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    I wrote this two years what I've been calling my philosophical notebook:

    Making weak forays into eating better; resting more, exercising regularly will not pay off unless we have in mind a whole life mentality. Each of the previous three will only work optimally as part of a greater whole. We need to satisfy each of our human desires or the unsatisfied will continue to dominate our thoughts and actions until depressed we revert to doing none of them. Today (09/10/2010) I have a choice to make, it is a serious one with serious consequences, but today I must choose to live a whole life or choose to remain perpetually unfulfilled across every measurement of human value. I am 32 years old and feel like Im 50 (in addition to looking like Im 50)! This must stop. Today I will talk to Jamie about entering this whole lifestyle which includes the following (1) Eating right for our bodies high intake of animals and vegetables and fruits, very little to no refined food, no alcohol and plenty of water. (2) Exercise aligned to our bodys needs low intensity high quantity movements such as walking, hiking, slow bike riding, lounging in a pool, etc, interspersed with high intensity low quantity full body exercises such as sprinting, pushups, pull-ups, rock clambering, etc. (3) Resting as defined as sleeping when we are tired but avoiding marathon sleeping times (greater than 10 hours) in favor of adequate sleep at night time (7-8 hours) with naps when necessary throughout the day. (4) Making time to play as an outlet for stress and a way to build relationships with friends and family. (5) Intellectual stimulation obtained by thinking intensely for an hour each day and engaging in stimulating conversations (intellectually curious equals only, talking with fools about foolish things will leave you unsatisfied). (6) yes my thoughts simply stop here

    Two days later while looking for some guidance in putting these new ideals into place I stumbled onto the Primal Blueprint and my life has changed. I read the book that night, in it's entirety and was sold on the philosophy. In those two years I've lost 50 lbs reached a level of fitness I would never thought possible. Although I'm not as strong as I want to be I can do things like un-assisted pull-ups which was never even remotely possible at any other time in my life. During these two years I've consistently slipped up in my eating and it has held up my development into an awesome human being. Witht this journal I plan to track and manage what I eat and how I excercise, play, sleep, think, and feel.

    Mood - Good, I woke up ready to face the day, although I did take a moment to feel how good the warm blanket and soft bed felt and to thank the Master of the Universe for another day on this earth. Continued good mood thorugh 2:00 PM.

    Energy - High, very high, I'm excited to burn some of this off with some activity in about an hour (3:00 PM).

    Thoughts - Generally good...I don't feel much like working...which is why I'm writing this instead. Not introspective at all, simply being, nothing troubling.

    Food -[/LIST]
    Breakfast - Big salad (salad, brocoli, carrots, cabbage, kale, and green onions) with primal ranch dressing
    Lunch - 1/4 lb hamburger with bleu cheese and bacon (no bun) and a little lettuce, side salad with red onions
    Dinner -

    Excercise - Weights (chest, back, and arms - Body Sculpting Bible for Men)
    Play - Unsure, I will probably end up playing tag with the kids (ages 6 and 2) in the back yard...maybe a short walk in the 'hood.

    I'll update this later tonight before bed.
    Primal Since September 2010
    Beginning Weight = 250lb
    Current Weight = 197lb
    Goal Weight = Whatever weight I am when I can do 30 pull ups without taking a break...

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    So I didn't actually update the journal like I thought I would.

    Mood - Good, I woke up with plenty of energy. My neck was a little sore from sleeping on the ground last night but I got about 8.5 hours of sleep so I felt pretty good.

    Energy - Good.

    Thoughts - Here's one for you...If you don't believe in a heaven or an afterlife of any sort then this life becomes heaven in the Christian sense. In this life you get your reward...whatever that is. So if this is all I get shouldn't I try and make this life the very best that I can? I have in mind what heaven would look like for me if it existed, working to accomplish that version of heaven while on earth has now become my purpose in life. I'm in the process of constructing what heaven means to me.

    Food - Oh it is a primal atrocity breakfast, ate a bacon, egg, cheese, and unidentified white sauce of sorts on sourdough bread from a fast food chain and paired that with some hash browns fried in seed oil no doubt (sorry body and brain). I washed it down with a Dr. Pepper. I followed that lunch up with six mini donettes from the vending machine and another 20 oz of Dr. Pepper. Good God that is horiffic! I don't know what I'll be having for dinner but I'm sure it will be equally unfit for awesome human consumption.

    Excercise - does typing count?

    Play - I will be goofing around with the kids while packing up the Explorer for our camping trip tomorrow. I plan to also stop by the hardware store and get a nice piece of cedar wood for making fire using my hand drill.
    Primal Since September 2010
    Beginning Weight = 250lb
    Current Weight = 197lb
    Goal Weight = Whatever weight I am when I can do 30 pull ups without taking a break...