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    Day 7 8-18
    B: Protein pancakes, strawberries and whip cream
    D: Hamburger, zucchini, and onion stir fry
    S: Macadamia Nuts
    Ex: 0

    Day 8 8-19
    L: 2 eggs, deviled
    D: 2 stuffed peppers (1 or maybe 1 1/2 would have been enough!)
    S: macadamia nuts (don't think I will buy again right away, I eat to many!)
    Ex: 0

    Weigh in today at 255. That's 10 this week, 22 pounds total! Just used scale each week in Aug. because the first couple of weeks on any 'diet' is good loss (Water, bloating). Starting in September I figure I will see what I weigh at the beginning of each month that way I can be more focused on my clothes feeling bigger.
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