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  • My journal - somehwere in chicago

    I am 50 years old, and I dont consider myself a writer but I have had success with this way of life. I am sitting at 227 pounds as of this morning. with work the diet part and exercising has gone out the window.

    I did come down from 250 but I have to start working again towards my goal of 175.

    I need to study for two hours everyday to get my certifiacation as a sommelier, the test is in Sept 16th, I have already fallen three hours behind would love to catch up with my reading.

    Meditation is very important half hour

    Keeping things neat also.


    yoga, tabithas then kettlebells

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    OK, 225 AS OF THIS MORNING, getting closer to eating better. good breakfast today and I was at 225 so if I behave today at workl then let see where I am on Monday.


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      Hi ohiolopez and welcome. I'm on the northside of Chicago myself, always nice to see others from the area.

      Congrats on already being down from 250 and already 1/3 of the way towards your goal. You mentioned "getting close to eating better". What your food been like? How are things going with the transition?
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