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A body in stasis.

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  • A body in stasis.

    Previously, I weighed in at around 300lbs. The only change I made was dropping the majority of caloried soda. Within 6 months or so, I got down to about 255. I was completely sedentary and ate 100% fast food.

    Around 255, I decided to start getting in shape. Diet changed a little, and I started doing a silly split weight lifting routine, and started Muay Thai.

    I got down to 233 pretty easily. The problem was: I was getting weaker and weaker. Folks said this is because my calorie cut was TOO drastic. I went to a 500/cal day cut, and shot up to 245lbs. This was roughly a year ago, to this month.

    Eating LESS calories was easier, since I have IBS, and eating anything can be terrifying.

    Since then, I've stayed within 3lbs of 245. I've tried cutting out most processed foods, I added more cardio, I reduced cardio. I tried eating less, I tried eating more. No combination of food/exercise made any difference. I stopped gaining strength, but didn't really lose it either. Couldn't gain athletic endurance. Still can't do a push up. Seriously. In Muay Thai we do hundreds of them. I can do maybe 3 actual pushups.

    I always thought low carb was kind of a funny way to trick people into calorie deficits. But, aside from veganism... eating low carb and whole foods is the only thing I haven't tried.

    My current goal is 2500-2800 calories a day. 15c/50f/35p.

    Current stats:
    Height 6'7
    Weight 245
    Waist 39
    Stomach 44
    BF 22%

    SQ 190 / OHP 95 / BP 125 / DL 230

    Current exercise plan:
    3x week: Stronglifts weight lifting.
    5-6x a week: 2-3 mile walk
    1-2x a week: cycling or boxing for 1hr+

    Currently, I'm 3 weeks in. There's been no change so far, aside from somewhat reduced IBS symptoms.
    Wish me luck.

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    Good luck!!


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      3 weeks in, I'm actually up 2lbs overall. Body fat caliper reads 2mm higher at suprailiac. (From 19mm to 21mm.)
      Maybe I'm just retaining some water... from changing things up.

      I'm eating about the same calories I was before. Maybe slightly less, since I've had a few days where I just can't stomach more food.


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        Originally posted by 2tall View Post
        I've had a few days where I just can't stomach more food.
        Listen to your body, if you're full, stop eating. Don't force yourself to eat more to meet some quota you think you have to meet.


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          Well, I'm up even another pound.
          I've been averaging about 2400 calories a day in the last week. This is a 500 calorie deficit from calculated sedentary TDEE.

          Carbs at about 80-150 per day.
          Lots of fats.

          Staple has been cow, salmon, turkey, and crazy amounts of broccoli. Lots of carrots, cucumbers, and way too many bell peppers. Cashews, almonds. I am a cheese eater.

          I'm tired all the time. Have to take a PWO to be able to do my weight lifting. Have nearly fallen asleep driving a handful of times now.

          IBS still seems a little better. Haven't had a bad IBS attack in 2 weeks.

          But, so far, I'm getting fatter.

          No, not based just on the scale. I'm not concerned about my weight - just my body composition.
          Calipers read higher.

          Stomach went from 41" to 42"
          Gained .5" in waistline, up to 39.5"

          When I started, the cephalic vein in my forearm was *just* peeking out. Now it's buried in fat again.

          I'm thinking about dropping my calorie goals to 1800/day.
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