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Day 1, my Primal Journey

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  • Day 1, my Primal Journey

    I discovered Mark Sisson's philosophy about 4 months ago through an article on intermittent fasting. After reading The Primal Blueprint, everything made so much sense. Unfortunately, my new pasta maker, 2 young boys, a reluctant husband and general lack of self discipline led to my inconsistency. Today, at my highest weight (excluding pregnancies, where I stopped looking at the scale at a certain point) 166.8 at 5.75 height I think I may have reached my "tipping point". Feeling rotund and unattractive, I hope to adhere to this new lifestyle. Recently I realized that in my thinner days, I was always "skinny fat". Now I am doing BodyPump to increase muscle mass; walking my dog and playing with my kids. So hard to tell them that the "healthy" wheat bread and sugared yogurt I've been feeding them isn't actually healthy. One son really shows the ill effects of SAD and the other has a super metabolism so can live on carbs (they are 11 and 8 y.o.) and have a lean body. Anyhow, here I am, on this journey, hoping to arrive at a healthy place and eventually help others arrive as well.

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    Welcome to MDA!!


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      Welcome, I totally understand where you are coming from in regards to having a reluctant husband (mine is a carb and diet coke addict). I also have two boys, ages 5 and 1. I've found the key is cooking primally and letting others add whatever else try want to it. So, I don't make pasta as a main dish anymore. I'll make zucchini noodles and top it with marinara and cheese. If my kids beg for pasta, I'll make a small side dish of rice pasta, but they also eat the zucchini. It's all about small steps and progress. Don't worry about getting it all perfect right away.

      I don't have a lot of weight to lose, maybe another 5-7 vanity pounds but I did have health issues that eating primally has already helped. I'm sure you will start feeling better and losing weight even with small changes.

      Good luck! I'm pretty new around here too


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        Thanks, Metric; congrats on the 27 lb loss! That is great!!


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          Thanks avocado girl for the good advice on feeding family. I made ribs the other night with BBQ sauce from MDAs website (recipe) rather than sugar laden Tony Romas and everyone preferred it! They all still had their baked potatoes, though. A work in progress.