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There and back ongoing lesson in a new way of life.

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    Well, I spent the weekend with my buddies at a cabin in WI. I whooped it up for sure and drank more than my fair share of Captain Morgan with diet...yummy. Not sure what I will weigh on Wed, but oh well I had fun. We did a little work in terms of lifting heavy things like downed trees and cleared out brush and we played like jumping off the pontoon to catch a football.
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      I love my Vibrams, but if you just keep on doing your barefoot walks, handling the pebbles will get easier. I'm working towards barefoot, myself.


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        The weekend must have done me in...oh well. Back to primal. I sprinted today, but didn't lift heavy things. I am very busy.


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          184.5 and waist is 39 1/4"

          I lifted on Friday and it was tough.

          I coach my son's football team and we have been busy!!!!! Wow, all the times I called the coach a bum. I take it back I am now the bum. So many things going on.

          I am a member of the Izaak Walton league. Last night, they had a banquet in MN for 90 years of existence. Congrats on 90 years Ikes !!!!!!!! The Ikes are one of America's quiet but powerful conservation organizations that is full of people that just flat out care and do more than write checks and lobby.

          Nature is where I play. Today, I will go for a long walk.


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            181.5 and waist is 39"

            What a surprise stepping on the scale today. I went tubing on Sat, to the state fair on Sun and swam and lifted today. I cheated on eating though

            Sept is going to be crazy busy. Wow, being a football coach is alot of work!


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              182 and waist is 38 3/4"

              I sprinted and lifted body weight yesterday morning. I was starving at night and had an egg. I slept great even though I was hungry before I went to bed.

              I usually get up around 5am without an alarm clock. I don't like that it is dark that early I wish the daylight wasn't getting shorter, but I like the cool mornings. It feels very refreshing.

              I have been taking pics every month and will post the progress in Oct. I need to figure out how to post them.


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                The 21 day challenge couldn't have come at a better time. Sunday was a total failure I went to McDonalds and Dairy Queen.


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                  It happens! I was just reading through your journal though, and obviously you've made progress. Good job and good luck!
                  My Primal Blueprint Journal


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                    180 and waist is 38 3/4"

                    I have been away for a while. Work is crazy busy and football has taken its toll on my free time.

                    It is getting harder and harder to walk in the morning as the sun doesn't come up until 7am.....the shorter days are a drag. The weather is outstanding though.

                    After days where I just ate horribly I am now more focused. This is an ongoing process for sure. This morning I didn't go for a walk, but I did lots up push ups and pull ups. I am definately getting stronger. I can do 3 pull ups with my legs dangling from the bar. The pull up prior to those is not really a full pull up as I have to jump up to the bar, so I get a little momentum going up

                    I pulled my hamstring last week at football practice sprinting. I race the kids for 30 yards. I forgot how painfull a hamstring pull is


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                      179 and waist is 38 1/4"

                      I need to research on this site on how to post pics, because I am getting close to my goal weight. I really want to stay healthy, so getting my brain aligned is going to be a challenge. I stopped my food log. I am not sure if this is bad or not, but I post pretty much the same thing. I still continue to struggle at times with hunger at night and making poor choices. It really helps when I stay busy.

                      I tried sprinting yesterday and my hamstring is not healed I am in alot of pain this morning.


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                        180 and waist is 38"

                        I had a great workout this morning on the pull up bar. I think my hamstring is healed. I will know tomorrow when I sprint.

                        It is getting colder and darker earlier, so walking is getting a little tougher. I will just have to suck it up


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                          178.5 and waist is 37 3/4"

                          I need to get back on a work out schedule. Just so much to do.

                          We have been having many beautiful fall days....there is nothing better than the smell of fall.