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    Yep. I slipped off the dish as usual! N=1???? What is this? I'm trying to go really high fat for a few days to see if I can kick the sugar addiction into some kind of shape but I just feel horrendously depressed because I've gained weight :-( The scales have almost as strong a pull on me as the sugar does!!!


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      So far today:

      Coconut milk, half a can with a few strawberries
      Cashew nuts and raisins
      Nakd bar x 2
      Cup of tea, cup of liquorice tea, a diet coke! Eek!
      A banana
      Smoked mackerel fillet with mayo
      An avocado
      150ml whipped cream with raspberries and blueberries

      I must have eaten about 5,000,000,000 calories by now and I'm not even done yet!! But hey, I'm not hungry and haven't eaten the evil sugar substance at all. I do know chemical sweeteners are evil too but I need a ctutch right now and know that I wont ever be addicted to them the way I am with sugar!
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        I really need to try and stick with this for more than a dew days or a week at a time! I know it works for me a feel so much more awake and energetic when I ditch the crap. I don't really know why I slip back to the crap all the time. I guess its the way addictions work....


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          How it is possible that after all the fat and calories I ate yesterday I actually feel slimmer and weigh less than I have in weeks I do not know!!!! But I seriously like it :-) And I'm pretty sure I can handle living on a diet like that, which includes vast quantities of cream, avocados, nuts and coconut!!! I just really need to stay on the ball and keep vigilant until I've been doing it long enough that it becomes second nature. I think habit is really one of the big players when I sip back back to the crap. I'm just used to it and when life gets busy I go into auto pilot and reach for the rubbish.


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            It's been a year since I last posted on here. And I'm 20 pounds heavier, having not been at all primal, apart from the odd couple of days here and there.

            I always thought i was a sugar addict. In actual fact I really now believe that it is WHEAT that makes me crave sugar!!!
            So in the past I would conquer my cravings, eating primal for few days, then I would 'cheat' at a birthday or Christmas or usually some other social do. Part of the cheat would involve something wheaty, as well as sugary and i would be back to the cravings etc.

            As I've apparently said before though. I am not giving up giving up.... I'm back AGAIN!!!!! And taking a slightly different tack...
            Wheat is GONE. (day 7 today). Other carbs and grains such as potatoes or rice may make a brief appearance if it seems appropriate. Sugar Is gone. Though it seems that without the wheat very small amounts are tolerable without triggering a huge binge!!


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              So to continue previous post...I am not going to be too tough on myself to start with.... I'm working on keeping up at least one positive change for a sustained period of time. So no wheat is my initial aim...once I've suceeded with this for longer than I usually last (I.e. a week or so!!!) then I will start to make other changes..... But it does seem like just cutting out wheat is going to make losing other things like potatoes, rice etc a WHOLE lot easier!!!
              After 7 days without the wheat I am enjoying my food, enjoying the energy and most of all enjoying the CONTROL I am able to have over myself and my food choices!!!!

              It's weird that I actually find not having wheat easy, I've never been one for bread or pastry particularly, but the fact that wheat makes me crave sugar is a huge revelation to me!!!! Without the wheat, which is easy to give up, I can actually have control over the sugar situation!!! Loving it!!!!
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                Sugar relapse!! LOL. I had a dark chocolate bar the other day for the first time in months. I've had one every day since! Bah!! Time to get back on the wagon. (off the wagon?) New month, new rules... back to no sugar for me.
                "Always be yourself. Express yourself. Have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." -Bruce Lee


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                  Day 8 of no wheat and virtually no sugar?

                  Weight: 188lbs
                  Waist: 37 inches.
                  Height: 168cm

                  Not hungry. I could probably eat quite a bit less but am needing to not be hungry at this point to get over the hump of starting and make my new habits actual habits! I'm probably a bit heavy on the carbs (from fruit, dairy and dried fruit mainly) still too but like I say one thing at a time, easy does it. Just cutting out the wheat is a VAST imrovement in my diet by itself. I'm happy to really get that established as a good solid habit before I tackle anything else with too much gusto....


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                    @ cavedude..... I think it was more of a wheat relapse, leading to a sugar relapse. Without the wheat I really seem to be able to quite easily ditch the sugar stuff.... Even dark chocolate.

                    It was very very weird yesterday when I had a cheese craving!!!! THAT has never happened to me before.....I did indulge and do realise its not the best thing to eat tonnes of but then I also think its a darn sight better than a family pack of haribo tangfastics!!!!!


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                      Day 12 no wheat. I am never going to eat that stuff again!!! Feel good. Am a bit miffed that I have lost not a single pound or even a fraction of an inch..... But hey, I'm just gonna keep going and tweaking things along the way... I am still eating some potatoes and haven't been hugely strict on the no sugar. My carbs i think are still high, with dried fruit, some actual fruit etc. So I'm going to work on that over the next few days. I am also aware that I really need to eat more veg!!! I've cut a lot of the rubbish out but haven't really properly replaced it with the really good stuff.

                      My diet lately has consisted of quite a lot of coconut, some dairy in the form of cheese, some fruit, mackerel. Going to make some veggie soup and work on creating some tasty salad combos.....


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                        Ergh..... Soooooooo bloated this evening! And there was me thinking it was a pretty good food day.....
                        Can't figure out what has given me this BLOAT!?!?

                        I skipped breakfast, salmon and salad for lunch, vege soup with broccolli, courgette and leek for dinner' thickened with chia, snacks was some fudge made from dates, cacao and coconut cream and two cookies made with almond meal and butter. There was small amount of xylitol in the cookies, maybe that is the cuprit???


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                          Hooray hooray hooray!!!!! Finally at the end of the first 2 weeks 3 pounds have disappeared from the scale!!!! I'm SOooooo relieved! Mostly because I just felt like I wasn't achieving anything. I do feel better and can almost feel the internal health benefits I'm gaining but I just wanted to see with my eyes some kind of positive step forward, whether it was a move on the scale or the tape measure.....either would have been good.... I doubt the tape measure will have changed this morning though because I am still bloated as hell!!!!!! And REALLY don't feel like eating.........
                          We'll see...... But I am definitely carrying on..... Was just starting to waiver so this is really really really good news :-) :-)
                          I am doing the right thing :-)

                          Any trend in the right direction is freaking fantastic because I can continue this way of eating forever....and so far as I can tell, it's getting easier as I go I think I will be able to make tweaks and changes and refine it as I go along.....

                          I just have to give myself time and make my goals small enough to be achievable over the long term....
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                            Day 17 of no wheat, no sugar! And I'm going strong!!!!! Really strong!!!! :-) haven't weighed myself anymore but feel amazing and a couple of people have made remarks that I look like I've lost weight. I don't think I have actually lost weight but I can FEEL my body composition changing!!!!! And I love it!!!

                            I'm so freaking HAPPY :-)

                            Fianlly I feel like the whole thing is clicking into place for me..... I don't feel deprived or that I'm missing out on anything. I don't have cravings. I just feel like I'm eating tonnes of delicious food and enjoying feeling great :-)


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                              So. I did 30 days of no wheat at all. Then it was my little girls birthday party and I (foolishly perhaps) made cupcakes for guests. The regular kind. I ate well all day, had chicken, veg, etc at the party. Then.....we had cupcakes left over.....and of course I got to thinking that I didn't want them hanging around..... So, of course,ni scoffed the lot!!!! Oops..... About 6 cupcakes in all. Luckily I had no reaction to the gluten which had been missing from my diet for a month! And strangely today's. The day after I am SO on track!!!!
                              Had THE MOST AMAZING choc milkshake this morning with coconut milk, cocao powder and an egg and a banana! Was so delicious and VERY VERY filling!!!
                              So I guess today is day 1 of month 2 of heading towards a healthier, better life :-)