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  • CZ's Primal Journey - Living My Best Life

    I finally decided to start my own journal, after perusing others' for a couple months.

    My weight loss journey started about 10 years ago. At the age of 39 I decided I did not want to be fat in my 40s, so I adopted the low carb lifestyle. And that served me very well, as I lost 65 pounds in about 6 months and have kept that off. Three years ago I focused on more calorie restriction and quite a bit of exercise and lost another 20 lbs. I have gained back about 12 lbs. My ultimate goal is to maintain a weight between 130-135. I'm currently at 160.

    I stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple in April and in May really focused on eating clean and was down to 154, but the past few weeks I have been allowing myself too many indulgences, usually in the form of sweets. I have not been feeling as good as I know I could, so I want to re-focus and get the rest of this weight off for good.

    I am very proud of my progress so far, considering where I was 10 years ago. I'll post some before and current photos. I am very active - I workout with kettlebells, hike every week - at least one hike, sometimes two. And the hikes usually involve lots of hills and scrambling. I walk between 4-5 miles everyday. So activity is not a problem for me. It is definitely diet.

    My food for today:
    Breakfast - 4 medium eggs (pastured) scrambled in coconut oil with bell pepper and garlic. Topped with a little grated cheese. Coffee with cream.

    Lunch - Big Ass Salad with lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, olives, bell pepper and wild salmon. Oh so yummy. I was totally bummed at first, as I realized I forgot my salad dressing that I make with avocado oil and balsamic vinegar and some herbs. But with the avocado and olives and salmon, there was enough oil that I was totally satisfied with that. I also had a glass of almond milk with an instant Starbucks coffee and stevia. That is like a dessert.

    Dinner will probably be a smoothie after my workout, and maybe a piece of dark chocolate. I eat my larger meals earlier in the day and something light later. On weekends I usually just have two meals, spaced out. I will hopefully incorporate some IF'ing later, too.

    Here are a couple before and recent photos of me. I recently ran across the before ones and it was like looking at a stranger. So weird. It started a lot of self-reflection for me and I do realize how far I've come. I still have a ways to go, but I am excited for the journey.


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    Yesterday was a good day.
    All meals were primal. And I kept on track with my smoothie after my workout. I didn't even have any dark chocolate, like I usually do. I thought about it, but then decided I felt just fine without it, so why indulge? That was a good feeling, especially after a month of way too many indulgences.
    My workout consisted of Horizontal Conditioning (I know, interesting title for a workout!) HoCo for short. I'm just using the Getting Started dvd, and repeated workout 1 two times. It is recommended to repeat it 2-3 times, but I haven't worked up to that yet. It is a lot of core work, which I need. I followed up with a 20 premix of Cathe's Cross Fire dvd. I ended the day feeling really good!

    Today, breakfast was the same - my 4 medium eggs, coffee, cream. I eat eggs every morning for breakfast. Luckily I really like them and have access to pastured eggs, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. Well, he's wonderful today - last week was a different story. HA!
    Lunch will be salad with romaine, olives, avocados, cherry tomatoes, with avocado oil and balsamic vinegar, along with two Italian sausages with sauerkraut and my almond milk/coffee drink. I never thought I liked sauerkraut, but it turns out I don't think I ever actually had it before. I just assumed it was gross. Then I read where it is so good for gut health, so I thought I'd check it out. And I love it!

    Workout today will be kettlebell swings - Tracy Reifkind's Give and Take DVD. It runs about 30 minutes, all kettlebell swings. I work up quite a sweat on that one. Oh, and I walked 4 miles this morning.


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      Today was the usual breakfast.

      Lunch was tri-tip that I had fixed in the crockpot and a big salad. I am loving the avocado oil and vinegar dressing. I had a coconut water for my beverage.

      I love everything coconut - coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut cream, etc. But I cannot find a coconut water that I enjoy. I've tried about 3 different ones so far and I really do not care for them. I was hoping to bring them on my longer hikes, as they contain a lot of potassium and would be healthier than drinking electrolytes, or taking Clif Shot Blocks, like I usually do. I did run across a recipe for electrolyte water made from lemon juice, salt, stevia and water. I might try that for one of my longer hikes.

      Dinner will be tuna, celery, almond milk and a Lara bar. I have a hike this evening, so dinner is packed and with me. This will be my first time leading a hike with my hiking group. I am taking over a hike that someone else led, but moved away. Quite a few new people have signed up, so it should be fun to meet some new faces.

      I had dinner last week with a friend that I used to work with. She had always been heavy, like me, and a couple years ago she went on some eating plan - Prism, I believe it is called. She did pretty good on that, but recently read Wheat Belly and she said she went off wheat only 3 weeks ago and I could not believe the difference in her. She looked fantastic! Her face was so much thinner. She said she was sure it was the inflammation that was in her body and it made her look puffy. It was so nice to visit with her and talk about this way of eating. Not only has she changed her eating patterns, but her outlook on life and her attitude was so positive. I am very happy to have a friend that is embracing this way of eating.


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        My hike last night was great. We got a late start as one person was late arriving at the trailhead, but everyone was patient and we all had a wonderful hike. I feel so blessed to have found a group to hike with and explore new areas. And I am also fortunate to live in an area with such wonderful hiking opportunities.

        On the drive home, up out of the river canyon, the full moon emerged above the pine trees and I was filled with such a sense of thankfulness. Life is good and I want to appreciate all the health and happiness I do have in my life. It is easy to get caught up in the little petty dramas of life and forget how fortunate and blessed I truly am. So having that full moon to light up my drive home was such a wonderful reminder of how good life is, especially when we live in the present moment.

        I really wanted to stop by McDonald's for an ice cream cone after my hike. Quite often that is my post-hike treat. But I resisted and made it home without indulging. I did treat myself to two little squares of the Endangered Species 88% dark chocolate. I really savored that and was satisfied. And so much better than the ice cream.


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          Hey Cheryl! I have Horizontal Conditioning Volume 2, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe

          Whoops, hit enter too quickly! Growing up Paleo had the following coconut milk ice cream recipe on her site. Maybe you could try it the next time the McDonald's cones are calling you

          So I have been doing a little experimenting with my ice cream maker and I thought I would share what I have come up with so far. Here it goes! Melt your favorite dark chocolate (I used 60%) in a sauce pan into 1 can of coconut milk (I have used both Thai Kitchen or Chaokoh and it turned out great). Stir really well while chocolate is melting and remove from heat immediately. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes then pour into the ice cream maker. Add 1 big tsp. of vanilla and let the ice cream maker do its magic! Mine took about 20 minutes to get to a nice thick soft serve ice cream consistency. Serve and enjoy! Honestly it is that simple! Your kids will really enjoy helping and watching the ice cream maker go! Here are some pictures of our Coconut Milk ice cream creation night! Next time I promise to actually take a picture of it in the bowl before we eat it!


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            Thank you, mle777, for that recipe. So simple and sounds great. Will have to try that. Have you tried any of the other Horizontal Conditioning dvds yet? I have only done the 3 routines on Getting Started. I actually find workout 1 the hardest, and can only do that workout 2x. The other two, I can do a total of the recommended 3X. But I do see some improvement, so I will be continuing on and hopefully moving to Getting Stronger soon.


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              I keep a journal on a low carb site but wanted to pop in here and say how wonderful you look. Great comparison shots!


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                Oh thank you, Daisynyc. Low carb really clicked for me, and I still do that. I'm just adjusting my eating to be more primal and eating clean. A work in progress.


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                  I haven't been posting as regular as I should be. I think it helps to stay on track. I went camping over the weekend and we were with a big group, which we do a big bbq for. My boyfriend is head "chef" and I help him. I thought it would be so easy to stay on track - I had a nice, big, juicy steak and a salad. But then the garlic bread looked so good, and then they brought out chocolate chip cookies. And after a glass (or two) of wine, it became hard to resist. Not too terribly bad, but I really thought I would do better. Back to the routine this week.

                  Same breakfast: 3-4 eggs, scrambled with bell pepper sprinkled with cheese, coffee with cream.

                  Big salad for lunch with tri-tip.

                  I had a treat the other day, while out for my walk. One of the guys in the neighborhood has a nice garden and gave me a huge bag of basil. I have been adding it to my salads. What a nice accent. Yum! I have it in my salad today and also added some mozzarella pearls, with avocado oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I'm looking forward to lunch!