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Cathy's Journal - Broken Body working to HEAL

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  • Cathy's Journal - Broken Body working to HEAL

    I wanted to start my journal with where I am coming from, being paralyzed.
    August 2011 a virus attacked my body causing Transverse Myelitis paralyzing me from the waste down. I almost died because they didn't know what it was for 2 weeks and they did not know how to treat me. 6 weeks later I had learned to walk again. The doctors could not believe I improved as fast as I did and walked (with a walker) out of the hospital rehab. I attribute this to God because I know nerves do not heal that fast and I had a lot of nerve damage.
    At this point I could not care for myself, I could not bend over to pick anything up because bending over caused me to lose function in my legs (landed on the floor several times because I would forget).

    I have been working to get my strength back. I still have along way to go. Though I was 100 pounds overweight I was strong, walking 4 miles a day. Now as I said in meet and greet, I am happy to be able to stand and wash my dishes and do housework.
    I was completely numb the first 6 months or so but then the numbness started to wear off and the pain started. I have to fight to get going in the morning or after sitting for 1 hour. Everything gets so stiff, when I go to stand my muscles feel like they are tearing apart and part of that pain is from the muscle spasms I have all the time. I also have pain from nerve damage to deal with. So I 'feel' much better when I sit in a chair and don't move around a lot. But that is no life!!

    When the pain started I was put on several pills (I hate to take meds, I believe they mostly cause more damage then good) Well the pills made me gain 30 pounds in 30 days. That's a pound of day!!!!!!!!!! Plus they made me sleep ALL the time. Again what kind of life is that!!! So I opted to wean off the pills and live with the pain (which is actually better then when it first started 6 months ago). So now that my mind isn't dull and drugged and I am awake I realize all the more how I need to get healthy and I have believed for several years now that grain type carbs were bad for me.I crave pasta, pizza etc, all the time, practically living off the stuff so giving it up sounds so hard.
    I am trying not live for the immediate satisfaction but stay focused on getting strong again and getting healthy for the first time in my life. I want to know what it feels like to be healthy. I know I will get stronger and I know I may have to live with the pain the rest of my life but I also know it will be easier to get up and do things if I didn't have the extra weight to haul around. But doing the exercise side of it is difficult and I will try to do what I can. For me getting up to do anything is a strain on me at this time but just making myself get up every 1/2 hour has been strengthening me.

    So I started protein/veg eating yesterday and I am taking up a 30 day challenge!

    Day 1
    Yesterday my food log was
    Breakfast: Quinoa with prunes and coconut milk (read later not to over eat Quinoa either, oops)
    Lunch: Green smoothie - spinach, supergreens and frozen mixed fruit
    Dinner: Cabbage soup
    Exercise: 0
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    Day 2
    Brunch: green smoothie, banana
    Dinner: Cabbage soup
    Snack:handful almonds and dried cranberries

    Took grandkids to McDonalds, hated doing it, I know it is just a bunch of junk and they go to much with their mom but I didn't have time to cook. The french fries smelled sooooo good. I kept thinking I'll just try a couple but then the other part of my brain spoke up and said, "NO you promised 30 days, this is only day 2. Don't throw in the towel already!" Wow unbelievable I listened!!! Didn't touch a single fry just enjoyed the smell, probably the best part anyways!

    Raced grandkids in a circle around yard, about a 1/2 a mile (jogging felt so weird, like my legs didn't want to respond fast enough
    Walked back and forth barefoot, across a line of boulders that my grandkids climb on. Used my toes. I love the feel of using my toes when I couldn't even feel them for so long!
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      Cathy, that is just great that you didn't eat the fries! You are right about the smell being the best part.

      Can I ask why your menu is so low in protein and fat? I know that's the conventional wisdom about how to lose weight, but one of the best things for me about eating primal is that I didn't have to starve and overexercise myself to reduce.
      My Primal Journal:

      "...since our orthodox theories have not saved us we may have to readjust them to bring them into harmony with Nature's laws. Nature must be obeyed, not orthodoxy." Weston A. Price


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        Just what I had at the time. Today eggs for breakfast and dinner will be a beef stir fry. Not sure what is for lunch, gkids want mac and cheese so I have to think of something that will fill me up so I don't indulge! Thanks for your concern!

        Also must admit, living my life eating mostly pasta, fast foods and sugar junk, I have a problem setting my head to preparing a protien.
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          Things i want to track.
          1. Strength - Lower back is still very weak, this is why I can't walk any distance anymore.
          2. Sleep - I have not slept well for a very, very long time. I do wake up occasionally with sleep apnea but have never been
          tested. Note - when I was in the hospital I slept so deeply they pinched me to wake me up.
          3. Measurements - Better then weight to show progress
          B-52 W-48.5 H-47.5 Thigh 27.5 (Have always had big thighs)
          4. Weight - I don't want this to be my main focus but it is going to happen. My highest weight was 277. But lost some when I
          stopped taking all the meds. I started Primal Sunday at 266.
          ......1st Goal - 245 Where I was before I got sick
          ......2nd Goal - 220 Where I was when I lost weight about 10 yrs. ago. Funny thing, met up with my husband at a family reunion
          with new clothes, hair etc. and he didn't recognize me at a distance and was very pleasantly surprised when I walked
          up to him. It was a very good evening and a very good memory.
          ......3rd Goal and by far my most important - Getting below 200. Haven't been there since I was a teen.
          ......4th Goal and my Final Goal - Get down to 165 but I will not kill myself to get there. If I am eating healthy and the weight loss stops at 170 that would be fine with me. Oh and I am 5'9" This is what I weighed when I was 14
          5. How my clothes fit and the size I wear. Size XXLg in stretchy pants and 3x in tops. Last time I wore jeans was a 42 and that was years agp because I had acid reflux so bad they told me to not wear anything constricting and to not even bend over....which brings me to....
          6. Hoping my acid reflux problem will be resolved.
          7. Hoping the Foggy head feeling I have most of the time to be resolved (probably from sugar and high carbs).

          I think that is it but may think of something to add later.
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            Hi Cathy, and thanks for explaining. It's good you've started out with goals too. By the way I used to have chronic heartburn which went away when I ate low-carb for a few months (Atkins, not even all that healthy of a diet with all the substitute fake foods), maybe the acid reflux will work out the same way.
            My Primal Journal:

            "...since our orthodox theories have not saved us we may have to readjust them to bring them into harmony with Nature's laws. Nature must be obeyed, not orthodoxy." Weston A. Price


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              Day 3
              How many days go by before you stop counting them?

              Breakfast: eggs, sweet pepper scramble
              Snack: Peach
              Lunch: Avacado green smoothie. Tried something new, added some coconut oil. MMMMM Gkids love when I make green smoothies.
              Dinner: Burger, zucchini, onion saute Yum Yum
              Snack: handful of almonds (one of my favs) and handful of grapes
              There is probably more fruit here then I should be allowing myself but I figure it is a good leap up from eating something with sugar.

              Ex: Went for a bike ride, now I have only been a handful of times this summer because I am not totally in control anymore. Kinda wobble like a kid first learning to ride. Got to about 1 1.4 miles out and there was this work truck doing some road work and traffic was backed up so I pulled into a driveway to let them all through without me in the middle. Wouldn't you know it I tipped right over. Thank goodness I had this beautiful rich green lawn to fall into and not the traffic. So all these people are driving by and I am struggling to get up. I am thinking 'Ya look at the fat lady that can't get up.' and the idea that people might think I am a week lazy fat person upsets me because they don't know I was paralyzed last year and that I use to be strong. Then I thought I am the one putting myself down by thinking someone may be thinking that. I have put myself down more than anyone else. Got on my bike and was going to ride the 4 mile block but realized I had done something to my knee and jarred my hip. But I couldn't walk the bike home because I can't walk that far so I road home putting most of the push on my other leg.

              Ok so I learned I need to build up all those little muscles that balance your body out before I ride again. Not sure how to do it I am thinking dancing. I remember last year when I learned to walk again I would go (with the walker) and suddenly my hip would slide to one side or the other. I think dancing would strengthen them. Either way 'YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY'.


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                Honey, what you think of you is SO much more important than what anyone passing by thinks of you.

                Do you have access to a physical therapist to help with the rebuilding process?
                My Primal Journal:

                "...since our orthodox theories have not saved us we may have to readjust them to bring them into harmony with Nature's laws. Nature must be obeyed, not orthodoxy." Weston A. Price


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                  I did physical therapy. But now it is more gaining strength, a lot of that needed in the stabilizing muscles. I know it will just take time to build the strength. I remember in therapy they strapped 1/2 lb weight on my leg and I thought ooooo 1/2 lb but boy was it hard to lift. LOL So I have come along way and I need to watch more carefully for improvement because they are more subtle.


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                    Day 4
                    B: Protein drink pancakes with blackberries First time I ever made them and oh YUMMY!
                    L: Handful of almonds, plum
                    D: Big salad w/balsamic vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, leftover garlic chicken and egg
                    S: Peach

                    Exercise: ran around the yard with the gkids Was going to Wii dance but got busy cleaning the fridge, takes me so long to get anything done.
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                      Good for you, Cathy!

                      Hi Cathy,

                      I read just the first entry and wanted to respond right away. I too, am a grandmother, and I too have more than 100 lbs to lose. I also deal with autoimmune disease, but I'm not sure which one since I abhor doctors and believe in my younger years they made me more sick than well. I am hypothyroid and have adrenal fatigue (according to my naturopath) and am on what seems like a long road to wellness. However, since I started this journey on August 1st, I can tell you that my life already seems much different.

                      The pain in my back and knees is reduced about 50%. I am sleeping better. Breathing better. And God knows I am eating better. It's been 15 days and I feel like I have a new lease on life. I know about the pizza and bread craving. But it goes away... at least it did for me. Maybe not entirely, but I don't miss it anything like I did the first few days.

                      Coincidentally, I also found myself at McDonald's yesterday with my granddaughters... I didn't realize when taking them out to run errands that they had not eaten, and it was the only quick place to duck into on our way to where we were going. God, did those fries smell good. But I didn't have one... not even one. So, good for us, I guess! I don't eat at McDonalds, even in my bad times, but yesterday I wanted a fry, gotta admit. I never take my girls there, but there we were.... *sigh*

                      Anyway, I shall read the rest of your journal, and if you need a buddy to walk alongside you in this deal, just hollar!

                      Take Care,


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                        Day 5
                        B Protein pancakes w/ blackberries Yes again, they are so good and I have blackberries I need to use up, and that is my excuse
                        S Plum
                        D Hamburger, large plate of fresh picked green beans w/butter
                        S Almonds and plum I am finding snacking on almonds and a fruit at night curbs my cravings

                        Exercise? what is that? LOL Opted to get my boatload of dishes done, but I stand to wash them now and that is a workout

                        Goodnite all, God Bless


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                          Day 6 8-17-12
                          B: 2 scrambled eggs
                          D: 12 oz prime rib, mixed veggies at the Outback. Normally I order Alice Spring Chicken with the sweet mustard sauce and a baked potato. But opted for broccoli (which I hate), carrots, pea pods, and zucchini. It was all so delicious, even the broccoli! Was so glad I ordered it.
                          S: Macadamia nuts
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                            hang in there honey.... you can make it.... i am new here and I have over a 100 lbs to lose too.... good luck!


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                              Jayden, Thank you so much for your reply. I know! MD fries, mmmmm, right! Good job saying no! But truly I think the smell is the best and with most things that are not good for you the first few bites seam good then it seems to me just ok but I keep eating it (ice cream seems this way to me). I will admit somethings are good alllll the way through and even seconds but I can't dwell on them or I would be eating them.

                              I am glad to hear you are feeling better in such a short time. Keep focusing on that and think about how good you will feel in a few months or a year and you have your own self propelled motivational therapy going!!!

                              I agree about doctors. I went to a seminar once and an oncologist reported that in medical school they were told (in so many words)to not cure their patience but just make them feel better because that is your bread and butter. They can't agree on different research and the meds they give can cause terrible side effects, which isn't the doctors fault because I think they work with what they were taught, but is what they are taught the best? So your left with what the pharmaceuticals telling the doctors what works. Toss in the Govt. food pyramid and presto.
                              That said, I must add, I believe there are times you need meds and doctors...I needed the meds they gave me to kill the fungus that attacked my spine. Even though those meds can cause liver damage I am grateful for them finding something that worked before it was too late (which I believe God sent the specialist that found it). But I also sincerely believe that God put things on this planet when He created us that can cure us and I now think that eating closer to what God created for food and getting rid of the things man creates that are deadly, is the key.
                              It is only in the last 5 years or so I have been thinking about it. Because I too went through different diets and none really worked except when I did Curves (low carb). I lost 50 pounds then and felt much better but eating the carbs they allowed always left me wanting more. It seems to me that eating Primal has kept me feeling satisfied and when I didn't a little bit of something fatty did the trick (nuts or a taste of coconut oil). But knowing and talking about it is simple, living it is so difficult. I have also felt clearer headed at the end of this weak, after a lot of the toxins have probably left my system. So I think this is what I need.

                              I plan on LIVING this way for 4 to 6 months and then getting my cholesterol checked just to see if there is any effects that way, whether good or bad. A few years ago I had it checked and my doctor said how did you get your HDL levels up? The only thing I had done was switching to using olive oil and butter instead of margarine and a veggie type oil. And what do they tell you, don't have butter. So I would really like to see better levels and have him ask me what I have been doing. He would be shocked!!!
                              PS. I love my doctor, he isn't totally bound in pharmaceutical hype, told me to take cinnamon to help bring down my cholesterol, to bad it bothers my stomach.

                              And yes I do need a buddy!!!!
                              So hey buddy see you on the boards