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  • Primal Journal Tallguy ;-)

    Well I received by copy of PB on Monday, well ahead of time, thankyou Mark.

    I had my first 23 hour IF yesterday, skipped a few meals previously and could probably gone longer on this IF but came home from work to find my wife had cooked a ham joint - well i could hardly refuse could I !!!

    My 23 hour IF consisted of eating 10 almonds and a cup of coffee, I find it amazing how long you can go without eating compared with the old sugar laden high carb diet.

    And I have just ordered a pair of black fivefingers, what a trauma that was !! I need a size 46eu and having trawled numerous sites i managed to find a pair in the UK. When i know what size fits i can always order them from the U.S.

    Keep Primal !!

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    I never knew that IF was easier on the PB! Who knew?!

    Very cool.


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      Let me know where you find some fivefingers in the UK, I really want a pair!! Funnily enough I saw a guy over the park the other day wearing them but (stupidly) didn't ask him if he got them over here!! I'm in the south but would guess you can get them mail order?

      By the way- book is great isn't it! Well done on IFing, Ive done a few now and can't believe how much easier it is when you're eating primal!!


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        Jordanna, I have ordered my fivefingers from an on-line supplier called as i couldn't find a local stockist. Try this link for stockist info. i couldn't find anybody close to me in the north west.

        I'll finish reading the PB this weekend and then I'll read it again just to hammer it all home !! May take it on holiday for a third read !!!

        Brave move retraining at 27 but you may as well do something you are passionate about. Good luck with he studying and the brainwashing, be strong, use the force Jordanna !!!! (Sorry my querky sense of humor !!)

        Not a typical journal entry but am enjoying a piece or 2 of Green+Blacks 85% DAAARRRRKKKK chocolate, just for the antioxidants you understand !!