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"Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

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  • "Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

    This is just marking my recommitment to the primal lifestyle. I got off track over the past month. I'll start by tracking what I eat and go from there.

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    Welcome back surfinqssr. Look forward to hearing about your progress. The forums are a great place to engage and be supported to help stay on track. It's certainly a big help for me.
    My Primal Journal - Food, pics, the occasional rant, so...the usual.

    I love cooking. It's sexy science that you stuff in your face. - carlh


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      I don't care for tracking food because I feel like it can be tedious and frustrating, but perhaps a wrap-up at the end of the day to keep me accountable would be appropriate for now. At least for a week. Then perhaps two (so on and so on).

      Small handful of macadamia nuts
      Green beans
      Can of Tuna

      Chicken paprikash (onions, chicken, spices, butter, sour cream)
      Cabbage and onions (basically, haluski without the noodles.) Might have used too much butter, though
      The butter I'm using is Kerrygold.

      I think I might make bulletproof green tea tomorrow with coconut oil.

      I also did some sprints (nothing major), however many wall push-ups I could manage, and kept moving by cleaning up after dinner.

      I'd say this day one was a success. It's easy to maintain motivation at first, but I also remember how I felt at the peak of my primal month and I can't wait to get back to it. I wish I were a different person, but when it comes to non-primal indulgences I tend to be very all-or-nothing. I will mindlessly eat too many carbs just because I can, or nothing at all. Dark chocolate doesn't trigger any problems, luckily.

      Eh. I know this isn't a very interesting read but I'm not writing for anyone else's benefit but my own.


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        So far so good. I haven't been posting diligently but I've managed to not have any slip-ups this week and I'm feeling great.