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  • How about a whole 90!!

    So my fiancÚ and I decided to get married nov 2 in Florida!! I am super excited! The catch? I am still "fat"
    This year I have lost 25 pounds put back on 4 with some(lots of) paleo slips. A great friend of mine is tryin paleo and we planned a whole 30. So she could get into it and I could get back on track.
    Then the wedding happened.. So I need more time to cement habits and I want to look as good as I possibly can. So 90 days of no oops's or anything is just what I need.
    It's day 2 today, excited for how I feel on paleo to come back.
    Just wondering if anyone wants to join me on this giant life changing challenge?
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    Today is day 14 of my whole 90 challenge.
    Glad my body is feeling back to great, love the way i feel when i am strict paleo. down 12 pounds from start weight , but only 3.5 from earlier this year when we first started paleo, and I dropped 28 pounds. its amazing how fast the water weight comes back on. We had sangria the other night, but was 4 pounds up the next two days because of it. Ridiculous how bad my body handles alcohol and other things.
    other then sangria i have been perfect. All organic meat and veggies from the farmers market. Have had some really great meals, and I am just so glad to be back on track.
    Today i bought my wedding dress and it is to small- not to to small, but they will be putting a lace up back in, in case i dont lose enough weight. I am pretty excited, i was not planning on buying a dress today, but i guess the dress is the dress, so i bought it. 2 and a half months till the wedding... eep.
    my friend just went paleo and is loving it, i feel really good when i get friends onto paleo and they feel better!
    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"


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      I have decided to live Whole 30 most of the time due to my own sugar addiction and specific health issues. I just got back from vacation so I am on day 4 of my first 30 days. There is an August W30 thread where you can get a lot of encouragement too. I'll subscribe to this thread so I can keep in touch with you. Let's see how much we can lose before your wedding. lol
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