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  • so I'm not so sure this WOE is going to UN-express that genetic tendency.... and I'm OK with that!
    yes the older i get the more i realise there are things about myself i cant change. i do find they are expressed in ways which are generally a bit healthier for myself tho.

    off shopping today and am getting tapioca, white rice and coconut flour to try the bread with. if i didnt have to eat a piece with pommie marmite toasted, just to try it, i would be putting millet in instead of coconut. i will also see if i can get some xanthan gum as that can help with GF baking. if it is good, i will experiment without the xanthan gum. i will report back!


    • Realising that now I actually look forward to exercise

      This is a breakthrough for me. I've never seen myself as sporty, and still don't, but I am really really missing my weights class since I have been sick and then tired and then busy. I've had a tramp and a dance class, which were fine but not the same and it's making me feel a bit lethargic and hungry.

      Never mind, it's a new day and the sun is shining again and I have plenty of primal food in my fridge to make a lunch so I don't have to eat the lunch provided by such kind but totally primally clueless church ladies at the Easter drama.

      Gym tomorrow, I hope. Gotta go.
      Annie Ups the Ante


      • i always look forward to exercise! i used to hate sports at school. and funnily enough most of the "sporty" people when they were school age are all old and overweight and infirm now they are my age. what do you do in your weights class Annie? i am off to the gym today which i am very much looking forward to.

        I have plenty of primal food in my fridge to make a lunch so I don't have to eat the lunch provided by such kind but totally primally clueless church ladies at the Easter drama.
        this is an aspect i struggle with. i feel so like the woman with an eating disorder if i am there eating my own lunch. i hide behind the gluten thing alot and totally never warn anyone unless i have to bring the kids. but still. food is social in my culture so i find this bit hard.


        • My gym class is called Powerstep. We do several tracks with our weights bars (deadlifts, squats, lunges, bicep curls, chest press, etc), a couple of step tracks and a cardio track, generally alternating between them. I really enjoy it, you can make it has hard or not as you like. It's not real serious weightlifting or anything, but it suits me very well, I have improved and it keeps me fit for whatever.
          Annie Ups the Ante


          • so kinda like pump with a bit of step? my gym doesnt do group fitness classes but i had to do 10 when i was studying personal training. and a mix of different types. i actual found the instructor made all the diff. the "lite pace" aka pensioner's class was the hardest if you kept up as she kept moving the whole time and when it came to the weights bit, i did big weights. was way more fun than the zumba class LOL step was fun but i got my feet tied in knots doing all the moves and i also enjoyed pump so i can see how a combo, once you got more co-ordinated with the stepping, would be very effective.


            • It's a great combo, we have a good instructor and the group is friendly. Since I work at home, the socialisation is a big draw for me, probably as big as the exercise, haha.

              The sweetest thing happened at lunch. One of the kitchen ladies saw me eating my salad and asked "are you gluten-free?" When I admitted that I preferred it she said there was gluten-free macaroni cheese in the kitchen and she would save it for those of us who wanted it. Turns out there were only three of us and two whole dishes of macncheese, so I did not feel guilty having some as I was not doing a genuine celiac sufferer out of their share. Still falls under my 20% being processed grains and all, but I told you they were kind.

              Then I ruined it by coming home and having Marmite on Vogel's toast. Yummy! My most nonprimal day for a very long while.

              B: Marmite on cheese.
              L: Two boiled eggs, ham, cucumber salad. Glutenfree macaroni cheese. Apple and orange slices.
              S: Cheese, chocolate.
              D: Pork and vege soup (onion/celery/pumpkin). Slice of Vogel's toast with Marmite on half and buttercup honey on half.
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              Annie Ups the Ante


              • Lucky!
                I can't cheat on wheat at all. One tiny bit of it, and I'm on the toilet for hours at a time for days!


                • Scavenged in my garden for some new potatoes, fresh parsley and the last of the sweet corn.

                  It would be so wonderfully primal of me to source most of my produce from my own garden. I do think it should be feasible (at least part of the year) given what it already supplies despite my very minimal effort. If I only did a bit more, the results would surely improve.

                  B: Mushroom and silverbeet omelette. Pork and vege soup.
                  L: Cheese and Marmite. Last of the pork and vege soup.
                  S: Fresh peach. Celery stick. Dark choc.
                  D: Cottage pie with mashed pumpkin topping (onion, garlic, zucchini, mince, tomatoes, parsley; pumpkin, cumin, salt and pepper, coconut cream).
                  Pineapple cheesecake (dark chocolate, honey and flaked almond base; banana, honey, pineapple, vanilla, gelatine filling; fresh peach slices to garnish).
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                  Annie Ups the Ante


                  • B: Banana, peach.
                    Second breakfast (after dance class and 45min walk home): Two eggs, fried mushrooms and courgette. Chocolate chip cookie baked by my beautiful girls.

                    L: Corn on the cob with butter, cheese and marmite and lots of salad things - cucumber, lettuce, olives, apple...
                    S: Apple and cheese slices, choc.

                    D: Out at a buffet style restaurant. I ate something of everything that could be considered remotely primal - ham with pineapple sauce, chicken drumstick, thai coconut hoki, camembert, grapes, stirfry broccoli, cauliflower with pesto, roast carrot and pumpkin, compose my own salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, olives, sundried tomato with vinaigrette). You get the idea, there could have been more. I went back a couple of times.

                    Desserts there are disappointing, not worth squandering my 20% on. I had fruit salad and tried a brandy snap but left it uneaten. My daughters' lovingly homemade chocolate chip cookie was far superior.
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                    Annie Ups the Ante


                    • Truly I have not thought much about missing home baking. That was before I allowed my dd to buy some flour and sugar and make chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious. They are also in a clear container in my pantry (she was meant to give them away but there are many many left).

                      So after our three hour tramp in our wonderful bush I was genuinely hungry, I tried to stave off the pangs with a hunk of cheese and a fresh peach. But still I could not resist another cookie and a piece of chocolate slice. Genuinely enjoyed it and now feel so satisfied I'm not sure I will do justice to my butter chicken which is still cooking.

                      B: skipped due to lack of hunger after last night's buffet.
                      L: Potluck at church - my primal cottage pie, devilled egg, cold chicken, fruit platter (watermelon, pineapple, grapes), whipped cream.
                      S: Scroggin - dates, almonds, dark chocolate.
                      S: Cheese chunk, peach, chocolate/coconut slice, chocolate chip cookie.
                      D: Butter chicken, green beans.

                      Pleasantly surprised by the good food at church lunch today, big improvement over past efforts.
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                      Annie Ups the Ante


                      • I knew today would be busy so I had extra at breakfast which lasted me well until almost 2pm. Then I ate an apple while walking to the bus stop.

                        So far, so good. But then I threw my afternoon snack down the hatch so fast I gave myself a tummy ache. Recovered in time for a hearty roast dinner. A good primal eating day (oh, except for peanut butter, but it wasn't that much and is excellent quality).

                        B: 2 slices bacon, mushroom and capsicum egg scramble.
                        L: Gala apple.
                        S: Celery with peanut butter, 2 more slices bacon, cucumber slices. Chocolate.
                        D: Roast pork with crackling, apple sauce and roasted pumpkin, kumara and potato.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


                        • I decided to walk home from the gym today. Forty-five minutes later, just as I was about to turn into my street, I spied the bus coming the other way and knew I'd made the right decision.

                          Made a hearty primal salad and shared it with my sister for lunch.

                          B: Pumpkin/egg fritter, grilled bacon.
                          L: Two boiled eggs and Salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, olives, bacon, spring onions, fresh chopped basil, avocado with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil)
                          S: Bacon, apple, cheese, walnuts, chocolate.
                          D: Chicken drumsticks and roasted vegetables. Dessert was sliced apples baked with berries, coconut thread and butter, served with whipped cream.

                          It's funny, when I exercise, everyone gets dessert Other days they go without.

                          Other highlights: Watching my 12yo dd make herself an apple and berry smoothie with cream for her afternoon tea. Claiming the empty lunchboxes back from my dh and other dd and refilling them with dinner leftovers (chicken and kumara) for their primal lunches tomorrow.

                          At last, I'm starting to see this lifestyle extending to embrace the rest of my family, and it's one of my great pleasures to see them eat the food I give them. I love to see them making their own primal combinations too.
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                          Annie Ups the Ante


                          • B: Two fried eggs, grilled bacon and pineapple.
                            L: Cucumber salad.
                            S: Milky hot chocolate.
                            D: Chilli and garlic beefsteak with salsa of cucumber/coconut/pineapple. Buttered green beans.

                            Lots of nibbles today - cheese, chocolate, almonds, dried apricots . . . and one last cookie.
                            Annie Ups the Ante


                            • Yikes, I can fit teenager clothes. Scared myself a little when I tried on some shorts not expecting them to fit and they did so I made myself a big bowl of dessert after lunch, since I was hungry today being a gym day (and getting little sleep last night).

                              B: Bacon and egg (one of each).
                              L: Plum. 2 drumsticks, roast kumara. Bottle of feijoa juice.
                              Snack 1: Banana with whipped cream, blueberries, coconut and chocolate, ricies and milk.
                              Snack 2: Rice crackers with sour cream.
                              D: Roast lamb with pumpkin, kumara and green beans.
                              Annie Ups the Ante


                              • Seven months and 300 posts in this journal. I am so glad to have found out how to get fit and healthy and stay this way.

                                The Food. Everything tastes good. I can eat as much as I feel like, yet I can also go without food for much, much longer. I've learned about reduction and how to make banana waffles, blueberry icecream and even gelatine.

                                The Health. Everything works. Digestion is easy. My blood pressure is normal. My teeth are cleaner and my skin is smoother. I sleep through the night. I just feel good.

                                The Moods. Have evened out. I don't get lethargic from overeating, panicky from hunger, irritable from lack of sleep. I'm more aware of what goes on in my body. I feel calmer, happier and in control.

                                The Fitness. I'm ready for anything - a day in the bush, a game of netball, a walk to town, a run for the bus, a new activity such as paddleboarding. I've actually come to enjoy exercise.

                                The Clothes. They are smaller and I like how they look on me.

                                The Family and Friends. While most of them are mired in CW and carbohydrate addiction (as I was a year ago), now I can SEE it so easily. Some of those close to me are beginning to reap some of these benefits too and I love to see them catching on.
                                Annie Ups the Ante