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    Day 9...

    I fell of the wagon a bit over the weekend and was putting off journaling it because then it would be even more of a reality i guess. My eating has not been that bad but I did go out with friends on saturday night and indulge in way too many drinks and stayed up way too "late"..early. Since then, I have been unable to get back on my healthy sleep schedule I kinda had going and have not had any energy. I am also completely broke right now and almost out of anything that will keep me from dreaming of a quick fix like a bag of chips. But I wont do that to myself, I have come too far. I can't say that I am totally grain free considering the beers that I had. It is unfortunate that not every bar has wine, I figure that would have at least been a little better but regardless, I slipped big time in my eyes and dont feel so hot about it.
    On a happier note... I got a part time job at a gallery in chelsea that starts next week! I think having some routine in my life will help curb cravings and will also help keep my sleep schedule on track. Looking forward to some structure!

    There is no way I can remember what I have been eating so I guess I will start over with today.
    I attempted to make sauteed baby artichokes this morning but have never been able to do artichokes very well and failed once again. So I ate a couple of those but was having to pull most of it out of my mouth as they were tough and clearly not cooked properly...
    2 pieces of bacon
    Handful of pistachios
    Spoon of almond butter
    1/2 cup decaf coffee 1/2 cup almond milk

    I am starving...


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      You have no control over the past, let it go. Live in the here and now and life will be more manageable. Going straight to Whole30 is a pretty drastic step, perhaps cut yourself some slack while you get the learning curve to drop a bit. Be OK with the 20% rule for a while and become more comfortable with your new lifestyle first. After a while, perhaps you will meet more like minded friends and learn from them too. Lots of Paleo facebook groups and met-up groups are out there, look for them.


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        Thank you Karma. I know being hard on myself is not the way to go. Tomorrow is a new day and I am grateful for that.

        For lunch I went down to the corner store and bought a plum and two sweet potatoes. With one of the sweet potatoes I cut it into chunks and roasted them in coconut oil in the oven. The other I sliced very thin and "fried" in bacon grease in the cast iron skillet to make chips (yum, highly recommend).
        Kale and spinach salad topped with roasted sweet potato, green peppers, red onion, balsamic vinegar, and lemon juice.

        Another cup of "coffee"

        Burger (no bun) add bacon, side of squash and zucchini
        An assorted plate of pickled things (okra, watermelon rind, green tomato, hard boiled egg, beets)
        1 square of 72% dark chocolate


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          Day 10

          Woke up with a sore throat :/ and not much of an appetite so I have had a cup of hot water with some ginger and lemon. Unintentionally doing a pretty big IF, don't think I will make it 24 hrs though. I am headed to the store in a bit.


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            Honey and lemon....thats where its at.

            It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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              The ginger works magic as well though! That spice really clears everything out...

              Food today (never made it to the store :/ )
              Around 3, I had a banana and a bottle of water.
              At 5 I had a grande iced decaf americano from starbucks, black.
              10pm a mixed greens salad with bell peppers, bacon, grilled chicken, almonds, red onion, cucumber and balsamic.
              3 emmy's macaroons, dark cacao

              99% chocolate melted down with almonds and some coconut flakes.


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                We get a drink here to mix with water....lemongrass and ginger. Yum.

                Im saying this to help. You need to eat a llllllot more to lose weight. Your body doesnt want to lose fat, it naturaly holds onto it. You need to up it to lose it (I know you said money was tight, so buy things like nuts. Oilive oil on anything/everything will add about 100 calories per tea spoon).

                It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.