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    Ok here we go. I'm going to try to add this to my daily routine.

    My goal is to have the body of the athlete I used to be, while at the same time gaining 25lbs of muscle over the course of my regimen. I'm not a large guy by any means. I'm 6'4", 220lbs. 2.5 months ago I was 250. I've lost 30lbs due to just diet.

    I work in finance. My life, for the most part, is sedentary. I've decided to make a change and become as physically fit as I possibly can.

    This morning, with the help of a friend (and trainer), I joined her CrossFit Gym in my city. While I believe my diet was adequate, I need to modify it to support the changes I'm making.

    That being said, my first session is tomorrow morning at 8AM. Hopefully this journal, the support of the community, friends, and my trainers will keep me pushing further and further.

    My near goal: To run a triathlon with my sister (who is a personal trainer in NYC) by May of 2013.

    My first dietary/progressive post will be tomorrow, god willing.