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  • I am amazed everyday

    I weighed in at doc's office on the 15 of August at an amazing 279. This is a total loss of 63 pounds since May 19, 2012 or an average of .7 pounds per day. And I feel GREAT, no loss of energy, BP medication has been cut in half and I expect to toss it out completely very soon. Mood has been much more stable, cleaned out my closet of clothing that no longer fit (I'm a popular guy at the local Goodwill Store). Waist size has gone from 48 to 40. I lay my head down each night looking foward to what tomorrow brings. Oh I almost forgot all NSAID's for joint and back pain are completely eliminated. Best of luck to everyone and Grok on!!!!!!

    As a side note I have a question; can anyone tell me if I will hit a plataue at my ideal weight or is that a weight I must decide on? Thanks for the answers..
    2/7/11 the beginning, 340 and miserable, 3/3/11, 321.5 on my way to 240, on 4/8/12 and then on to a six pack(Failed Miserably) Back 5/19/12 at 342,,,,6/20/12, 315,,,,7/6/12 at 299 ,,,,7/14/12 at 295,,,8/15/12 at 279,,,8/31/12 at 274 ,,, ,,,

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    Congratulations! You are doing great.

    My guess is that our ideal weight and our body's ideal weight are often a compromise somewhere in between.
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      You'll hit plateaus. Don't worry about the number -- start building muscle, and your body will sort itself out. You may need to kickstart your metabolism a few times, changing things up, but just stick with it. Don't worry, you won't waste away
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        Congratulations! Maybe we'll be seeing you on the Friday success stories!

        And yeah, you will hit plateaus. Don't worry about it. Just start mixing things up, tweaking here and there. IF if you haven't already.

        In my n=1 experiment, ideal weight is changeable and impossible to predict.
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