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  • Thank you, Goldie!!!! Just what I needed.

    So here is today's slow cooker recipe:

    4 cups low sodium chicken broth (I am using more of my own bone broth)
    4 large, raw chicken breasts (I'm using bone-in thighs)
    1/2 lb. cimini mushrooms, sliced
    1 sweet onion, thinly sliced
    4 tbsp. whole wheat pastry flour (No no!!! 3 Tbsp of rice flour/potato/tapioca flour mix!!)
    2 tbsp. organic cornstarch or tapioca starch (tapioca starch, of course!)
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Put the broth into the slow cooker and turn it on low.

    Whisk in the flour until all clumps are gone.

    Add in the chicken breasts, mushrooms and onion slices.

    Cook for 6-8 hours (it's done when the chicken falls apart)

    When it's finished cooking, scoop out the chicken and set aside. Add the cornstarch or tapioca starch and blend completely. Return the chicken to the pot and serve!

    ****So, I got the original recipe from the Skinny Ms. Fitness on Pinterest. I like their recipes as they are all whole foods based and easy to make primal. Given that I just have to replace 4 tbsp of wheat flour with an alternative, easy enough and probably won't impact the texture/flavor too much.

    I'm also using my own bone broth and plenty of garlic. You can be guaranteed there's loads of garlic is most of what I cook, especially the slow cooker.


    • Today would have been my father's 64th birthday if he had lived long enough to see it.

      People ask me sadly, "oh, was it cancer?".

      No. My father died of alcoholism. Decades of high-functioning, intellectual, job-holding, international traveling alcoholism. He was sober for 10 years, marking it just before he started drinking again. It was during his sobriety that we grew as father and daughter. When his divorce and forced retirement turned him back to alcohol, he came from Europe to stay with me. But he returned home after 3 months. In and out of hospitals. Eventually it caught up with him. Rapidly all his organs failed. Then he died 2 months after his 62nd birthday. From a disease, for sure...but still I don't get much sympathy for my alcoholic father. I think most people don't see it as something you could actually die from, unless you're homeless and freeze to death or drive and kill yourself or others. He killed himself. Slowly over 40 years.

      I've been flailing for days. Trying to nourish my family and myself. I can't sleep. I'm short tempered. I ate a box of cookies - an old binge eating habit I haven't done 4+ years. I felt like and still feel like crap from it.

      I know tomorrow is a new day. I planned out our menus and activities. I hugged my kids tightly. I made a promise to forgive myself and move on.
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      • I've been lurking for a while. Unlurking to give you a hug and to say that I, for one, have sympathy for you and your father. My friend's dad beat his alcoholism and was sober for ten years before depression got the better of him and he jumped from a ferry and drowned himself. Just because your father's alcoholism caught up with him doesn't make those ten sober years any less of an amazing achievement. We don't judge people whose cancer comes back... Celebrate the ten years you had, if you can, and remember to love yourself too.
        I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


        • Thoughts with you at a hard time. He did an amazing job hitting ten years sober. And he left behind a gift. A constant reminder of the dangers of what is really just a poison. I have no doubt that the sober 10 years meant just as much to him as they did to you. Hold on to those times.

          God bless

          It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


          • Originally posted by avocadogirl View Post
            I know tomorrow is a new day. I planned out our menus and activities. I hugged my kids tightly. I made a promise to forgive myself and move on.
            You have sympathy here.

            I'm sorry. Take care of yourself.
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