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    Newsflash/moment of epiphany! Lightbulb moment! I don't have to log what I eat any more. Why? I know what to eat and what not to gobble down. When I use to enter my foods I have a very clear idea of the percentages on my macros before I even look. And am right. So, I am going to start this and will go back to entering if and when I stop losing weight.

    Tedium interruptus!!!
    Never argue for your limitations.


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      Please cue up the angels and their melodic harps, part the clouds dramatically, and ask the angel Gabriel to play his trumpet!

      I slept! Sans sleeping aids, no awakening in the wee hours, just a solid 8 hours of gorgeous, beautifully restorative sleep. Saying that I feel like a million bucks would be the understatement of the year.

      Off to the gym and an ah-mazing day! Hope y'all have a fantastic day as well.
      Never argue for your limitations.


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        I had a cookie. Yesterday. Savoured every bite of its cinnamony taste. And then felt like crap for the rest of the day. Sugar jolt followed by sugar crash. Upset tummy from the wheat. I was taking care of sweet urges with cut-up fruit and whipped cream (a little vanilla extract and a little stevia) but apples and whipped cream don't sound nearly as yummy as strawberries or peaches and cream. I shall come up with something more appropriate in terms of eating primally and seasonally.

        What facet of the primal lifestyle is missing from your life? For me, it's play. I don't play enough! I laugh throughout my days of work and tease people unmercilessly (myself included) but seldom do anything that is just sheer play. You know what? There's a paintball place nearby and that just sounds like so much crazy-a** fun! Just need to find a partner in crime. Problem solved.

        A great primal week behind me. Am getting ready for a hike today and in fabulous spirits. Spot on with workouts and eating (eh, aside from my cookie transgression). Life is moving forward with my career. My recruiter was thrilled with my references and is submitting me on some cool jobs. They all are going to require travel so there may be another challenge in my near future. The challenge of being primal while traveling. I say yes.
        Never argue for your limitations.


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          In spite of it being mid-October, it was 90 degrees yesterday so I shrugged and decided not to hike. Sprinted in the gym instead on the stairmill which was sweaty fun although not nearly as scenic.

          I weigh a lb heavier this morning on the heels of dinner out last night. Damned sodium. I just like the conviviality of going out to eat but, believe me, I realize that there's excess sodium lurking in every corner of a meal out. And, not the lovely sea salt that I use at home. Grilled hormone free/antibiotic free NY strip and some roasted veggies. My dinner partner ate scads of bread and an apple tart and then complained of tummy pains. As he does every time. I guess he just had some blood work done for a physical and has high triglycerides which is apparently more important than slightly high cholesterol. Boy loves his sugar! I had a quarter of a baked potato but am concerned about it being high glycemically, so I think that's my last baker for a while.

          Up early this autumnal Sunday when, really, I had intended to sleep in. Off to the gym in a wee bit to lift then home to do errandy type things like clean and do laundry, plan my work week, buy my primal yummies for the week. Mundane but needed.

          Fingers crossed that I hear good news on the new job front. Am betting that I do!
          Never argue for your limitations.


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            Trying to stay positive!

            Not feeling so great, to be honest. My tummy is upset and, again, I slept poorly last night. Truth be told, I think I am stressed. Certainly have the signs of it. I did manage to eat breakfast and lunch but just feel too full and I didn't eat that much.

            Breakfast was eggs scrambled with cut-up leftover steak, chiles, scallions, and avocado. Lunch was home made beef stew and a side of spinach. Dinner will be organic chicken tenders dredged in almond meal and sautéed in coconut oil with garlic and lemon with kale that has been braised in Kerrygold butter with shallots and mushrooms and a bit of garlic. If I am hungry.

            I was reading through the nutrition forum and discovered that something I've been eating isn't good for me so I threw it out. Truvia. Damn. It figures. Just will tighten up my eating a bit. I was sprinkling it on full fat organic Greek yogurt with some lemon juice for a once a week treat, but au revoir. It's cool, I've been feeling that I should cut out dairy altogether.

            Am having some body dysmorphia today which is out of character for me. Am usually pretty comfy in my body. "Bien dans ma peau," as the French like to say. Not today. Am sure I can attribute it to my stress and lack of sleep, so I shan't dwell on it but rather will sign off, take a nap and likely awaken a new woman.
            Never argue for your limitations.


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              Originally posted by Grokalicious View Post

              I am 54 years old, do not look (or act!!!) my age.
              Hey Grokalicious,sorry to quote a 2-month old post, but without a pic, you look every day of 54, lol.

              I just turned 54 on Wednesday and also don't look it. (See? Doesn't work, right?)

              Sorry to hear about the insomnia, I tend to suffer from it as well. Have you tried Alteril? It helps me get to sleep, no ill effects, although I still tend to wake up at 3:00am. I keep meaning to try taking it when I wake up, but have never gotten around to it.


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                Lol, you look like a movie star!

                Yes, Alteril is OTC, it's a combination of L-Tryptophan, Melatonin and Valerian, with some other stuff in there too. I only bought one package of it, I wasn't that thrilled with it because I still woke up after 5 hours. It did help me get to sleep, though, so I want to try it if I wake up in the middle of the night.


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                  Ha. Good shot is all. Now I have to figure out how to delete the bloody thing.

                  Thanks for the tip on the Alteril. I am going to check it out tomorrow. I am also going to turn off tv and iPad an hour before bed.

                  Had to delete the whole post in order to delete the photo. Apparently, am techno-challenged. Humph.
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                  Never argue for your limitations.


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                    To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question (w/apologies to Shakespeare)

                    I have found the answer. I awakened yet again last night and played the "wonder what time it is" game. Apparently, I won the challenge by guessing 2:30 am. But, instead of fretting, pondering, turning on lights, or opening up my iPad, I just turned on the tv with volume low and voila...fell back to sleep until 6 am. Feel rested, happy, good, positive which just fascinates me given that it's Monday.

                    Never had dinner last night. I was too overheated from the still-hot weather so IF'ed instead. Will hope for the best today (hot again) but will definitely take a walk at some point. Whether it's at the gym or around the Paseos remains to be seen, but either way will do nicely.

                    Off to renew my passport. Just in case. And, fingers crossed on hearing some positive news from my recruiter this week. Pity I don't read tea leaves or whatnot...
                    Never argue for your limitations.


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                      All's well that ends well

                      What a fantastic day! Sunny and blue skies, a great mood. Can't go wrong with that kind of a day. Ate well! Just had an ahi tuna burger for dinner and a salad with olive oil and super delish Balsamic vinegar, some diced avocado. Stuffed! In a good way.

                      Walked on the stairmill at the gym and going back in morning to lift some heavy things and giggle while I do planks. Think I got my heart rate up a little too much tonight. Oh well, next time I'll dial it down a notch. Funny, a few years ago I managed to get in the best shape of my life doing zero cardio. I lifted weights like it was my job. Hey, it kinda was! I was between jobs and hitting the gym hard (all free weights) with the same idea of getting in there, doing it to it, and getting out of Dodge. The program called for zero cardio. Wild.

                      Anyway, off to the showers!
                      Never argue for your limitations.


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                        As you like it...

                        I read a great thread last night on fat that was started by Paleobird. What an amazing read that resonated for me. Looking over the past couple months, I see that I am not fat-phobic but that when the weather offered brief reprieves from the heat, I was hungry. Except, when I ate more fat! Thank you, thank you Paleobird.

                        But, sheesh, what a "duh" moment. I'd add fat but not adjust my protein intake. Wouldn't lose weight (or gain, for that matter, but losing is the goal along with feeling amazing). I am so excited to find the sweet (er, fat) spot and see where it takes me. So, in light of that, my calorie tracking moratorium is off!!

                        I work in an industry that offers many opportunities to be tempted by naughty food. Tomorrow, for example, I am toting around a rep from a winery with his wines to visit different accounts (some retail, but loads of high end restaurants) and we are lunching at a French restaurant. Eating moar fat allows me to stay strong and say no to whatever goodies might seem somewhat tempting.

                        Today's macros, etc:

                        Protein: 19%
                        Carbs: 6%
                        Fat: 75%

                        Excited to see how I feel with this newest tweak to my eating habits.

                        It's going to be a great day!!!!
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                        Never argue for your limitations.


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                          Much ado about nothing

                          A really long day full of work related fire drills. It started well with a great workout at the gym. I really was conscious of maintaining good form today and will likely feel it in my tushy over the next couple of days. Not that DOMS means anything, but so what.

                          No eggs in the house this morning so I had a tuna burger cooked in coconut oil and a salad of mustard greens with olive oil and balsamic for breakfast, coffee. The fire drills started up fairly early and I simply did not have time to eat until I stumbled in tired at 6:45. I wasn't hungry until the day stopped and made a make-do Thai prawn soup that was neither horrible nor fabulous. Just kinda hit the spot. I have not been enjoying my food lately for some reason, although I've been enjoying my days a lot in spite of their intensity (or possibly because of that).

                          I ate some raw sprouted almonds last night. Oh, probably about 2-3 ounces. I just can't have nuts in the house because I will eat them all. I don't think they're the right sort of Omegas and I tend to nibble on them mindlessly, so sod them. I am a conscious eater with everything but nuts so, no real loss bidding them adieu.

                          I am a half a click off this fine day. My charm is nonexistent, my bon mots fall flat. Oh honey, no one can be on 24/7/365 but a girl can dream.

                          Or as Scarlett O'Hara said, tomorrow IS another day...
                          Never argue for your limitations.


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                            The taming of the shrew

                            Almost 4 am and I've been wide awake since 2:15. There will be no taming of this shrew today, unless you have sleeping aids and slip them in my food/drink. But, yes, a shrew I shall be with little sleep and feelings of being terribly keyed up.

                            The heat, the heat, the heat. Unrelenting. Mid October and 90+ degrees with today due to be the hottest of the week. I normally am unable to eat when it's hot but managed to eat yesterday although I didn't really enjoy it one bit. We shall see how I do today. Am set for a business lunch at a French Bistro and will likely have either tuna or beef carpaccio (previewed the menu online). A forced march today. Several sales calls with this winery rep today all over. He has six wines for buyers to taste from a prestigious Napa winery so people are eager to's just going to be another long a** day. Am just feeling so done with the industry and really need to recharge my batteries, my joie de vivre. Maybe I really should look into becoming a Pilates instructor. My Mom doesn't fancy the idea. But, guess what? It's my life and not hers.

                            Am hoping to get home at a semi decent hour and go to the gym or walk. Something. Anything.

                            As for now? I am going to lie down once more and see if a wee nap overtakes me. Crap, I sound disjointed here today, but too knackered to properly edit.
                            Never argue for your limitations.


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                              Originally posted by Grokalicious View Post
                              my bon mots fall flat.
                              Oh, I hate that!


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                                The Comedy of Errors, or as I like to call it: yesterday

                                I had a great day yesterday. I had a horrible day yesterday. I had both. It was long with lots of stops (lots of wine sales though). Returned home at 9:00 pm from a busy and insane day. Collapsed and passed out at 10:00.

                                The gent with whom I worked was fun and funny and we laughed a lot. Appointments canceled last minute, I had to scramble to find more appointments (success!). We lunched at a restaurant nestled into one of the canyons while waiting for the Buyer to show and had wild salmon with asparagus and a yummy butter sauce. Drove all over and got stood up at a high end restaurant out at the beach. High tailed it to an account that's a huge fan of the wines we had and I ate the meat out of some Korean tacos that my new friend ordered.

                                Lots of traffic, lots of wine cases sold (25+ of expensive wine), lots of fun, lots of schmoozing and dumb assed jokes on my part. No workout but will hit it tonight with a long walk and tomorrow will smack some weights around.
                                Never argue for your limitations.