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  • Serious Second Chance

    Okay, I've been transitioning to full primal for the last 33 days - I'm not there yet, but only because I am still learning. Thank you, Mark, for your wisdom and common sense.
    I can't believe it's only been a month because I feel like a million bucks already. I don't look like it yet, but I think at this point, I can say, it's inevitable... I don't say this to be conceited but this IS the best fitness gameplan on the planet and it is my second chance to live again and learn treat the body my Creator made for me with respect.

    Here's me last year at about 190lbs
    September 2011.jpg

    Here's me today at 220 lbs (30 lbs less than when I started PB)...
    July 17th 2012.jpg

    I am finding myself frustrated at the responses I get when I tell folks about PB - almost always, "Oh, yeah, just like Atkins." Ugghh!!! I think my frustration is so great because I see the crap that folks are feeding themselves (food and information) and I want them to stop. Yeah, where was I a month ago? Same place as they are.
    I have lots to say, and I do plan on adding to this thread as I progress, so I won't say it all in this post... =)
    Words can't express my excitement as a travel down this primal road.
    I do want to thank everyone who has posted to the forums here - you are all such an inspiration and I love the honesty here, so... thank you!!
    Amy C.

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    Hey, Amy!
    Welcome aboard! I've given up telling people that it is different from Atkins and now just say that I eat clean. No processed foods or sugar and I've dropped grains because I feel better without them. Some people will get it, most won't.
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Thanks for your comment, honeybuns.
      I suppose I should just direct nay-sayers to the website! =)
      I really like your tagline, by the way - something I've forgotten over the years...


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        Hi Amy,

        I pretty much have given up trying to explain it to folks. But just do what Honeybuns does, just explain that I am trying to live without things that are obviously bad for me, junk food, processed food, sugar and starches. People seem to accept this without the judgmental air that they get when I start to describe it and they say, "Oh, like Atkins" and lose interest.

        Actually, my plan is increasingly to say nothing at all until the results are obvious and then I'll go into detail about what I did, if they're interested.

        It does pain me to see people I love and care about harming themselves with their food choices. I fight the urge to tell them what they should be eating. But I think when I am fit and healthy looking it will give me greater credibility.

        Best of luck to you!

        Height: 5' 10"
        Highest Weight: 292
        Recent Starting Weight 287
        Current weight: 244.0
        Goal weight: 195
        Body Fat 32.5%


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          Focus on the fact that you are eating whole unprocessed foods.

          I am amazed at how much better your skin looks. Glad you are noticing the great effects of all this.
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          Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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            Thanks, David - I think you guys have a good point about not trying to explain - just let them witness the transformation.
            And, Dirlot, thanks for pointing out the skin change - I really hadn't paid attention until you said something. Aah,yet another PB benny to add to the ever growing list...


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              Yeah, for me, its definitely become a "nothing processed" sort of response. The fact that every grain you eat is processed just sort of gets left out unless they seem interested.

              Also, I just wanted to say that, despite you being heavier in the second picture, you look a whole lot better. Your face is actually thinner, which, regardless if the first picture is just a bad example of you back then, is something that is definitely different.

              Good luck on continuing the great changes!
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                After perusing the forums, I realize I must take some measurements. I never intended this PB journey to be anything but getting healthy, but I think the tracking of numbers would be wonderful accountability.

                Until then, I'll just post my recent food intake so I've got a record of it:
                Week One: Stop all sugar, 36 hours massive withdrawal symptoms, thought I was going to have a heart attack. Steel cut oats and nuts for breakfast, apple for lunch, apple for snack, 85% lean hamburgers with bun cheese and tomato for dinner. Water for hydration. Fog is leaving my head.

                Week Two: Found MDA. Breakfast bowl of eggs, bacon, onion and tomato cooked in, of course, bacon juice. Apple for snack, roast beef or Genoa salami with slice Swiss cheese for lunch, 80% lean hamburgers for dinner, cheese, no bun. Water for hydration. I have more energy.

                Week Three: Only two breakfast bowls this week, not real hungry for breakfast lately. Apple for snack. Hard Italian salami and hard Irish cheddar bits for lunch. Chuck steak or two chuck eyes for dinner, with a variety of grilled pineapple, squash and red or yellow bell pepper. Pureed fruit in my water on the weekend for a treat. Water for hydration. I feel wonderful.

                Week Four: Coffee with heavy cream for breakfast. apple for snack. Hard Italian salami and hard Irish cheddar bits for lunch. 80% lean hamburgers for dinner with cheese or chuck steak or two chuck eyes for dinner, with a variety of grilled pineapple, squash and red or yellow bell pepper. Water for hydration. Pureed fruit in my water on the weekend for a treat. I am stronger, lifting about twice what I could three weeks ago, wow, this is fast - I guess maybe I had it before, I just couldn't use it.

                Week five: Getting tired of coffee, drinking more water for breakfast, still not hungry in the morning. Apple for snack. Leftover chuck eye and veggies for lunch (not eating as much for dinner). Chuck eye with grilled veggies or strawberries (sometimes with cream and honey) for dinner. Water for hydration. Had a single shortbread biscuit from Ireland this week - boss brought me a box from his trip, they were yummy but I didn't feel condemned to eat the whole box. I gave the rest away to family, and then felt guilty for passing my unwanteds off on loved ones. Water for hydration.

                At this point I feel satiated. Hunger doesn't happen very often any more and endurance is increasing. I dream about running, sprinting, climbing, etc. I feel confident enough in this to say that I am not eating because I think I am supposed to, but only to replenish nutrients. Amazingly, my new VFF's are making it possible for me to stretch and use more muscles than I had been. I still can't believe it's been only a month. I never understood what it meant to have fat "melt" away, now I do.

                For this next week, I probably won't buy anymore salami or hard cheese for lunch and I don't anticipate doing much cheese anyway, I'm just not craving it anymore, besides, even the good stuff is still processed. Fast food for me now is an apple and I'm not sure how I'll be at planning proper primal meals as I am not much of a "meal planner". I know for myself I need to keep it simple and with that in mind, I may think seriously about ordering some Primal Fuel.

                Any advice from seasoned primal lifers would be most welcome.

                Grok on!


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                  I totally agree with Inksplat: You look a lot healthier in the 2nd pic. Your hair and face look healthy and glowing. I also don't explain my 'lifestyle plan'. I just tell people I'm eating 'clean -- no processed foods'. That's a good enough answer for many and those who are truly interested and who care ask me a few more questions. I don't like speaking much about what I'm doing because I find the explaining part too tiresome. Just sticking to my plan. Ps. I have a 15km run tomorrow with 16 good friends, followed by a brunch at a member's home. I'm brining a few hardboiled eggs. I'll do an IF in the morning from tonight's dinner. All good int his camp!
                  F, 48, 5'10"
                  Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
                  Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

                  Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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                    Well, I'm not all that experienced at PB eating. I did Paleo for about a month or more, then PB starting last week, but I make a really big dinner (all good PB food) and before it's even served to the family, I pack a lunch and even a breakfast so I don't have to deal with it in the morning. This also keeps me from Hoovering up all of the leftovers :-)!

                    I've always been spotty with eating breakfast so sometimes it's an omelet with whatever veggies I have leftover from dinner the night before. I'm not really doing cheese at all (a holdover from the Paleo stuff) and I miss it in this one instance.

                    I think it helps that I'm not really fussy as eating goes and I don't need variety from meal to meal so I can eat the same or similar foods two or three meals in a row and not get bored.
                    Height: 5' 10"
                    Highest Weight: 292
                    Recent Starting Weight 287
                    Current weight: 244.0
                    Goal weight: 195
                    Body Fat 32.5%


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                      I am trying to recreate myself with a new nickname here on the Apple, but before that happens I must post some progress pics and update...



                      I am down to 210lbs now and I just cannot believe the difference. I was in a meeting at work a few days ago and I had to apologize about how disctracted I was with my legs - I was wearing short pants that day and when I glanced down at my calves during the meeting, well, they didn't look like my calves at all. They haven't been this thin in years and I had to keep touching them to make sure they were real.

                      I finally found a grass feed beef and pastured pork dealer just two doors down from my husbands cafe, so I think I'm in heaven now. I am remembering what meat tasted like when I was a kid... yumminess.

                      I am finding myself sprinting occasionally for no reason whatsoever except the fun of it. Well, that is IF my Komodo's are on my feet. =)

                      I am almost through with the Primal Blueprint book and I must say - if you don't have a copy, you must get one and read it. All the info in the book was, I think, already scattered around my head in bits and pieces, but the way Mark lays it out just tied it all together for me. My eyes are definitely open now. I don't wanna be a Korg anymore...

                      So much to say and so little time, but alas, I must get back to work.
                      Take care all...


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                        Wow! You're doing great and looking great!
                        Height: 5' 10"
                        Highest Weight: 292
                        Recent Starting Weight 287
                        Current weight: 244.0
                        Goal weight: 195
                        Body Fat 32.5%


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                          Here I am with my new forum nick.

                          I just received the 90 day journal as a gift from a friend who is also eating primal now.
                          It's so pretty, I am afraid to write in it and mess it up... ugghhh...

                          So, I am not losing pounds like crazy as I was before and I am trying to remember not to be results oriented.
                          I am, however, getting stronger and more flexible. It feels so good to be able to at least attempt a proper push up.
                          SW 260 lbs
                          CW 194 lbs as of February 13, 2013
                          GW 150 lbs
                          PB start date: June 16th, 2012