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    Thank you, zoebird!

    I weighed in today at 120.5, so we can call it 121. I'm 5'2" tall. I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what my body fat percentage is now. I haven't measured that since before having two kids. I have a bit more of a mesomorphic body, but I'm also still nursing which has kept me from losing all the pregnancy cushioning. I'll have to find out this week. I suppose I could guesstimate at 22-24%.


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      there's an online calculator that i'll give you. it works nicely. It's pretty close to accurate: Calculator.


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        Let's see. What I keep on hand for additional protein varies.

        Cheese, jerky, tuna, hardboiled eggs, greek yogurt, nuts and nut butters. When I cook something like chicken tenders I cook extra so I can nibble on the leftovers the next day when I am feeling the need for a protein boost. since we only eat two meals a day now we'llsometimes feel the need for something late afternoon to tide us over to dinner.
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          Good morning!

          Thank you for the body fat calculator, zoebird. I took my measurements this morning, and it said I have about 27%. That's higher than before my kiddos, of course. But this is good to know as I'm only about 2 weeks into eating this way, and expect my body composition will change.

          So, using the above guidelines, I should consume about 70.6 grams of protein a day. I've been tracking my food/nutrient profile on an app called My Fitness Pal. I don't track every single day but aim for 4-5 days a week do I can see how I'm doing in both macronutrients and iron, et cetera. So far, my emphasis has been on limiting carbs.

          At first I was aiming for 100 grams or less per day for carbs,
          but now I'm going with between 100-130 because of the calorie demand of nursing. Looking at my diary,
          I can see that I've been eating about 50-60 grams of protein most days, some days I ate almost 90 or more.

          Thank you for the feedback, zoebird and honeybuns!

          I'm off to the farmer's market my favorite Saturday morning activity. I'm lucky that I can not only buy plenty of local veggies and fruits but also my yogurt, cheese, eggs and beef. I also buy local raw honey but, obviously not every week.


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            honestly, there's nothing like local raw honey to cure most ills. I love the stuff. I have a friend who keeps bees, and she gifts me a fair amount of honey.

            I think i get a container every-other year.

            It's ok, too, for your food to 'average out' across a week. If you get 60 grams today and 80 grams the next day, then 70 and so on, you'll know where you are going with it.

            I would say about 100g -130 g carbs should be great.

            I would be mindful of protein powders (i don't use them) and also nuts and nut butters. These tend to keep the weight/fat on folks. (Also has a lot of PUFAs, which should be counterbalanced with flax seed oil to balance out your omega 6 with 3).

            I tend to eat a but more "paleo" than primal. Dairy is just butter; nuts 1-2x week if that; no protein powders or supplements. I mostly eat veggies (around 80-100 g), eggs (usual 2-4 per day), and meat (about 6-8 oz per day I would reckon).

            I also keep to around 1500 calories a day.


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              Thanks, zoebird. I don't usually use protein powders but I wanted to try this recipe. As I'm new to this way of eating, I need a few healthy "crutches" to get me through times when it would be easier to grab something with wheat or processed. The way I see it right now, I'm really aiming for eating as clean as possible. For me that means, no wheat/bread, rice or other grain types, and trying to avoid any and all heavily processed foods. If that means more nuts/nut butter or a quickie smoothie made with protein powder to get me over the hump or through a craving, I'm giving myself the leniency as I adapt.

              Case in point: I was at the movies with my girlfriends this weekend. We went to see "Moonrise Kingdom", and I was glad to have a small bag of almonds with me because all they have at the movie theatre were junky treats. I wasn't so much hungry as socially "hungry", kwim? Everyone else was eating popcorn or M&Ms and I was feeling munchy, so I'm glad I had those almonds with me just to get me through the situation.

              Another example, I had to go the local bakery to pick up my elderly neighbor's weekly bread order. It's a great bakery where they grind their own flours and make everything fresh daily. I really respect them and I used to get some bread there like the apple scrapple bread for the kids. Anyway, it smelled so heavenly, my mouth was just watering when I walked in and I really wanted to have a few slices of their cinnamon swirl bread. But I didn't!! I had to remind myself that I am on a new path, and have been feeling GREAT, so why fall back? Once I delivered the bread to my neighbor, I went home and had a smoothie just because, again I had cravings and was trying to make better choices.

              I think I'm at the stage where better choices are the path, and I'll eventually get to making the best choices.

              Once thing I was really proud of: I roasted 2 whole chickens this weekend. One I got from the local farmer's market and the other I had in my freezer. They turned out delicious and we were stocked with yummy chicken the whole weekend. Then I used the carcasses from both chickens to make bone broth. I simmered them in my slow cooker literally all weekend with some veggies from the farmer's market. I have a gallon of bone broth on hand now. Neither one of my kids are into soups, but they both sipped a little clarified broth along with the roasted chicken. Small steps, small steps.

              Tonight is traditionally pizza night. My 5-year-old usually has soccer practice late on Tuesdays, so they became pizza nights because we wouldn't get home until well after 5:30. I'm prepared tonight as my hubby and I are having frittatas with pizza toppings, and the kids are going to have a rice crust pizza. In the past, we would get a big whole wheat pizza from Whole Foods to throw in the oven. Again, small steps!

              I haven't worked out since Friday, but I hope to be back on track today. I do a lot of slow movement, usually walking the dog once or twice a day with at least one child in tow and through the trails by our house. We also went to a festival over the weekend, and did a lot of walking.


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                If you don't mind sharing, I'm curious why you were vegan and what made you willing to eat meat again? My sister is vegan and nobody seems to see how her health suffers as a result except for me. I am always interested in finding ways to maybe guide her back to omnivorism =P
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                  I was vegetarian for about 10 years - vegan for close to seven of them.

                  I reached my highest weight, and my fibro got really awful.

                  I'm doing Primal/Paleo now... a couple of months into it, and I feel a LOT better

                  Yes, only grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and eggs from hens that run around a backyard. Wild caught seafood, too.

                  It's amazing how much better I feel now... and, I'm losing weight!


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                    I was a vegetarian and vegan mostly because I thought it was the gateway to optimal health. I was never a big meat eater as a kid either so it wasn't a huge sacrifice for me to give it up. I also cared about animals in the sense that I hated factory farms, and then that was only substantiated by the mad cow outbreak (right when I was living in Europe).

                    I came back to meat and dairy because I was not feeling great despite my devotion to the diet. In fact, I was suffering with progressing rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments. I decided to start primal/paleo after a lot of reading and research. I only buy grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and chickens. I feel like it's more sustainable than conventional farming practices so it appeals to me ethically, too. I probably don't eat as much meat as I should but I've only been at it a short time so I think as I shift, there will be more meat, less nuts and dairy.

                    I think trying to convince anyone that one diet is ideal is often counter-productive. People have to find their own way. Educating them about some misconceptions helps, but time is the only real cure. I'm glad I have access to local, fresh meat and dairy resources. I think I would not have taken the plunge if I had to buy all my products at someplace like Food Lion (no offense to anyone who does this, it's just my ethos, not necessarily right for all).


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                      @ avocadogirl,

                      pure whey powder is not necessarily a bad thing. I get mine, 100% pure whey, from But actually Whole Foods has their own 365 brand which surprisingly, doesn't have such a bad set of ingredients compared to a lot of whey in the market.

                      I do find the more protein I eat the more I want, at least in meat form. Whey is no fat & little carbs.
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                        Hi, Avocadogirl. Just sticking myhead in for a look around. Have you made any greens yet?


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                          Thanks for the brand recommendation, Betorq. I'll probably check out the Whole foods brand as I'm there a few times a week.

                          Ooh, Sabine, I have eaten almost all my greens. My favorite way for summer: with two poached eggs, sliced avocados, heirloom tomatoes, avocado oil and a spritz of some homemade champagne vinegar. Hmm! I've made that combo over my greens twice in the last few days. Sometimes also throwing some of the roasted chicken on there.


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                            sounds yummy.

                            i figure it won't take long before you find things that work for you that don't have you over relying on such things.

                            you must understand, i have *never* eaten protein powder and i *truly do not get it*. LOL I feel like it gives a pastry consistency and either tastes like cement or fake-flavored cement. LOL my husband used it for *YEARS* and let me be honest: it crusted to my dishes (he would never rinse! LOL), and it STANK because he liked certain flavors that smelled (to me) like sweet vomit.

                            He hasn't used protein powder in over 5 years now (i finally converted him), and I thank the sweet baby jesus.

                            I don't think it's evil or anything, I just don't' get it. LOL Like, why not just eat an egg? (we hard boil a lot on Monday and Thursday) or have that bag of nuts (you'll tone this down relatively soon. it's a great early-primal crutch -- at least it's actual whole food). That's no big deal.

                            But eventually, you'll come over to the "dark" side and not need that protein powder.

                            It's winter here. We are steeped in winter veg. My husband often forgets to buy things, though. I have to go with him. Get the seasonal! Cavolo nero is awesome, the brussels sprouts are delicious.


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                              Zoebird- cavolo nero is dinosaur kale here and it's that name that motivates my 5-year-old to eat it. It's actually too hot here in the summer to get it at the farmer's market, but it's a staple October-May. I miss it in the summer but there are so many other options. I get this lovely blend of early pea shoots, edible flowers and mini mesclun from a small home-based farmer that is so beautiful. Right now there is plenty of squash, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes to keep me occupied.


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                                Super awesome highlights from the last 16 hours:

                                Baby still not sleeping well. Last night he woke 8 times! 8!! Including a stretch from 3:45 am until 5 am. Then the 5-year-old was up at 6:30. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I haven't slept more than 3-4 hour max stretches in the last 13 months. Some days I handle the chronic sleep deprivation well. Today is not one of them.

                                Last summer it was a chipmunk in the basement, this summer a squirrel has taking up residence in the attic. Looks like we need major roof repairs. We live in a gorgeous, lush, big old trees and parkland area which is great for trail walking and just being outside but we have critter drama every summer. I don't even want to recall the summer of the raccoon that loved to sit on our patio and taunt the dog. *shudder*

                                My husband ate the last hard boiled eggs last night after I went to bed. I ended up making a not-so-great protein smoothie for breakfast and have felt draggy ever since. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation.

                                My mother is coming to visit in August. Sigh. Yikes! If there's ever an trigger for emotional eating, that's mine. I have to stay focused and remember that I feel great on my new eating plan, and it's not worth blowing it over age old emotional baggage.

                                On that note: steak for dinner! Yipee!