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1 month to age 50, and I'm switching it up!

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    did you ever see the personal trainer or have you decided not to get one?
    I eat similar to you, allowing myself some dark chocolate this week as my TOM. Not sure if you eat as much salad/ veg as me though. As per Gary Taubes book I have lettuce salad at Lunch and green leafed veg for evening meal. All with meat/fish.
    Vitamin wise I take D3, super enzymes, kelp and omega 3.
    Seem to have quite good energy levels at the moment, but we obviously have different weather.


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      I have the trainer info, but was under the weather this week, so put it off. Plus, it is still summer, so I am not in a rush to work out indoors. So....procrastinating.
      Really a low workout week for me. Today is feeling better so far.

      B - 4 bacon, coffee with coconut oil
      L - shrimp with butter, avocado, verges and dip
      D - chicken enchiladas, no tortillas and loaded with diced veges, refried beans


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        You sound like you are doing fine without the Personal Trainer. Much healthier to be outside if you can. I bought a bike this week so we have been doing some family rides.
        The price of one Personal Trainer session near me is what I pay for 4 months gym membership. I am too mean to pay for one. I do their classes and my own weights routine. If I did get one I would like a Paleo one.
        Hope you are feeling better.


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          I just read through your journal. You seem so laid-back and happy living the way you do, and so relaxed about your food intake and activity. I could definitely learn a thing or two from your attitude. Plus, I love how you talk about wanting a bit more ab definition in your first post. I hope that can be a goal for me when I'm pushing 50, too! All of the folks that age in my family have thrown in the towel when it comes to taking care of themselves; in fact, many of them never did. Anyhow, I'm rooting for you... keep up the fantastic work.