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    Okay, thought I'd start a journal to help keep myself on track here! I started committing myself to the primal lifestyle about three weeks ago (closer to 2.5 I guess, I can't even remember which day it was that I just said "NO MORE" to the sugar and grains). I didn't weigh myself at the start, as I'd just had a really bad week doing a course where I bought horrible (but tasty ) food for lunch each day, and we had cakes and slices for morning and afternoon tea (not to mention the tea and coffee and sugar I was having several times a day). AWFUL! Anyways, I didn't weigh myself at the beginning cause I didn't want to know...

    Fast forward to the Monday after I started, I weighed myself and was pleased to discover I was only 64.1kg (about 141lbs). I'd really thought I'd be at least 1.5kg higher. The next week I was a bit disheartened to learn I was up 200g (but it was that time of the month so maybe that's a reason??). I've yet to see what this week's results will be (I only weigh Monday morning). My clothes feel a wee bit looser, so that's a start. I'm worried I may be overdoing the calories though (too much fat!! I'm only very short, so I can easily go over what I need). My goal weight is about 45kg (100lbs). Yes, it SOUNDS quite light, but that for me is a BMI of 20, which is perfectly healthy (and it's where I was before I started putting on weight!).

    That being said, I don't want to focus TOO much on the "numbers" as much as overall how I look and feel. I find the scale offers me a guideline as to how I'm going, but I'm also aware that muscle makes a difference. My scales are those ones that give you body fat% muscle weight etc. etc. so I also go by that (knowing that it's not completely accurate... but it gives a good rough estimate).

    Tomorrow I will face my first challenge as my son is determined to go to Pizza Hut to celebrate his 14th birthday. I am trying to persuade him to go somewhere a little more primal friendly! (I'm trying to get him onto the primal bandwagon as well, as he's quite overweight, and following the normal CW just doesn't seem to help him... not surprising, for all that most kids his age can get away with a reasonably healthy CW diet).

    So yeah, that's where I'm at... and I want to keep going with primal for the rest of my life (I don't see it as a temporary "diet" at all... but the way we're supposed to eat for optimal health). I hope along the way to see my health improve (for all that it's pretty darn good considering years of CW/low fat eating) as I get older, and I'd like to see my excess fat eventually come off so I can LGN!!

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    Yay, so I weighed myself and I've lost weight . Considering I made some birthday food for my son on the weekend this is great (well, it was primal type birthday food lol... but still involved cake and ice cream!).

    I hadn't lost any weight last week (actually I was up 200g) which I assumed was due to it being the wrong time of the month, and now I think I was right about that, because I'm actually down 1.5kg from last week, which is a substantial change (I'm going to assume I actually lost about half of that and that last week's weight was up due to water or something...).

    At this stage I'd like to feel comfortable in bathers by summer (I haven't been comfortable in bathers for some years now). I don't expect to look great naked by then, as that's gonna take a lot more . But just to look pretty good and not feel too ashamed to go for a swim with the kids would be pretty awesome!

    Food wise I'm going really well. I am feeling far less temptation for things I'd normally just give up and eat, but the pull just isn't as strong anymore (I'm not saying there's NO pull... just that it's pretty easy to resist). I think this is because I'm still allowing myself to eat some sweet, yummy food... it's just not sweet with sugar and doesn't have flour in it! I'd kinda like to dump the sweeteners altogether, because even though it's "okay" to have erythritol/stevia, it's really not all THAT primal!! But it's not as bad as sugar or aspartame or whatever.

    Anyway I'm pretty rapt! I noticed my jeans were looser last week (ones that are usually pretty tight) and they started annoying me without a belt (I couldn't find my belt lol... and I'm really gonna NEED it soon!).


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      Well weighed myself again this morning and I'm down just 100g. Trying not to let the numbers get to me as I KNOW losing weight isn't the entire point of eating primally (and my BF reading was down to 34.4% fat which is okay, and muscle is at 39kg which is okay). Well not saying the body fat is OKAY okay, just that it is down from what it was . (At least I have more muscle than fat lol... but there's at least 21kg of fat on my bod... much of which has to be removed!!)

      So yeah, my eating has been going pretty well. I have to say that eating primally is probably the easiest diet. Now by diet I don't mean "temporary thing that one does to lose weight and then goes off, just diet as in "way of eating". However, whenever I've tried to change my way of eating in the past following CW I've struggled A LOT.

      That being said I am wondering if I should concentrate a bit more on CICO?! Or... do I just not worry about the numbers and trust that next week I'll get another drop. I just have to not let the numbers bother me so much! (I also need to find a tape measure so I can track things that way... I should have some around but I swear the kids take them).

      There are things I'm sort of ho hum on, I have to admit. One is sweeteners... as I'm still having Natvia to sweeten tea/drinks etc. I know the ingredients are considered "sort of primal", but it's STILL sweetening. The thing is, being able to drink a cup of sweet tea, or a cup of hot chocolate (made with 100% cocoa and coconut milk) really does help me stay satisfied! I absolutely don't touch artificial sweeteners (aspartame etc.) but I still don't consider myself REALLY compliant while I fix my sweet tooth that way. (I also have a little milk in my tea, and it's conventional milk unfortunately as we can't get raw milk here, and even the unhomogenized costs a lot and I don't drink enough milk to use a litre of it before its use by date).

      Other issues... sometimes I don't get enough veggies and I eat a bit late. This is due to working in the evenings as a school cleaner. Given that I also spend some hours a week running around after kids, by the time I get home I don't have a LOT of time to prepare a meal and I'll quickly just eat a piece of fish or something before going to work. Yes, I know I can organise around this by putting something in the slow cooker, so I'm going to work on a few more slow cooker meals . And hope the kids don't get too bored of them!

      So what else? Well I've had no grains or sugar, so that is a pretty big positive. I have had cream a few times though (probably too much of!). I made some ice cream for my son using cream and Natvia and blueberries (whipping the cream, and then freezing). And that was a bit too nom nom nom. (Originally done for his birthday so there WAS an excuse). On the other hand, I'm quite happy that on Saturday night I only ate the modified dessert! We were making an apple strudel type thingy... and I stewed some Granny Smith apples with a few blueberries (for sweetness so no sugar was needed), and I retained some of that for myself, and put the rest in pastry for everyone else. So in that way I got the dessert without eating any grain based product.

      I don't want to give the impression that we eat dessert and stuff regularly, because we don't . Saturday night we were trying to make a special meal for my daughter (cause she missed out on something and was sad) and the week before it was a birthday. When we do have dessert it's generally no more than once a month. And I'd say... my goal would be to make it "primal friendly" in general anyway.

      I probably need to increase the old activity a bit. Well... I'm not doing TOO badly. My work in the evenings is sort of what one would describe as "slow movement" I guess like walking, and that's generally for 2-3 hours a day (sometimes a bit more vigorous), and I do roller derby training (at the moment once a week with another ordinary skate session). However, I don't do sprints at all (I have to sort of work my way up to that on the old "getting over the embarrassment of someone catching me running" thing). The school is an ideal place cause it's got a running track of 100 metres, and I think an 80-100m sprint would be adequate for me. Only thing is... I would have to do it after dark (like when I'm working ) and can I say the oval is DARK then. Like... really dark. lol. So I'd be running in the REALLY DARK. (If it wasn't winter that wouldn't be an issue as it'd be light after 6pm). I can't imagine myself doing hill sprints up my court because I'd be a bit embarrassed of people seeing me (and thus why I've always preferred walking over jogging ).

      I also need to work up more on the old primal movements. I've done a few push ups (I can do 20... not ALL with good form), but I tried a chin up on the monkey bars yesterday and failed dismally. As in... I couldn't pull myself up at all! Also did some push ups and a plank at derby training (need to work my way up... I have to do a 2 min plank for my next star level test, which fits in well with the PEM goal of 2mins for a plank). I hate squats so I don't generally do them but AGAIN they're very good for derby so I need to fit them in! The only "lifting heavy things" I do tends to involve carrying heavy boxes of wood into the house lol. I probably do that only once a day though... sooo... probably not enough. For all that, my arm muscles are quite large! (Obviously only the push up and carrying things muscles though... and NOT the chin up ones lol).

      I would also like to do some more walking during the day when the weather is fine (I don't mind the rain per se but I wear glasses... and glasses in the rain is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING and no glasses = not being able to see any reasonable amount lol). However, it looks as if today will be fine (after a lot of rain last week) so I should probably head out for an hour or so. For a couple of months I was doing catalog delivery and I'd get a lot more weekly walking in (plus dragging a heavy trolley) but I quit that when I got my cleaning job (the pay was ridiculous... I'd do 6-8 hours of work and get $30 LOL Good exercise though haha otherwise no one would do it). So since then I haven't been walking as much.

      Anyways... lots of rambling there, so I apologise if anyone actually bothered to read it .


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        Weighed in today at 61.7 kg, which is another kilo down. Woohoo! It's also good considering I had a wee bit of a blow out last night. (I cooked chicken parma for the kids, and ended up eating some...ho hum... I just couldn't be bothered scraping up something for myself, having been flat out busy all day... well pretty much all yeah I ate. Lots of it too!).

        Anyway nice to see the scale moving down again (BF was 33.5% which is also an improvement). Oooh and according to my scale at my current weight and stats I am now 41 years old. This sounds bad when you consider I'm only 39 in real life BUT it's the closest the scale has EVER said to my real age (seriously it's embarrassing when you get on and it tells you that metabolically you're 50!). It's been coming down gradually each week so I'm looking forward to the day when I'm actually OLDER than what the scale tells me I am! (I've had these scales for about 5 years now, so it's pretty sad that the youngest age it's ever shown for me in that time is 41).

        So as it currently stands, I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing for awhile (I figured I'd need to switch things up a bit if the weight didn't budge again) and just keep watching as weight/BF% goes down. If it starts sticking and I plateau it's probably time to make some changes, but for now it's all good. Sure I'd LIKE to lose weight faster for summer, but really, any improvement on the last few summers is going to be fantastic... even if I'm not at that "I can wear bathers without embarrassment" stage. It may just get to "I can wear bathers without total humiliation" which is not too bad in the scheme of things .

        So at the moment it looks like I'm averaging close to 0.5kg a week, which we all know is a nice, steady rate... and I probably shouldn't aim for more than that anyway. I am actually quite interested in what my weight will be when I get to 20%BF (which in general I'd call a nice goal, BUT I'm trying to get rid of a saggy belly, and it seems to me that one must get to much lower percentages to remove the last of the fat from within the saggy skin allowing the skin to tighten... that is if it IS indeed true that the only reason we end up with saggy skin is that there's STILL fat there, and not that the skin is just super super stretched and the only way to remove it is with plastic surgery... I'm thinking 20% just won't cut the mustard as far as that's concerned, and I may need to keep going down to 15 which I'm pretty sure I've never had in my entire life).

        So yeah, primal is still going pretty well for me, I'm not tempted to go off the rails cause of one not so great meal, and I still find eating this way easier than anything I've ever done before in the name of weight loss, so I know it's something I can stick with forever!!


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          Hmm well... had a bit of a blowout the past week. It started with last Sunday and the schnitzels... and continued on Wednesday when I went to a meeting and ate the food provided AND a can of Pepsi (with over 40g of SUGAR OMG). I wasn't too bad the other days (I'm sure there was something I ate that I shouldn't though... although I can't recall when it was), but it all went haywire on the weekend with my son's birthday party.

          Yes, I ended up "giving up" for the weekend. JUST for the weekend. It sounds a bit pathetic, but it's much easier to stay primal when I'm not having to sit there and look at non-primal food. So I thought "what the heck... I'll join in to the party celebrations, and eat what everyone else is eating... and drink some alcohol cause I've got a bunch of pre-teen/teen boys staying at my house overnight...and get back on track on Monday).

          Anyway I weighed myself this morning and I'm up 1kg. I'm not TOO stressed as I know I didn't ACTUALLY gain a kilo of fat. It's currently the wrong time of the month (which seems to put the weight up a bit, as it did last month), and I've probably not ejected all the excess food I ate (I didn't eat THAT much to excess quantity wise, it was more the quality of the food).

          I think I'll weigh again tomorrow or the next day to get a more realistic idea of my current weight (and to reassure myself further that I haven't completely blown it).

          The most important thing is that I DON'T let one weekend get me off track. In the past most of my efforts to "diet" have been ruined because I've gone off the rails and I've been unable to get back on! The key, of course, is to just keep going and not let setbacks stop me altogether.


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            So another week down, and my weight is a little lower... 61.5kg as weighed this morning (although up 300g from the 1st...). I was pretty good last week with my eating... had a little alcohol on the weekend though, and maybe one or two non-primal thingies. But the good news is I picked myself up from the rubbish week I had the week before, and it did show on the scale, even if my weight wasn't down much (still better than it has been).

            I started CrossFit tonight, and that was a bit of a killer workout! It's good though... I can see I have far to go. CrossFit just started at a place near where I live, and there's an introductory month package. If you decide to keep going after that, you pay more (depending on how long you sign up for... if you sign up for 12 months, it's less per month than if you go month by month). It's a bit of a committment, but it could be worth it! The downside is that I'm going to have to go at 6am. GAR. I am NOT a morning person! But, as I'm working evenings, AND I've got kids to run around after, on a normal day going in the evening just isn't practical (I did today, just because it was my first time, and things worked out well).

            The upside is... you have to book into sessions, which I think kind of forces you to turn up!! (They only take 10 per session). I was only able to book in for Thursday morning this week, but from next week I'm going Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That seems enough for me . That, plus my derby training should be ample physical activity!! (The CrossFit is actually supposed to help me for derby, so we'll see how that goes... I really need to work on strength, particularly core strength, as I'm a physically small person, so I need all the advantage I can get). I am reasonably strong, but CrossFit has shown me that I'm not THAT strong (other women can do 16kg kettlebells... I can only do 12kg... but then again... it's my first time, so I need to cut myself a bit of slack ).


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              Today's weigh in I was just 60.1kg!! I had to weigh twice just to reassure myself it was correct. I then followed that with a lovely 6am CrossFit workout, that sort of wrecked me! I realised that part of my problem was that I hadn't eaten since 4.30 yesterday afternoon, which I then followed with 2 hours of derby training. The only thing I had after derby was a cup of tea (errm not really gonna do much to replenish the old reserves). So yeah, I was fairly wrecked today, felt kinda faint etc. and did the most pathetic 400m run (coming in WAAAAY after everyone else). So lesson learned there... I think I need to eat a meal AFTER training Sunday night, if I'm gonna do CrossFit Monday morning (no I'm not going to get up 1/2 earlier to eat breakfast lol). I normally don't like eating late in the evening, but this will have to be an exception. I probably don't need a full meal either. Something like a nice bowl of blueberries with cream or coconut cream should be enough (maybe??!) as long as I eat a proper meal before Derby, which I didn't really do yesterday (I had a chunk of left over roast lamb and a bowl of blueberries with cream and yoghurt).

              But on the upside, 1.4kg down since last week! YAY! I'm very, very close to getting under the 60kg mark, hopefully I'll have some more loss this week and I'll see those magical 50s again.


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                Okaaay... well it's been awhile since I updated this journal, partly because I just wasn't progressing in my weight loss (and I went off the rails a bit... not a lot... just a bit). I hadn't weighed myself an awhile, because I just didn't want to know (I didn't think my weight would be terribly bad or that I'd undone all the good I've done... I just knew it wouldn't be great). But anyway, today's a new year (or at least it is here in Australia :P) so I decided to bite the bullet and weigh myself (I've also decided to crack down on my diet more).

                So, I weighed in at 60.9kg. Overall, not too bad (okay, it's lousy for my height, but given that last time I updated the journal I was 60.1kg, and I've had a couple of REALLY bad weeks, with Christmas and everything) I can't say I'm disappointed with the weight.

                Yes, I have quite a way to go still (my body fat is still way too high, and I'm in the overweight category for my height), but I figure I'll just take things one day at a time, focus on eating right AND being better at avoiding sugar and grain products in the new year (I was reasonably good... but reasonably clearly isn't good enough).