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    I am not perfect. Far from it. I eat yucky grainy things on occasion. I like chocolate. I am fighting the diet coke demon (and winning). But when I am living the way I should be I feel GREAT! My body looks great. Life is great.

    I wish I had some great pictures to share or something. But I don't today. I will just tell you how my day went and what I ate. Then you can yawn and go take a nap or something. Yeah my life is that totally exciting.

    This morning I had what I call Greens, Eggs and Ham. It was a eggy breakfast casserole loaded with greens, veggies, meats and a bit of cheese. There were a few fried potatoes left from my man's supper the night before in there too. I don't have an issue with the occasional potato. I try to keep my carbs low but I can sneak a few bites here and there.

    I snacked on the remainder of a pint of fresh local raspberries I picked up the day before when I was done with sorting mail at the post office. I was wearing my postal worker hat today, I have many jobs as you will see.

    I thought I would only be at the post office half the day but the real postmaster was later coming in than expected so I have to go round up lunch. I needed to pick up my CSA farm share so I went to the farm and got that and a few extras. I also stopped at a cute little market that uses local ingredients in their cooking and got some of their awesome chicken salad and a mini dark chocolate bar. I ate a cucumber sliced up with chicken salad on top, a carrot, lots of cherry tomatoes, and the chocolate.

    I went to pick up raw milk from the farm after work and stopped and got some pastured pork sausage and bacon from the milk people's relatives down the road. The bacon looks good, I just got some ends and pieces. The real stuff looked like Heaven.

    So this is where things go a little ummmm off....I was tired.....I got pizza for supper. At least it is from the local market where they make their own dough and use quality ingredients.

    To make up for being so naughty (hey I call the 80-20 rule into play) I went for a nice primal barefoot walk in the woods and gathered my dessert, about 20 wild raspberries. I saw some cute animals who also seemed interested in the berries and heard some larger animals in the woods. Hopefully deer. I walk quiet enough in the woods barefoot that hopefully I don't disturb the animals too much.

    So that was my day.

    B-egg casserole
    L-chicken salad, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes, dark chocolate
    S-stupid pizza
    D-foraged wild raspberries

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    Welcome! I'm glad primal is going well for you.
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