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Starting August 13, 2012 - Grok wannabe reborn!

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  • Starting August 13, 2012 - Grok wannabe reborn!

    I'm Ryan. Just turned 26 2 days ago and in the worst shape of my life at 5' 11" 230lbs. I have the problem where I start doing something and then don't stick to it. Darn you ADD. I thought maybe if I started a journal I would stick with the lifestyle change this time and go full Grok mode. I also hope that by putting a date on this thing like so few do that we can get a group of people all starting either this week or within the next couple weeks and all go through it together. If there is another section for that I could not find it.

    I can barely job a half mile without slowing down to walk, have never done a pull up without one leg on a chair and weigh the most I'v ever weighed before.

    I tried to transfer to the primal lifestyle about 2 years ago and was successful for ohhh I don't know 3 months? Then I went on 2 months travel for work and it all went to crap.

    I have had sinus problems for the last 5 years or so and had attributed it to mold and have gone through tons of different allergy meds to no avail. I then read that there is a such thing as a dairy allergy that isn't just the sick to your stomach that comes with lactose intolerance so I'm hoping to alleviate that too.

    To give me more motivation this time around I signed up for Tough Mudder in June 2013 and want to be in good shape by then. I enjoy getting outside and doing different things like these obstacles would make me do. I just put my slackline back up and am hopefully buying a trampoline very soon so I can add some workout to my "Play".

    The first step is cleaning out the pantry right? Well I did that yesterday after finishing off the birthday brownies my friends made for me. I got my mom to make me a big pot of chili with no beans and bought a big bag of almonds for snacking.

    One of the big victories I had in preparation for this day was getting work to buy me a sit stand desk so i don't have to sit down all day. Here's a link if anyone else wants to get one. It just clamps to your desk and was an excellent fit for my cubicle. Ergotron 24-272-026 WorkFit-A, Dual Monitor Computer Stand Up Desk Mount Workstation

    I was into barefoot running before and was up to week 8 in the C25k running plan but I haven't run in about 7 months and after trying it last week I'd say I'm down to about week 4 again. It's amazing how fast you lose running ability.

    Anyone else starting this week?
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    "In our society, people respect weight loss. Even if you do nothing cool or interesting or memorable for the rest of your life, you'll have done that."
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