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    Ok, here goes nuthin! 44yo married mom of two been primal since July 15. First two weeks were pretty awesome - day 1 ate eggs and bacon for breakfast and felt no bloating for the first time in years! I would normally have a bowl of Kashi H2H with 2% milk and feel bloated for about 3 hours, then get agitated and shaky until I could get lunch. It was a wonderful revelation! I went through the pantry and fridge and threw out anything that didn't fit the primal diet except turbinado sugar for my coffee and honey. Not eating bread, rice or pasta was surprisingly easy. Quitting sugar - not so much. But, I felt great and lost 8 lbs the first week! The second week I gained one pound back but didn't mind. I felt that I had finally found the solution to my weight problem and health issues. Then it started falling apart. I ran out of recipes I could pull together quickly (I'm not very good at planning ahead). Because of a plumbing problem, we were unable to use our kitchen for three days and ate out a lot. I started hitting Starbucks for my grande white mochas that I thought I was done with. End of week three and I gained another pound back. I'm not looking forward to weighing myself in two days because I'm betting I've gained again. Thankfully, our kitchen is functional again and we ate eggs and sausage for breakfast and steak and salad for dinner (we tend to scrounge at lunch - veggies, lunch meat, jerky, cheese, etc.) tonight. I have a migraine right now, but I'm looking forward to pushing ahead tomorrow and never looking back. I will not give this up because it makes sense to me and feels so right!