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  • GoingPrimal13's journal: Going primal in college with CP

    I am in my early 20s, 5'0" (yay shorties!), and 140-ish pounds right now.

    I've always been a little flabby and thick around the middle (from being sedentary and enjoying food a little too much). When I started college, I decided to lose weight and get in shape (using CW, of course). I counted calories, turned into a near-vegetarian, and was never really satisfied. I stuck to this religiously for about 18 months and dropped 35 pounds with little exercise, but major deprivation and hunger.

    Then college got busier and even more stressful. I barely had the time and energy to eat, and I tried to still be "healthy" by eating fruit, some veggies, and oatmeal every day (lots of oatmeal...I miss having a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas right now). Then I started stress binging almost every day, got discouraged, and started eating junk food and whatever was handy. The occasional bouts of crash dieting and whatnot haven't kept me from gaining most of the weight back fairly quickly. The more weight I gain, the harder it is for me to walk and balance. Also, a few people have recently thought that my disproportionate weight gain is due to pregnancy. (It's not...I tend to gain all my weight in my gut and butt). It's time for change.

    I started reading The Primal Blueprint about a week ago, and I realized that I have been eating way too many grains all my life. I grew up eating bread with every meal, oatmeal for breakfast, and a few baked goods most days (I am the family baker!) So, being an all-or-nothing kind of girl, I ditched the grains and sugars the morning after I finished the book Day four of primal eating!

    In about 3 weeks, I go back to college life and microwave-cooking (Primally!). That will be an adventure! I will also be trying various forms of physical activity to see what can work for me, since I have issues with stiffness and horrible balance. If anyone is interested in keeping up with my journey, feel free to to read and chime in

    I am addicted to learning about all things primal already! (At least it's better than baking sugary things, right? )
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    Well I decided to get on the floor today to do a few push ups for the first time in quite some time. Now i know my upper body is still in great shape. I am still able to do 27 regular (whatever they are called) push ups before getting tired!! So my upper body is in good shape Now to slowly work on the rest of my body....


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      Definitely take a look at PBF. It might even help you work on your balance.


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        I'm tired and headachy today. Also, I get kinda light-headed when I stand up or move quick. It's probably my body trying to adjust to the switch in diet. I hope my body adjusts quickly...I will look up more info about it today.

        Time to find primal food!