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  • How do you post pics

    Can't seem to find how to create an avitar, post pics, put the weight loss bar at the bottom of your page and add a signature such as a quote or my journal address?

    I plan on LIVING this way for 4 to 6 months (though it is hard to get rid of CW) and then getting my cholesterol checked just to see if there is any effects that way, whether good or bad. A few years ago I had it checked and my doctor said how did you get your HDL levels up? The only thing I had done was switching to using olive oil and butter instead of margarine and a veggie type oil. And what do they tell you, don't have butter. So I would really like to see better levels and have him ask me what I have been doing. He would be shocked!!!
    PS. I love my doctor, he isn't totally bound in pharmaceutical hype, told me to take cinnamon to help bring down my cholesterol , too bad it bothers my stomach .