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    I am an accidental primal eater. I lost 80 lbs or so (more on the 'or so' later) by upping my meat consumption and then looking at the bread/grains and figuring why eat that when I can have more veggies and meat? I slowly upped my fat intake recently and am still amazed I didn't gain weight. But I can't quite get down those last 10-15 lbs and I still under eat at meals and then when I snack eat too much and often non-primal (M&Ms anyone?). The idea of snacking on bacon is as strange as ever, even if I can now cook eggs in fat rather than in a non-stick skillet.

    So my goal here is to lose 10 lbs (or at least fit into a set of clothes regardless of weight) by managing this snacking problem better, and getting back into resistance training. I love running and will continue my runs 3x/week. I run 10K races, mostly because they are timed and I can see my time improve. I don't exactly rock my age range, but I'm happy that I run somewhat fast. Typically I do a 5 miles race tempo run, a 3.5 miles with three .5 mile speed work tempo sections run and a long run that's usually 7 miles but a shorter and really hilly route.

    I didn't weigh myself this morning because I usually only do that a few times a week. But let's say 180 because that's where it's been for the past few weeks.

    Right, the other thing to note -- I can maintain this weight just fine eating wonderful paleo food (with the aforementioned problem about post-dinner treat food). I'm certain I can lose weight if I can beat this after dinner mouth stuffing problem.

    Another thing is that I have gotten quite lean (I was always a runner, so it was lean and not just thin) by not eating and running 4-5x/week -- eating lots of carbs and the lovely snack wells. I don't want to do that again because the hunger was all consuming and I find it irritating that I would have to be hungry to be lean. But the nighttime entire bar of dark chocolate is not a valid response!

    I'll try to post at least once a week.

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    So it's 179 (I'll try to weigh on Sunday) and I'm 5'11. I went to the gym and did sprints on the bike, some core stuff and a little upper body weight training. Then I showered and went to sleep, so that's all good.

    I've no trouble with eggs/bacon for breakfast. It's the evenings that are killing me. Next week is a new week so here goes!

    I also have the new book It Starts with Food. I'm not quite up for a whole30 (coffee? COFFEE!) but I'll try to eat big dinners, especially on days I run.


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      I'm trying a whole30 though I'm lame so it's a whole30 in which I change what I do but not exactly to the whole30 spec. However, I think I'll be in a better place and that's really my goal. So no eating after 9am, specific foods off limits. I have to stretch more and do more strength training. The 30 days to make a change model is a good one so we'll see how it goes.


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        I'm another one who's just tinkering really to lose/tone the flabby margins. That said, you are way, way more athletic. Go race your good self and congratulations on at least identifying your demons. Sounds as though you're doing great.
        I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


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          Thanks @badgergirl!

          The speed interval runs are actually fun (though I would always prefer to go for distance, just that I don't hate them like I thought I would). And sure enough my regular 5 1/2 miler was down to under 9min/mi. Woot.

          I had a bad day recently in which I ate an entire Taza disk. That's bad on many fronts -- those things are $5! And of course it shows disordered eating. I'm working harder on eating DINNER. Like until I am stuffed. Which apparently just means full. Then I'm fine for the night. I can have 1-2 wedges of chocolate and be done.

          Overall I'm feeling like I'm doing this right and building those new habits, with a few setbacks. But I wanted to be sure to note when I did it right and felt good. Doing it right means eating good foods, enough of them and enough fat. A little chocolate as a treat and less snacking. It's ok to be hungry because I will actually eat now. My body and brain have this fear that I'll just be hungry all the freaking time. I hated always being hungry when trying to lose weight. Being hungry between meals is reasonable. And I'm feeling even that less and less because I'm eating a decent meal!


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            I'm back! I realized that I'm someone who needs some external validation and while DH loves me, he doesn't quite seem to care about these 20 lbs the way I do. He isn't negative but he also is in no way supportive. I'm turning back to this journal to get back on track. I do also have some emotional eating (my hubs doesn't care! nom nom nom) that I need to redirect. I called it snacking but that's not really right. It's eating what I want because that way i get to do SOMETHING that is what I want.

            I eat a very good 90/10 primal diet. I'm not even worried about the 10%, but that the 90% is 110% of my actual caloric needs.

            The best way to do that is to note here daily after dinner that I have brushed my teeth and finished eating for the day and to note how the day went (did I eat one packet of almonds, or three?). And address that feeling of eating too much to somehow show that if no one cares about me I'll do stupid things. Not the most mature thoughts but there it is. As with all habits, changing that thinking should take 2-3 months.

            I can't do a whole 30 (hey! my need for coffee has gone down dramatically the more adapted to fat burning I have become) because dh won't do anything special for me about meals. I don't want to fight about that, so I'll focus on the 90% being 90% of my caloric needs and the 10% being high quality non-primal stuff.


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              Not quite daily. I am back though! Last night went fine, one square of 90% chocolate and then off to bed. Tonight more of the same is planned. Dinner should be good -- meatloaf -- so I can eat well and not snack all night no matter how stressed I am.


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                It is so nice to wake up hungry rather that still full from eating too many almonds and coconut flakes the night before and slightly nauseous! Off to make some eggs with veggies!