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    So this is a bit late in coming. I've actually been living primal since March, when I decided to try giving up grains and sugar for a week. That went well, and almost six months later, I'm still going strong. I've also given up non-fermented dairy (except for the cream in my coffee), and non-fermented soy. I used to eat vegetarian (which included a lot of tofu), and now I'm eating plenty of animal protein. I wish I could afford grass-fed organic everything, but it's not in the cards for me financially yet, so I'm buying mostly conventional meat and eggs. This is something I hope to change in the future.

    I started weight training in February, and found Olympic weightlifting in May. I've suffered from tenosynovitis in one wrist, which has impeded my training (as has the money it costs) but I've kept up lifting heavy as much as possible over the past six months. I've lost about 20 pounds and gained a lot of muscle, especially in the upper body.

    It's been pretty great- I was basically hypoglycemic before this, and now my sugar-burner days are basically over. My family has noticed the change in my moods; I would get incredibly, well, bitchy if I didn't eat often enough or if I waited too long between meals, and now that's not an issue. I still get hungry when I haven't eaten for several hours, but the same sense of urgency, irritability and shakiness is absent.

    I feel great and I'm not stopping this, ever.

    Recently read Primal Body, Primal Mind (Nora Gedgaudas) and loved it; now I'm reading The Vegetarian Myth and finding it great as well. I plan to try making my own kimchi and pickles soon, and am reading Wild Fermentation as a guide.

    My journal: