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    Well, I've been tracking my food for the last two days on livestrong ...

    - yesterday it said I had 210 carbs and 40 sugars ... I'm a bit confused at how it's calculating these ... it says that string cheese has carbs but Riesling doesn't, the opposite of what I thought. Also, according to this, fruit has an awful lot of carbs! But I do see things that I can do better on: potato chips, which aren't very primal.

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    Today I had 132 carbs and 64 sugars ... much better than yesterday ... my daughter gave me one of those Bartles and Jaymes coolers, which I found out have a lot of sugar in them!

    I didn't feel particularly well after drinking it, so that makes it pretty easy to leave off.


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      I feel really good today. I noticed that I'm eating a lot less than usual ... no cravings or obsessive eating, and I'm actually only eating when I'm hungry, something that would have seemed impossible a few days ago. (I'm serious.)

      So far I'm at 93 carbs and 35 sugars for today.


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        Still been tracking, not feeling well the last two days (migraine) and my daughter is sick also, so it's been a bit hectic. I'm trying to stay between 50 and 100 carbs, been doing pretty well on that.


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          Sort of fell off the wagon over the weekend ... but I've been doing pretty well since then. My daughter is better and has started walking with me. I fried some butternut squash cubes in butter along with ham, garlic and onion which was a big hit last night for dinner. I'm going to make hamburgers tonight (with lettuce for the bread, of course!).


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            The butternut dish sounds awesome! =D I may try that myself. And I'm glad your daughter is doing better.