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    Ahhh, well that doesn't seem to be a big issue, although I definitely ate til stuffed last night.

    Just bacon and eggs this morning and I'm very satisfied. Considering an IF tomorrow. The hunger's definitely not an issue for a 24-36 hour fast.


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      Day 5 BF
      Weight - 147.6
      BP - 100/64
      Pulse - 60
      Hmmm - weight still moving up and besides the milk, I didn't have much in the way of carbs (some salad dressing). I did eat 3 slices of cheese, but don't think my caloric intake was that high. Maybe I should start tracking the intake. Meanwhile, I'm planning on skipping breakfast.


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        Day 6 BF
        Weight - 146.8
        BP - 112/63
        Pulse 68

        I did a 21 hour IF yesterday, ending that with some kim chee style sauerkraut, 3.1 ounces of raw cheddar and had 2 large servings of a Greek style salad with ground lamb and a sourcream, lemony dressing. Yes, there was a lot of dairy, but I don't imagine I ate more than 1500 calories. The cheese alone was about 340 calories. Feeling good, healthy, strong.


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          Day 7 BF - One full week since ending the fast
          Weight - 146.4
          BP - 112/64
          Pulse - 60

          Yesterday was the opening day of our County Fair - I love going to the fair and usually indulge in several of the less healthy "foods" there. We went last night and I had a sausage - served in a bun with grilled onions and peppers - and I didn't eat the bun. Ended up drinking 3 beers though, two at the fair and one when I returned home.
          Our annual August heatwave has hit, and my wife (and dog) and I have slept in our tent in the back yard for the last four nights. We've never done this, but last weekend we discussed going camping and decided to set up the tent to check the its condition. Once the tent was up, we decided to give it a try and have both slept so well this week. Meanwhile, no need to run the a/c, as the house is cool in the morning and doesn't usually warm up until later afternoon.
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            Day 8 BF
            Weight - 145.4
            BP - 108/64
            Pulse - 66

            Got a book on fermenting foods recently and tasted my first batch of sauerkraut yesterday. It came out tasting good! I've eaten a couple of jars of store-bought versions since breaking my fast as I wanted to re-populate my gut with some healthy stuff - I'm not really sure how important that is - of course if you read anything about it, lacto-fermented foods will cure anything and everything and make you the healthiest you can possibly be. Okay. I like the stuff.

            Grilled some beef last night, using the ancho chile rub recipe (4 ingredients) from Mark's latest cookbook. It was a flank steak, sliced thin then served over a salad. I also had a couple of boneless pork ribs, so I threw those on the grill as well. I was still hungry after the salad so I ate one of the ribs as well, and had two glasses of red wine. And still lost a pound.

            Oh yeah, almost forgot. I also recently bought a book called "Convict Conditioning" - saw it mentioned here on the forum. The premise is that the writer was in prison and so had to rely on all these body-weight exercises to maintain his fitness to fight off the bad guys (the other bad guys) while incarcerated. Whatever. The first part of the book is just reiteration of this theme to the point where it sounds like an informercial - jeez. And then you get to the exercises. You're encouraged to start off at really ridiculously simple versions of exercises - like pushups as you stand 18" from a wall, pushing away from the wall. But, the key is that you do each movement really slowly and you have to be able to do the max number of reps and sets of each version before you move to the slightly tougher version. There are four or five steps before you're even doing a regular pushup, so the gradient is really slow. I've gotta say it's a bit humbling finding that I couldn't do the max sets/reps of wall pushups until a few days into it. I've since moved to the next level and really enjoy this approach. I hate working out and have always needed a specific routine to stick with it, so this may just be the thing.


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              Hey, I just tried that and the first two were sooooo easy, and then by the time I got to #5, I was really feeling it - maybe this guy is onto something. I am always looking for exercises I can do at work because obviously I have no equipment there.
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                Just read this whole thread, very interesting and well done!

                I'm pretty new to fasting myself, did a few 24 hour and 36 hour fasts, and a few weeks ago did a 4 day "fat fast" (consuming about 800 calories of butter and coconut oil in my coffee (Bulletproof) so yes, obviously you can argue this is not fasting at all but I was just experimenting). At first I was enthusiastic about it all as I dropped 3 kilograms, but I ended up putting it all back on, even eating "cleanly". Still, it was a good experience psychologically and my body looks better since. It also taught me what ketosis felt like (metallic taste in mouth) and I am experimenting now with a normal ketogenic diet (in ketosis as we speak, eating mainly fat, protein and veggies). However, for me personally I think I'll stick with the 16 and 24 hour fasts as I am concerned about muscle loss and performance (I do kettlebell swings).

                I was wondering: did you take any supplements during your 21 day fast? Did you notice any muscle loss or was that no concern? Are you happy now over a week later? I reckon that is 15lbs gone, so not too bad at all, but many people won't want to commit to that effort!


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                  Have experimented off and on with iodine, and for a few days of the fast, I got really cold and the iodine seemed to help with that - but that was probably no more than 3 or 4 times. I also mentioned salt, but that was it. So no supplements to speak of. The extreme low energy periods were the most frustrating.

                  And I guess I did forget to mention any post fast measurements - seems my biceps went down about and inch, although this could be just because I measured them myself when beginning and my wife did the measurement when I finished - could have been some human error, especially measuring myself to start. My waist is down about 1.5" and my chest is the same - 40".

                  And yes, I'm happy I did it. Now, I need to make use of the weight loss by being a bit more committed to the whole primal approach. Seems I'm maintaining right around 145 pounds. May have mentioned that my big downfall is drinking - and it's not the drinks that add the carbs/weight so much as that when I drink, my willpower goes out the window and I'll start eating whatever is around.


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                    I'm thinking of setting up a web-site as a fasting expert now. I'm going to be selling all the meals you'll need for your fast - each 1-week fasting kit will cost about $100. Someday soon I'll be living the American dream - you'll see my infomercials...


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                      Its been great reading this tread! Thanks for posting it!


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                        Thanks for the feedback Coconut!

                        Went camping over the weekend and kept it pretty primal, although I also had beer, bourbon and wine - but felt great all weekend. Returned home Sunday afternoon and weighed 145. Went to a b-day party at a local Mexican restaurant last night and binged: 3 margaritas (probably made with typical crap mixer), beans and rice, then had cake and also tortilla chips. Felt like crap this morning, with allergies, eyelids feel swollen, weight 148, BP 126/76, with a pulse of 74. This is how I always felt pre-primal, in the mornings.


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                          Forgot to mention - it's blackberry season here. I had lots of blackberries on Saturday and Sunday.


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                            Originally posted by Piscator View Post
                            I'm thinking of setting up a web-site as a fasting expert now. I'm going to be selling all the meals you'll need for your fast - each 1-week fasting kit will cost about $100. Someday soon I'll be living the American dream - you'll see my infomercials...
                            ^ Funny.

                            When I was reading about your fast, I was worried about your electrolytes. Did you do any other salt? (other than the salt your wife brought back which you mentioned)


                            ps I know you know this, but drop that alcohol.

                            LCHF since Oct 2011


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                              Salt was it. Do you think the low energy days were electrolyte related? If so, maybe I'll have to try this again - haha.

                              Weight this morning 146.8.
                              BP - 120/70
                              Pulse - 58

                              Something else I've noticed: I've had lower back pain - kidney area - nearly every morning for years, in fact since doing Atkins in the late 90s. Pain always disappeared after a glass of water. The pain's gone now, no water needed.


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                                Up early for my Wednesday meeting, ughhhh, didn't want to get up.

                                Weight - 146.6
                                BP - 105/65
                                Pulse - 55.

                                Running late...