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    Want to keep track of my workouts and all things paleo. Hubby does not eat meat but will eat fish and eggs fruit veg and after living with a celiac has quite happily given up grains (mostly, hes only been doing it for a week). We have also gonme from drink far too much alcohol to just having a few drinks of a weekend which I will probably leave all together or for special occasions (wedding to go to this weekend).

    My scales weight loss is very poor but inches are flying off, stomach problem all but dissapeared and strength and overall wellness is excellent. I have all of the baggage that goes with gluten intolorance, depression, fogginess, bloating, lethargy, you all know the score.

    Todays morning plan:
    Upper body/core workout liting 10 kg. Walk sprint 45 mins play on jungle gym 10 mins can now do leg lifts on hanging bars. Home to bacon and eggs cooked in coconut oil......mmmmm

    Loving this forum.

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    So all going well. Having not lost any weight (infact lying scales said I put on 3 lb) I have decided to give dairy fruit and nuts a miss to see if there will be a change, also never hungry so not eating v much si its a bit of a bugger.
    Have lost loads of inches though and the biceps are massive. Very strong atm. Lovign my primal morning workouts along canal, woods and outdoor gym. Mojo the Lurcher is loving it as well . Ant and the kids also up for a more Primal lifestyle.

    I wioke up this morning and instead of the usual "when will the belly go down" look in the mirror, it had really gone down.

    inche loss (chest- waist- hips)
    Week 1 /49-40-47
    week 3 /47-37.5-45


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      Wow! That's some really significant inches lost in only a couple weeks!
      Liz in Cleveland

      Started Primal 7/17/12
      SW: 227.2
      CW: 213.6
      GW: 175


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        Wow! That's some really significant inches lost in only a couple weeks!
        Yes! Im thrilled and the scales have been binned.


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          Was my sisters wedding at the weekend so travelled up north on the Friday and back home on the Sunday. Tried to eat as primal as poss but did eat a few to many chips and drank far too much alcohol. Which i have ben paying for over the last few days. I really wrenched my thigh muscle whilst kneeling to put brides shoes on so sprinting has been out of the question and walking has been difficult. Getting better now. Will be doing some weights and sit ups later. Now enjoying Mousaka and tzatziki for breakfast