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  • Trying to be the best me, Primally-My Journal

    I'm on Day 3 of my second Whole30 and have decided it would be a good idea to publicly track my journey.

    Activity: Volleyball

    Breakfast: "pancake" made of 1 egg and 1 banana topped w/1 T almond butter
    Lunch: 4 oz. beef jerky, 2 lg carrots, pickle
    Dinner: TBD

    I usually like to plan my dinners, but volleyball night makes it more of a grab and go-maybe eggs or tuna salad, depends what I feel like.

    My motivation for starting this journal is really two-fold. I want to track my progress in moving toward what I hope is the best health of my life. I recently started crossfit and am really looking forward to seeing the progress. I've also been making dietary changes slowly, but sometimes it's hard to look back and realized how long it has been. Since starting to eat Primal in February, I have switched to grass-fed or pastured meats and eggs. I brew my own kombucha. I've made my own sauerkraut twice. I started canning my own vegetables-7 quarts of tomatoes are just waiting for me in the basement. Now, I'm adding more organ meats to my diet-specifically liver.

    The second part of this, is I want to have my goals out there for people to support. My boyfriend is willing to let me do whatever I want, but he doesn't actively support my primal life. He just doesn't generally sabotage me. I'm seeing my parents and other family member's health decline and I really don't want to go through that any time in my life. My mom spent my entire life "on a diet." She was always using some CW way to lose weight. My weight is healthy, and I hope, by adopting a primal diet, will stay that way for life.

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    To also add a bit more background to my health. I've had digestive issues since I was about 13. At the time I was diagnosed with casein and gluten intolerances. Now, I guess I had a leaky guy. I almost always avoid dairy-though I've been thinking about trying yogurt or kefir made from local grass-fed, low temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk (can't get raw here), but have found dairy leads to sinus problems for me. I have OAS with reactions to honeydew, cantaloupe, and sunflower seeds, so they generally won't appear in my diet.

    I was a vegetarian and vegan for a couple years before I went primal. I really just thought that was the healthiest way to live, but always had trouble sticking with it too long because I didn't feel overly against eating animals.


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      I don't know what it is, but I am so pumped for today. I didn't sleep well last night, but I am still full of energy for today-I love Fridays.

      Activity: Crossfit WOD

      Breakfast (post crossfit): 2 eggs, ground turkey, banana, coffee w/coconut milk
      Lunch: Salad w/ground turkey, carrots, radish, pickle
      Dinner: burger, kale sauteed in ghee
      Snack: liver pate, carrots

      Last night I made liver pate. I've had liver only a couple times before and liked it, so I'm excited to dig in to the pate later. Yesterday was CSA pick-up, so my kitchen is fully stocked with veggies. The only fruit was a giant cantaloupe, so I'll be giving that away.

      I'm a little disappointed in myself for eating a lot of fruit yesterday, but when I got home from volleyball I was hungry and it just sounded too good. For that, today is another day, so I'll be doing my best to eat less fruit today. For some reason kombucha really helps with my sweets cravings, but I've been out for a few days. I think my new batch may be ready today, though. I'll check when I get home (I usually time it better, but a cool week made the fermentation slower).

      Whole30 #2: 3 days complete, 27 remain


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        Activity: Walk, 45 min.

        Breakfast: 2 eggs, 4 slices bacon
        Lunch: Liver pate, carrot, pickles, banana
        Dinner: Ribs, kale, grapes

        Had a little bit of non-compliant barbeque sauce. I'm okay with that.

        Whole 30: 5 days complete, 25 remain


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          The fifth day looks good, but the first few look like you're not eating very much.


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            It's probably more food that it seems. I don't measure things, but if I eat a serving of vegetables, it's pretty large and most are cooked in a good amount of fat-ghee or coconut oil. I'm not hungry at all.

            Day 6

            Activity: Life-cleaning house, cooking, etc.

            Breakfast: 2 eggs, 4 slices bacon, leftover kale
            Lunch: Jerky, fennel cooked in coconut oil
            Dinner: Beef stewed with tomatoes and onion, banana with almond butter

            I made my boyfriend cookies and two loaves of banana bread today. It was really hard not to try some. The banana was mostly a diversion so I didn't eat either of those. The stewed beef was a crockpot meal I made so I didn't have to keep track of time and I could use all the CSA tomatoes I got this week. Bonus: I have leftovers for three lunches this week. I love not having to think about packing lunch.

            I'm hoping to eventually convince my boyfriend to eat a more primal diet. He's not very receptive to the idea, though. He takes sandwiches and yogurt for lunch. Eats cereal for breakfast. He does eat primal dinners with me, though he sometimes adds a grain (like if I make a taco salad, he'll make a burrito). He eats a lot of sweets, though and I struggle getting him to give that up. Yesterday, we went to an outdoor concert at a local shopping village and he had to get frozen yogurt even though we had just eaten a huge dinner...I just watched him eat it.


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              my husband is the same way
              F, 48, 5'10"
              Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
              Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

              Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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                Day 7

                Activity: 4x800m sprint repeats

                Breakfast: 2 eggs, carrots
                Lunch: Leftover stewed beef
                Snack: Almond butter, celery w/liver pate
                Dinner: Chicken bratwurst, green beans

                I was super busy today, so I didn't notice until I got home from work that I didn't eat enough for breakfast/lunch. I was starving when I got home-hence the almond butter spoonful straight from the jar and some liver pate while grilling up the brats for dinner.

                I'm slowly working on my master's degree while working full time (my company pays for the classes, so it's win-win). Class starts tonight, so we'll see how it goes. This week both days I have class are pretty busy (Thursday is worse than today because I have a volleyball game and need to pick up my CSA after class). I probably should have packed a just-in-case snack, but ran out of time this morning. I did eat more for breakfast and packed more in my lunch so I'm hoping I won't be starving during class.


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                  Day 8

                  Activity: Walk to/from class ~30 min

                  Breakfast: 2 eggs
                  Lunch: Stewed beef
                  Dinner: Chicken bratwurst, green beans
                  Snack: Almond butter w/ cocoa powder

                  Day 9

                  Activity: Crossfit WOD

                  Breakfast: 2 eggs
                  Lunch: Last of the beef, banana
                  Dinner: Spaghetti squash, meat sauce
                  Snack: Last of the liver pate, celery

                  Absolutely crazy busy, super stressful day at work. Really looking forward to the long weekend, I'm going to need the break.


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                    Falling a little behind here...

                    My stress from work all came out okay. My project timeline is getting pushed forward a lot now, so I'll be busy for a while, but I'm excited for the results.

                    Day 10

                    Activity: walk to/from class + volleyball games

                    Breakfast: 2 eggs
                    Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash and sauce
                    Snack: banana (while running out the door to volleyball)
                    Dinner: Rest of the squash/sauce (super late)

                    I didn't even get home until 9 pm tonight. I went to get my CSA and the line was 40 people long. They theorized it was from everyone trying to get it before they leave for the 3-day weekend, but it was crazy how long that took (and it's only ~1.5 mi from my house). I was on the run all day today. I went to work, was busy all day, straight to class, came home just to change and grab a banana, back out the door to volleyball, straight to CSA pick-up (after winning), then finally home. I'm really glad this was my last week of volleyball so I know that won't happen again.


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                      Okay, I will admit it was a mistake to attempt a Whole30 when I knew I would be going to a fair and spending a couple days with my parents. I ate not whole30 this weekend, so I am going to re-start my whole30. I have a work lunch meeting tomorrow and I think, given the option, it will be better to not be worried about all the details (what oil meat is cooked in, is there soy sauce, etc), so I won't officially start anything until Thursday. I will continue tracking my meals, but there will likely be a few non-compliant items.

                      For the next couple days I'll eat primal then go back in to the Whole30 with a better mindset, however, I'm not going to call this an official Whole30 because in 20 days, I will be going out of town for work for an entire week. All my meals are provided and I did request gluten and dairy free, but I still doubt it will be Whole30-oils, sugars, etc. So I'll eat clean until the trip, eat the best I can with what I'm provided while I'm gone, then return to Whole30 eating when I return (though possibly not an official Whole30 so I can make a paleo treat for my birthday).

                      Yesterday's meals:
                      Breakfast: Zucchini-egg "muffin", collard greens, oven-roasted tomatoes
                      Lunch: Chicken leg, apple (not sure what kind, small-remind me of a sour gala; they're from my CSA)
                      Dinner: Pork tenderloin, sauteed zucchini and onions, 1/2 frozen banana, few grapes (these were really interesting from the CSA-kind of taste like grape juice, lots of seeds)

                      While I was visiting my parents they gave me a huge bag of zucchini from their garden, so that will be appearing a lot this week. I also have tickets to a concert tomorrow so I'll need to pack some sort of picnic for dinner. I have left-over chicken that I oven-roasted Sunday, so probably that and a vegetable, maybe an apple.


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                        I am quickly remembering what sleep deprivation feels like...went to an amazing concert last night, but got home super late and had to get up for work this morning. I'm definitely dragging today, but it was worth it.

                        Yesterday's summary:
                        Activity: Crossfit WOD and long walk to/from concert

                        Breakfast: Zucchini-egg muffin, 1/2 avocado, chicken
                        Lunch: Avocado Curry (favorite Thai place)
                        Dinner (packed and brought to concert): Chicken, 2 zucchini-egg muffins, apple, 1/2 banana (split w/boyfriend)

                        Packing dinner for the concert yesterday was a great idea. I felt so good sitting and eating my roasted chicken while people around us bought $10 beers and funnel cakes and other fried stuff. This venue also allows you to bring one 20oz. bottle of water/person so we didn't spend a dime at the concert.

                        CSA pick-up is tonight and this week sounds awesome. The meat for the week is bacon patties-I'm not positive what these will be, but nothing made of bacon can be bad. They also allow you to add items to your order, like grassfed beef, pastured chickens/eggs, low temp. pasteurized, non-homogenized milk. This week I added grassfed ground beef and soup bones. Their soup bones could be the most amazing find ever. For $3.50 you get a 1.5 lb beef shank with tons of meat and marrow. I have made stock with them, but this week I'm planning to braise them (recipe in Paleo Comfort Foods).

                        I should also find out soon when my 1/4 beef will be ready and the final weight. I am really looking forward to a fully stocked freezer of local grass-fed beef. Right now we have so little meat in there it's sad.


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                          9/6/2012 Summary

                          Activity: walk to/from class

                          Breakfast: Chicken, 1/2 avocado
                          Lunch: Chicken, apple
                          Snack (before class): banana, coconut butter
                          Dinner: Bratwurst, mashed kohlrabi with butter, sauerkraut

                          Last night the farm called for my beef order and to get my cutting instructions. Freezer will be full next Thursday-and he told me none of the others wanted liver, heart, or tongue so I get all three and lots of marrow bones. People don't know what they're missing. This same farm also offers whole lamb-seriously thinking of ordering one if I have enough space, the price can't be beat.


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                            Yesterday definitely wasn't my best day-I went to Cedar Point with my sister so there were some fried potatoes and a little ice cream, but I guess it could have been worse.

                            But I am super excited today. I hadn't been feeling like I was making a lot of progress at crossfit, but today we did 5x3 deadlifts which were supposed to be at 85% of 1 RM, but I could do all 5 sets at what was my 1 RM. Then there were KB swings and for the first time I did them Rx with the 35 lb KB. Now I feel really great-even if I still struggled with push-ups and was the last person done.


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                              Summary 9/10/12

                              Activity: Crossfit

                              Breakfast: 3 eggs topped with marinara
                              Lunch: Salad with 1/2 avocado, turkey; carrots
                              Dinner: Watermelon slice, salmon salad-homemade mayonnaise, salmon, celery, pickle, onion

                              After reading in the forums about Crio Bru, I ordered some a bit ago. Had it a couple times now and all I can say is WOW. I love this stuff. I highly recommend to anyone.