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    Decided that today, I would start a journal to go over how I am doing in hopes I can be held more accountable. I'm 43 with three kids though I have done low carb lots of time, this last month has been my first exposure to primal and paleo. I have lost 8-9 lbs so far and I have been able to go off my blood pressure meds.

    Successes- I avoided chips, chocolates and other bad foods at my lunch. I ate some walnuts instead that I had.
    Bad News- I did have chinese food that had a sweet chicken sauce on it, a little white rice and skinny cow ice cream though. Work lunch and that's where we went so not a lot of choice. So tomorrow hopefully I will stay a 100 percent on plan tomorrow. It will be easier once this training week is done as I will be packing my lunch every day.

    Long day at work then I had to rush some extra papers to my husband at his work, go to a beauty appointment, do a bit more school shopping at Target, then picked up my kids to take them to taekwondo class. So I didn't get to eat dinner till 8pm. So glad that I already had pork carnitas made. I put them on top of my spinach salad with homemade italian salad dressing. My kids had them on top of sandwich bread this time, though sometimes they have it on a salad like me. They aren't completely primal but are making steps toward it.

    Just got in my Green pastures fermented oil/butter oil. Not bad it really does taste like a red hot because it's the cinnamon flavor. I got my kids Carson's because I can't afford to feed three kids the other one, it's just for me at the moment as I am the one who has more health issues. I also really like my kefir as well it's store bought but pretty good. I got my kids the flavored kind, they really liked it as well. I use the unsweetened as it's lower in sugar.

    That's about it for today.