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    Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
    Sounds like you've burnt out. I know the feeling all too well. Figuring out what you would love to do next can be a challenge.
    I love a good challenge. Am so up for this! Opportunity is often hidden in burn out. Plus, in spite of being burned out in my profession, I am in a brilliant mood. Just up. I have lots of marketable skills like social networking, PR, marketing, writing, voice-over skills, sales, (er, maybe I need to give that a pass). Great organizer and awesome Calligrapher (ok, the last one isn't so marketable but it's multo cool!).

    Yes, long day today. I ate well but am not in the mood to record anything in Paleotrack. No breakfast as I wasn't hungry but I did have some sashimi and a salad for lunch today. Hit the spot, I tell ya! Lots of protein which kept me sated. It really trips me out that I have zero hunger pangs, hypoglycemic reactions, nada. Just steady energy. Heh, not too hungry at dinner and it was muggy again today so I had blackberries and coconut milk and savored every bite.

    Jerky McJerkenstein was my last customer today. He's a Chef and thought it would be cool to talk to me in a condescending sing-songy voice as though I was either four years old or mentally challenged. The only challenge was not telling him to eff himself but somehow I muddled through.

    And now, four days off and a trip to see Mom. Spoke to her tonight and she mentioned she baked bread. I reminded her that I don't eat it. Then she told me about the hummus and tabbouleh she made. Um, hello? I never ate that even before going Primal. Hilarious. But, she also picked up some organic coconut milk and there are blackberries everywhere in her yard that are screaming to be picked and gulped down. And, she bought some GF steak and some fresh salmon. Yay!!!

    So, I ate well (a bit more protein than I have been eating), good walk, great attitude, pants are falling off of my arse (even my cute black skinny pants are loose). Scale said I gained a lb when I stood on it this morning. More like I ate too much salty stuff yesterday! Two weeks into Primal as of tomorrow and no looking back. I feel like a new woman. Yowsa!!!!!

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      I can honestly say that I caught every single trapeze today in my life. Upon arriving at Burbank Airport I was told my flight was cancelled along with every other flight to SFO (where I was connecting to Eugene, OR). Stayed calm, stayed centered and procured the last seat on the last open flight to Portland. Once I got to Eugene I was told by Hertz that although I did indeed have a confirmed reservation, I was lucky to get their last car.

      Living right!!! Feasted on prawns and watercress salad. Small handful of pumpkin seeds for dessert and voila!

      Stayed Primal all day! Even with the trapeze catching! YAY!!!!!!!!
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        Yay! good for you

        So, enjoy your stay in the PNW.


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          Back to reality and none the less for wear. Ate brilliantly! One treat at Mom's hands (angel pie with meringue and whipped cream and pineappley lemon curd) that was well worth every slowly savored bite. and, that was it, amis. The rest of my food was on point. Lots of salads made with lettuce she grew herself, and bacon and eggy breakfasts, berries with coconut cream snacks, grass fed steak, artichokes with melted pastured butter, avocados. The usual primal suspects. And, nary a cajoling word from Mom to partake of her bread. She has simply accepted my wishes. No questions, no nagging. No weight loss, but no weight gain either.

          Walks on the beach, body weight exercises, cool cool days, relaxing, slept like a baby. Am happy and glad I went.

          Tomorrow it's back to work. The gym, a walk around the Paseos at twilight, something yummy for dinner. You know, life is good.
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            It's been a week of emotional changes. Some disappointments, but I just plow through because miring myself does nothing to help. Stayed on point with eating with the exception of my peaches and cream dessert last night. Sliced peaches were fab but the dollop of organic whipped cream was my treat of the week and decidedly not on plan. You know what, though? Quite yummy and not the hugest sin one can commit!

            The really great news is that yesterday I held my planks with perfect form longer than ever. Did three sets and held each in the vicinity of 50 seconds, a real step UP from the paltry 30 seconds on my first try. Woo hooo!!!!

            Have to find another job. Not making the money I had hoped and feeling suffocated with the incompetency of those upon whom I rely to help with orders and advice. Wish I could get hired to do something having to do with primal living. Ha, well. One never knows. May move in with a roommate in 3 weeks and out of this LTR. Amicably. Still, all of these changes are wild!

            Off for a nice long walk. Sunny late summer day, just full of possibilities.
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              Ok. I haven't been here but I have stayed primal. Just too much going on. Between the job and mystery car ailments, I've been a bit um...stressed.

              My challenge is still eating enough food. I eat the right foods, though. Well, with one exception and I actually fell ill from it. A work luncheon with a winery owner in a nice restaurant. I did not succumb to bread but thought I could handle a very small amount of pappardelle pasta. Delicious and, as said, a small portion. But, I had such bad tummy pains from it. Live and learn. I really seem to be sensitive to gluten.

              Thrilled that I am adding time to my planks. Need to get in more walks which will be my goal for this week. Lifitng heavy things seems to be going well. I am down a total of 7 lbs but look even smaller and tighter than that, if that makes sense. My skinny black dress pants are looser and looser. Need to keep at it!!!

              Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox, a day good as any to start really focusing on my goals. All of them!! Mood is up, life is good in spite of the challenges. Yay me!!!!
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                Steelhead salmon is pretty frikkin delicious. I ate a LOT today! Yay!!! And, rested. No workout, no walk. Allowed myself to just work a bit with fun projects (calligraphying envelopes) and rest. Ahhhhh. Back to the gym and maybe a nice hike tomorrow.

                Breakfast: coffee, scrambled eggs with green chiles, salad of bitter/spicy greens with scallions and avocado and evoo and the most delish balsamic ever

                Lunch: broiled Steelhead salmon (4 oz), same salad and some raspberries for dessert

                Snack: the skin from the salmon. Yummmmmmy

                Dinner: 4 more oz of broiled Steelhead, salad (too lazy to go to store for other veggies), raspberries

                For me, that is a lot! But, I ate it all and even though it was hot today, I had a huge appetite for me.

                Hoping to eat well again tomorrow!
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                  Hot as could be here. 113 boiling degrees (but, it's a dry heat...haha). Can't wait til it cools off so I can eat more. The heat messes up my appetite.

                  Still in it, still eating primally, working out. Happy, albeit tired from tooling around in the sweltering afternoon. Lots of fun on the horizon. So glad I am doing this.
                  Never argue for your limitations.


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                    Rededicating myself to be the most awesome, healthy, glowing woman that I can be by December 31. Complacency inevitably becomes a slippery slope, especially when it comes to eating and moving primally. How the heck did rice sneak back in?? Not much, but still. When did I start putting off walks or hikes? And then simply not doing them? Done, done, and done. And pumped UP for doing it to it. No more half assing things. Although, somehow, even half assing it all, I have still lost weight as well as inches.

                    Hiked yesterday and lifted really heavy things today with a new dedication. Ate well and enjoyed every bite. Loving the fat I've added in. Still working on adding food in but at least today was 86 and not 113 like it was last Monday.

                    Big big changes ahead. A whole life overhaul. Home, love life, career. I don't mess around. Just get it all done at once.

                    Oh, and I want to keep track of macros, so here goes:
                    1127 calories
                    Protein: 27%
                    Fat: 62%
                    Carbs: 11% (less than 50)

                    No clue if I am in line, or not, with percentages but, really, I feel amazing, so who bloody cares!!!
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                      What a gorgeous day! And, a full 30 degrees cooler than last Monday. Wild. I trudged around a little dazed today on the heels of last night's insomnia. I am still recovering from burnout from my last job as well as being finally over the death of my Father three years ago so, I deal with insomnia from time to time. Luckily, I am not an emotional eater and am actually quite the opposite. Can't eat when stressed, excited, upset.

                      No workout today. I needed a complete day off from it but am looking forward to hitting some weights hard tomorrow. Had a phone interview with a Recruiter that went well. He emailed me an authorization to sign to allow them to contact my references so it sounds like I am moving forward. Not a moment too soon!!!

                      Ate well today. The usual suspects but had a delicious wild salmon burger for part of my dinner tonight. More carbs (all primal) than usual. I feel no different than when I have less, so will stick with less as a rule. Nothing off plan but a bit of a headache.

                      Protein: 23%
                      Carb: 18%
                      Fat: 60%
                      Never argue for your limitations.


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                        Insomnia has reared its very ugly head. Again. I fell asleep at 10 and am now up at a little past 3 am. Two weeks of this on and off is wearing thin a bit. I have so much energy in the daytime regardless but seem to have fitful sleep full of odd dreamscapes featuring themes of all of the major changes coming full-steam ahead. Am like a runaway train barreling to my future, which is great, really. I like change and embrace it and would have a difficult go of it if I lived the movie Groundhog Day.

                        But having a little more solid sleep patterns would put an even bigger smile on my face.
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                          The skinny on today is that it rocked. Slept like key-rap last night but awakened smiling and good to go. No hunger this morn but an awesome work out of lifting heavy things with pride and panache. Hit some personal bests and left the gym all aglow!

                          Arrived home, stepped on the scale and gloated that I'd lost another 1/2 lb. Popped in the shower and sat crosslegged on the cool, cool tiles and noticed my tummy is now flat. Spent a good hour mentally readying myself while I primped a bit for work and then off I leaped, headfirst into another day.

                          A little shaky at noon as I had an adrenal support pill along with (!!!!!!!) a double espresso. I stood in an account jabbering in French to one of the owners, trying to keep a lid on the caffeine-induced anxiety that was spreading through my body and simply had to leave, muttering my apologies for bolting as I fled out the door. Bippity-bap, Bippity-bap. I could hear and feel my heart just pounding in my chest. Within a half hour the shaky feeling subsided completely leaving behind a quiet sort of resolve to simply not ever do that to myself again.

                          Struggled a little to stay positive about my job. The pretension, the incompetency, the charade. They don't know it but as soon as the recruiter finds me the right position, I will be gone-baby-gone. The recruiter wrote me a nice email today that he had received my list of references and that he was looking forward to working with me. Thankfully, he gets paid by the companies that hire him to find just the right people. Am so lucky that my extensive list of references (each from different angles of my industry) all think I am amazing at what I do. I shall be out of this joke of a job soon, soon, and soon.

                          Dinner with a good friend tonight. I had something called "spicy tuna meatball salad" which is spicy raw tuna with organic lettuce and toms. Usually comes on rice but I asked for it to be left off. I did have one glass of Champagne, as did my friend, to toast all of the kooky changes that lie ahead for us both. Lots of laughter and giggles and feeling like oh-man, it is so amazingly awesome to be alive and having fun with the world at my feet!!!!
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                            I was cursed again. Fell asleep easily at 10:00 pm only to have my eyes fly open, and stay as such, at 3:00 am. Nifty. Something tells me I am furthering this cycle with espresso mid day along with a complete inability to clear my mind at night. I even tried a relaxation/sleep hypnosis video on YouTube but the narrator had one of those treacly voices that was more irksome than soothing.

                            Anyway, that is ok in spite of a long day ahead. Tomorrow too as well as Friday. I shall pull a warm and relaxing bath this evening as well as observe a moratorium on electronics (no iPad, Words with Friends, et al). And, hope for the best. It's all I can do.

                            So, I guess I should review my progress with being primal (oh, such a goal oriented woman, eh?). I started eating and working out primally somewhere around August 14 at 141 lbs and a bit of a belly. Now, one week shy of two months I find myself at 134 lbs with no belly. And a newly-found adroitness at pull-ups and push-ups. And insomnia. Ha. Nah, no biggie. I am hoping to hit my goal for unassisted dips/pull-ups and my weight goal of 124-ish by December 31. Ok, and a new goal (little engine that could: I think I can, I think I can...I know I can) of finding a way to solve my insomnia.

                            Just think, by then I will have plunged head first into a new chapter of my life! Love reinvention. It just always feels so right. So me...
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                              Have you ever tried melatonin as a sleep aid? I work nights and take it daily. Seems to help me a good bit.


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                                Originally posted by ssn679doc View Post
                                Have you ever tried melatonin as a sleep aid? I work nights and take it daily. Seems to help me a good bit.
                                Yes, and it knocks me out! But, then I have a melatonin hangover the next day and am worthless. I may try some Valerian this eve. Stinky but works.

                                And, in spite of my complete lack of sleep, I had an outstanding day. High energy, great mood, laughing sort of day. I had some eggs for breakfast with toms, chiles, avocado, scallions and a little salad with olive oil/balsamic. Then a snack of jerky and iced Oolong tea (sans sugar, black). Am sitting in an account at the bar, waiting for the wine buyer and it's an upscale pizza joint. I never ate pizza even pre-primally but the tomato sauce just smells so good. If this guy ever arrives I can sell him some wine and stop at Whole Foods on the way home and get some fish and a veggie. Am giving him 15 more minutes and then it's "ciao Bella."

                                I have a hike planned for Saturday. 7 miles, so it won't be too crazy but it's the first hike in a month (weather did not permit). Am hiking with a close friend who is a little out of shape which just means I walk slowly (the whole idea, anyway). It's fun. We catch up with each others lives and laugh a lot. I'd rather laugh than do anything and if I can make someone else laugh as well, life is perfect!
                                Never argue for your limitations.