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    Thanks david!! All the best to you too!!


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      Oh my freeking god!

      I don't know what to say other than what have I done?

      Remember me? No? don't blame you its been ages since I have been on here and this post is more of a confession.

      Forgive me for I have sinned... Its been 10 months since my last confession!

      Seriously though the past few days I have been remenising of the year gone by and what I have achieved. I concluded that I really haven't ahieved a lot other than falling off the wagon and ending up eating crap, doing nowt and as a result I feel like crap. I am depressed, my body feels like its going to fall apart, I have no confidence, nor any self esteem and pretty much rock bottom.

      What has made me come back here.... In short " I need to sort my f@#!ing life out and quick before its too late!

      So now I wish to wipe my slate clean and begin again...

      so henceforth will be my journey to becoming an urbancaveman.


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        On procrastinating about what happened last time, I reckon one of things that made it difficult was I tried to go 100% primal straight away! This time, I think I am going to make small changes that will accumilate eventually into becoming primal. I think I shall start by cutting out carbs from grains, such as oats, pasta, rice etc, and eating only fresh food.

        I am trying to lose weight... A lot of weight... approximately 100lbs. If I increase my fat in my food is this still possible? Should I be looking to increase my fat intake when trying to lose weight?


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          Not sure what to say, except welcome back and get on with it. Don't beat yourself up and take it one step at the time. You may want to experiment with a cheat day, something usually not encouraged on here, but it helped me getting started a year ago. One year later, I'm 20kg lighter, getting ripped and healthier than ever. The trick is finding something that works for you long-term. If for you that means being primal most of the time and one day a week have whatever you are craving, that's better than whatever you have been doing for the last 10 months. For me personally it means being pretty primal most of the time, but I am more "Perfect Health Diet" and have "safe starches" like rice and potatoes (mainly around work-outs), and these days even kefir (fermented milk) as I seem to thrive on it. Dark chocolate and sweet fruits as a treat.
          100lbs is quite a lot to lose and you should be able to lose at least 60 of those in many ways. If you thrive on low carb higher fat, then go for it. It worked for me initially, though towards the end I needed more carbs (and then I reduced the fat a bit). Being healthy is all about sticking to whole foods and getting good sleep; pure fat loss is still a lot about calories I'm afraid. Not saying you should count them or be afraid of fat (fat can help you get rid of cravings for sweet things, so deal with those first), but you can't neglect it.
          Good luck mate, doing any weight-lifting by any chance? If not do so, it will encourage a good diet, the two go hand in hand.


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            Welcome back Urbancaveman and good luck with your goals. Cutting out the grains and eating only fresh food will be a wonderful first step, in my opnion.

            I believe eating a little fat is helpful (not to mention delicious) but since you are carrying approximately 100lbs with you then possibly it is not necessary to add much to your intake. What you do have should be of excellent quality though (no nasty processed canola oils), as should all your other fresh foods. A little olive oil on your salads, cream in your coffee, or butter on your veges should suffice.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Thanks Flying Pig and Annieh

              To answer your question I will be putting some heavy lifting into my regime. I have a little place near where I live that I could use as a primal playground to make things a bit interesting... A bit more play like if you will!


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                Ok so my primal existance began yesterday... It was ok although for some reason I have been feeling stressed recently, I can feel the cortisol level in my body rising, my teeth grinding together, my jaw aching for some reason! I have decided to eat only when I am hungry, so everytime I feel hungry I make a conscious decision to decide whether or not I am hungry, and need to eat or not. So instead of refering to my meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am going to refer to them as Meal 1, 2 and 3 etc..

                Meal 1: 12:00 - Chicken salad with skin on...

                Meal 2: 19:00 - Smoked haddock, broccoli, cauliflower and a couple of potato wedges

                Snacked on apple, banana and pumpkin seeds.

                Had a real ale in the evening (slap on the wrist) but i did make the conscious decision to have it so does that count as a plus? haha

                Overall not too bad!

                No exercise though...

                Today I woke up a bit earlier than I usually do (had some work to do):

                Meal 1: 7:30am - 2 poach eggs, smoked salmon

                UPDATE 1: Meal 2: 12:30pm - Rottisserie Chicken (i am sure this had sugar on it as well so not primal) Salad, Watermelon.

                Going to boot camp tonight about an hour before I am going to have a banana and some maccademia nuts, I am not going to try and fast yet whilst doing exercise.

                I'll let you know how it goes!
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