cooked this since going primal, but I am sure you could substitute flour for something else or leave it out ?
                                anyway try the chicken then give rabbit a go. Brilliant

                                Honey glazed chicken
                                (Serves 4 people)

                                4 chicken breasts or legs
                                Flour to coat
                                2tsp butter
                                2 Tbsp honey
                                1 tsp curry powder
                                2 tsp Dijon mustard
                                1 tsp salt

                                Turn the slow cooker (crockpot) onto high and coat with non-stick spray.
                                Pat the chicken pieces dry with paper towels, and then shake them with flour in a plastic bag, patting off the excess.
                                Leave to stand on the paper towel.

                                Measure all the remaining ingredients into a small, shallow bowl.
                                Microwave or heat until the honey and butter are liquid, then
                                stir everything together thoroughly.

                                Turn the pieces in the honey glaze mixture to coat as evenly as possible, then put into the slow cooker bowl and drizzle with the remaining glaze.

                                Put the lid on the cooker and cook on high for 3 hours, then turn down to low.
                                Chicken should be cooked after 2 hours on low, but leave for another hour if desired.
                                Serve with the remaining juices spooned over the chicken.
                                "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                                ...small steps....