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    I had a spot of weakness last night I ended up eating grains and a lot of them!!! :-s don't ask me why I don't know!! But put it this way waking up this morning was a ball ache and I felt sick!! So note to self... Grains make me ill!! I just hope that the binge last night didn't screw up my hardwork the past 2 weeks!

    breakfast this morning consisted of 2 micropoached eggs with ketchup (oops) and a banana!

    Have a good day!


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      Let it be a good lesson! I went through a few of those myself and actually think it is beneficial in the long run. If you eat a clean diet you'll be more sensitive to the bad stuff and really feel the "poison" acting. Do that a few times and you'll learn to make the association. Don't worry too much about it. One suggestion would be to up your fat intake if you feel cravings. That really helped me and I haven't had any cravings since. Cheat days were beneficial for me in the beginning, but now I see them as counterproductive as they stall progress.


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        Thanks FlyingPig, some good advice I will take into account!! :-)


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          Ok, I think I am not eating enough! Just to reiterate what I ate yesterday...


          2 eggs, 1 banana

          Large salad, with egg and prawns

          Evening meal

          I had some almonds, a piece of rump steak, with a tsp honey...

          In all honesty I wasn't particularly hungry!! However, I did boot camp at BMF yesterday and all through the session I felt dizzy and afterwards my mates were telling me I looked like hell!

          So I am going to have a think about how to increase my intake without a) force feeding b) eating carbs...


          Venti Americano black (didn't have time for breakfast)

          large salad with egg and prawns, fruit

          Evening meal

          I am going nandos!! so its going to be olives to start with...1/2 chicken with a side of sweet potato mash and a salad me thinks!!

          Just as a side note... Does anyone on here do P90X at all?


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            Today is Friday I have a day off from work!! woohoo! But I have a slight problem. I have severe delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from wednesdays Exercise, which I am worried about because I am meant to be going on a hike on sunday! Does anyone know how to get rid of DOMS?

            Last night I went to see bourned legacy it's an okay film, but I was rather tired and almost fell asleep toward the end!

            This morning breakfast consisted of bacon and poached egg!! with a mug of black coffee!!

            Lunch is going to consist of honey roasted chicken with skin, and a rocket, avocado and walnut salad!

            I also bought myself a marrow bone, so I am going to make myself some bone broth with it and the chicken carcass (I bought a whole chicken!!)

            Hope you all have a good day



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              Well last weekend was a bank/public holiday so I took a break from writing on here as I was pretty busy!!

              On sunday I went for a hike in the mountains of the lake district in north western england despite the weather being completely crap, I had a great time with some good people and lots of primal exercise!! I even fuelled myself with maccademia nuts (my favourite) and some billtong/beef jerky and some chicken! yummy!! anyway my energy levels were great, I was running up the mountains as if they were flat lol!

              Last night I went to TGIs, lets just say I was relatively good... I had Jack Daniel glazed chicken wings which I presumed had sugar of some sort on it and a juicy new york strip steak with veg. So not 100% paleo/primal, but I think I did a relatively good job... oh apart from the aspartme riddled diet cokes I had... woops!

              Tonight is weigh in day, this morning I missed breakfast as I wasn't hungry and for lunch I have had a bowl of soup with a hard boiled egg. Tonight I haven't decided what to have, I suppose it depends on what the scales say... If its good news, I may have Jerk chicken with butternut squash chips and asparagus, if it's bad news I will have Jerk chicken with butternut squash chips and asparagus.. :-D

              I'll let you know what the result is later tonight!!

              Have a good day y'all



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                Ok so... weigh in...

                I have lost 2lbs so now I weigh 280lbs. Not brilliant but it is a step in the right direction. I think I need to increase activity levels. So gonna start walking at lunch. Looking into buying myself some vibrams as well! not sure which brand to get though yet!!

                Made some primal energy bars to snack on pre workout, so I don't get dizzy, the recipe goes like this;

                1 cup almonds
                1 cup peacan nuts
                1 cup of walnuts
                1tbsp honey
                1tsp olive oil
                1 egg
                1/2 cup large raisens
                blend nuts untill get a course mixture, add raisens and blend again for 2 blitzes. stir in oil, honey and beaten egg stir well and put on to a baking tray with greese proof paper undernethe the mix, and put into a pre heated oven at about 200degC for 15-20mins, leave to cool and then cut into pieces!!

                Boom I am going to eat with a banana an hour before my workout tommorow!!

                Night night y'all speak tomorrow!


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                  So today wednesday 29th Aug 2012!!

                  Last night I stuffed my face with venison steaks and stirfry veg!!! also had a taste of my primal energy bars as well!!

                  I also made myself a new purchase of a pair of Vibram five fingers classics! Just got to wait for them to arrive!! Can't wait but anxious that I have bought the wrong size :-s fingers crossed it will be ok!

                  Breakfast today was an energy bar at about 11am I had a few slices of juicy watermelon, natures natural isotonic drink lol!

                  Lunch consisted of a large salad with 2 hard boiled eggs and slice of cooked beef and a slice of cooked chicken and finished with lashings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

                  For evening meal tonight I am stuck as what to have.. gotta use up the bone broth I made the other day, I have some butternut squash, so may make butternutsquash soup! yummy!

                  Hope you all are having a great day!

                  caio for now!!



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                    Last night I think I ate too much and had some bad stuff as well! Think I was tired so should have gone to bed, however I had to take my sister to a party at 10pm so didn't get to bed till gone 11 bit annoyed!

                    Today I missed breakfast! At work we had a meeting which lasted over lunch so we had a buffet which conisted of sandwiches and wraps and fortunately for me some chicken skewers, so I just stuck with a couple of them and had some of the garnish salad! I was reasonably satisfied! Not sure what to have for evening meal tonight!! I will have a think! But I am hoping to get to bed by 10 at the latest so I can get enough sleep!

                    Today I made a post on someones thread with regards to what "Grok" would have ate. It drew me to think about what happens during the winter months, and how for us 21st Century Pimal eaters should eat. Should we fast more? should we adapt what we eat to suite what food would have been available back when Grok suffered winter? Or should we just accept that we live in the 21st century where we can get most food all year round.

                    This then got me thinking of a film I watched it's called 10000BC which is about a primal tribe living off mamoth, however the mamoths are becoming scarcer and scarcer and so they looked for other means to be able to feed. This is not the main basis of the film, but it is the most prevelant to our way of life I thought it was interesting to share. If you haven't seent this film I'd reccomend it. I do actually think it is quite anthropologically correct in some regards.

                    Anyway must get back to my non primal office based job.

                    Have a great day



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                      Happy Friday everyone!!

                      Today my Kindle copy of Primal Blueprint was delivered.. Well actually today is the day that PB is available on the Kindle full stop, I pre ordered my copy a few weeks ago. Whilst I have almost been doing this for 3 weeks now, I still feel like I need to read this and the book is prevelant to my journey!

                      Last night I ate very late I didn't get home from a meeting till 10.30 so I decided to eat a small healthy meal. Which whats chilli prawns with pac choi yummy!! Only took 2 mins to make!! Very nutritious and was satisfying!! I then finished it off with Water melon. I must say I absolutely love water melon! Not only is it a tasty fruit, but it is natures primal untilmate isotonic drink!

                      IMO everyone should be eating watermelon to some degree, despite there being alot of fructose, I ultimately feel that some fructose is relatively good provided it comes from the correct source!

                      Today I feel great, I haven't felt this good for..... well I can't really remember how long ago I felt this good! Needless to say thi is working for me, so I will be a fool not to continue!

                      This weekend I hope to do a bit of cycling and some more hiking, although I do have a lot of work to do! So we'll see, something may have to give!

                      Hope y'all have a good weekend

                      UC out!


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                        Monday 3rd September

                        Dear Diary........

                        This weekend was a bit of a heavy one, I ended up having a couple of nights out which included quite a bit of alcohol! But diet wise I have been pretty good actually!

                        Saw Total Recall the modern version, it was really good actually I really enjoyed it! But can't help but think that hollywood are running out of ideas if they have to remake 80s SciFi satire!

                        My Vibram Classics arrived last friday, walked around in them. My god they are a ball ache to get on!! Something I think I may have to get used to or maybe it gets easy the more I wear them? I dunno!

                        Tonight I am going to boot camp. before I go I am going to eat my evening meal, because last time I felt really woozy!

                        So Breakfast this morning was a venti americano black
                        Lunch was a large salad with boiled eggs and prawns
                        Evening meal, I think I am going to have jerk chicken livers with veg!



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                          Good morning y'all!

                          Tonight is weigh in day, and I am feeling quite confident! I use this day as a fasting day, not just so that the scales look good (I am not sure that this is necessarily the case) but its an excuse to help control my hunger and only eat when I am really hungry, so after my banana at approximately 8.30 last night I won't be eating till about 8.30 tonight!

                          Last night I went to bootcamp and it was quite a gruelling session. But I did enjoy it but was glad when it was over! Overall I am glad I went, I can't wait to get my fitness back again! It felt so good to be able to do an advanced session something I most defintely can't do now!

                          I am starting to think I need to start lifting heavy things though, a) to start training for american football b)to start to tone out my body, because even though I have a long way to go weightloss wise, I am begining to notice the sagging, and really want to get ripped by this time next year! But thats the ultimate goal. My intemediate goal is to take it one week at a time and in some cases one day at a time because as the good old turtle in kungfu panda said " The past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift that is why they call it the present!!" So true!

                          Tonight I fancy steak and stirfry veg... we'll see how I feel after weigh in!

                          Have a good day



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                            Didn't post yesterday, mainly because I didn't have much to say. Today on the other hand I do!

                            Wasn't overally impressed with myself yesterday, I fell of the wagon again. It all started when I had a craving for chocolate. Then went out for evening meal and had a burger with the bun and chunky fries. Then proceeded to have a couple of biscuits! So not impressed, dunno what sparked this off, but rest assured I felt rough this morning! And so I have decided to fast again this morning and have only watermelon for lunch, as this evening I am going round to my mates house who is going to make me some dinner and I don't want to be rude, so I'll eat whatever I am given and deal with the consequencies.

                            After just saying that nothing to report yesterday, I realised what a lie that was!! I just realised that tueday night was weigh in day, and I have to say I am rather pleased with myself after a 4.5lb weight loss, which brings me down to 19st.9.5lbs which in USA money is about 275.5 so thats a weight loss of about 19.5lbs! so mightlily happy! I do feel the difference, I feel more alive, I feel more confident and I do feel a lot lighter and the waist band in my trouser a lot looser! So all in all this is working for me! I just need to stop jumping of the wagon! Maybe I should joint he Binge eater anon thread on here??

                            This weekend is going to be mega!! Going to london for my mates 30th and I will be partaking in quite a few beverages so both looking forward to that and not at the same time, because of the beer fear afterwards!! lol

                            Anyway have a good day



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                              Hey long time no see!!

                              I ended up going back to my old shitty ways of over eating and eating processed food, carbs the works and frankly I havent fel felt this shitty in a long time!! It has hit me that this way of living is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the mind and soul as well!!

                              I have jumped right in with an IF I don't plan to eat untill about 8pm tonight.

                              One of the reasons that I jumped off the wagon is that I kind of ran out of money last month and needed to find very cheap sources of calories hence why I went back to process carbs! So now I need to live primal on a budget! (I would appreciate any help on this!!)

                              One of the things I plan to do is, buy whole chickens and get the cuts I want out of them myself (I have some good knives!) (I can then make broth out of the carcass!!

                              Now that winter is coming I am going to eat more stews and stew like foods!

                              Most of all I am going to keep it simple!!

                              by the way I am loving my VIBRAMS!!



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                                Hi and welcome back!

                                It's fine if you fall off the boat, just climb back on and go forward like nothing happened. Others warned against IFing early on. Not me! It's a great way to get out from under the tyranny of "three (arbitrary) meals a day." Reading through your journal reminded me of me starting out.

                                Alcohol. I have been always a big drinker. But have all but given it up while trying to lose weight. I've done this for a couple of reasons. The main one is that it stalls my weight loss. When you drink, your body has to deal with the alcohol right away, because it's poison, so your liver gets busy processing it and all other functions take a back seat. Toss in a big meal at this time and it gets stored as fat, because you're burning alcohol.

                                The other reason is since alcohol impairs your judgement (have you met my ex-wife?) while drinking, it is harder to adhere to Primal eating. While you might enter the restaurant with noble intentions, a few drinks and you leave after eating two sides, extra bread and dessert.

                                I love beer. But I've stopped drinking it. I'm confident that there will still be some beer left for me when I am a more reasonable weight.

                                Best of luck to you!

                                Height: 5' 10"
                                Highest Weight: 292
                                Recent Starting Weight 287
                                Current weight: 244.0
                                Goal weight: 195
                                Body Fat 32.5%