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    You have already inspired me tachi ! Today I increased my free weights to 16kg and managed 3sets dead lifts and squats Used 10kg for other sets like lunges (have to watch the knee it hurts a bit so am careful/respectful of's been a bit of a lesson that , but that nuthr story), biceps, triceps , overhead press , haven to use all dumb bells, maybe sounds pathetic but I find being the only woman in the weights section where barbells are is just too difficult but I have been using the chin up and dips machine there which is progress..been on the list for ages but have found a quieter time so can get on's obviously assisted chins ups but it's a start ...i do like weights too..i have a large frame and wide shoulders so I feel able to do it if you know what I mean , I'm not v tall tho 5 4'....anyhow thanks for sharing I checked out that link and it's amazing what she achieved...looks fabulous and the workout info is seriously good...ok am going to keep on keepin on with that thanks to you !
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      wow arty, that is the coolest thing I've ever been told, I am so proud of you and really chuffed you're getting so into it! i really wanna try chin-ups now, that's the bad thing about having a home gym instead of going -- no access to some of the more interesting machines. And no trees around with low-hanging branches, and I'm afraid if I try to hang from things in my house I will break them haha but getting there... keep at it, I really look forward to you reporting your progress!!

      what i like about this particular exercise is that its a lot of effort for a very short time, doesn't make me sweat like a crazy person and i don't get bored -- just put a bit of music on and go HULK OUT for a minute then I'm back inside being lazy again We'll see if it works anyway!

      Thursday's Tracker
      Friday's Tracker

      yesterday I did an 80kg deadlift (Siobhan + 2 very tubby cats), but I honestly felt like I was going to rip my pants lol so I only did my one rep and stopped. That's another thing I like about this, its either 5x5 (five sets of five reps) or 3x5 (3 sets of 5 reps) but the deadlift is only one rep as you can injure yourself the most by doing this. So I have my bro-in-law check my form and make sure I'm not doing anything dangerously.

      I also had my knee hurt a LOT when I first started, to the point where I was seriously afraid I was gonna hurt myself by keeping on with it, and the reverse turned out to be true. I started with 5 by 5 and went to 3x5 and stepped up the weights slightly slower, staying at a weight for a few weeks and then resting at least 48 hours between trying again. Also its very very important that you do your squats all the way down -- half squats, half lunges, that 'almost there' range of motion was very detrimental to my knees, only by doing full squats very uncomfortably was I able to get past that knee pain, build some muscle, and even still I had to take a week off now and then and just baby them.

      I am getting over nearly 30 years of basically little or no exercise, creaky joints, and strained physique one step at a time, but slowly, slowly, my body is beginning to heal. I religiously take the omega-3 supplements daily, I should probably look at something else for joints but I don't like to go too crazy with supplements, and even still I go down the stairs one step at a time (as in both feet on each step before going on to the next) because my knees can be wobbly and I'm very cautious since most of my injury is by me hurrying or not paying attention. Baby steps, baby steps!

      Last but not least as I've rambled on quite enough lol, the scale was going down again happily and today just jumped back up to 239.6... haha, there is no hope with this stupid scale. Actually, it was a Weight Watchers scale, and I think its just mad at me for going primal!

      But the body measurements (and you guys!!) are what's keeping me going, plus just feeling generally better, especially if that 3cm stays off my waist.


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        today I am trying camembert, which I have not had before. I am waiting for it to get to room temperature. This food tracker reckons that it is, for 250g cheese, exactly 50% fat and 50% protein, and 0 carb. amazing, if true!

        anyone have some nice camembert recipes? I am a cheese noob.


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          Hi tachi ! well seriously it is just great to have some inspiration and 80 kg....absolutely wow ! Thanks for tips re knees and form will make sure to go the whole hog with squat and lunge, i hope its time for me to try and build more strength into the joint if i can but have messed up beofre with impatience, had quite a lot of osteopathic treatment for knee, it has taken 1 year to heal and still as I say thing was my fab yoga teacher who said admit when it hurts and do not push yourself when it does, of course countless times over the years exercising would push through pain, isnt that what exercise is about ? Nompain no gain feel the burn may have to be v patient she told me...and she was completely right totally had to change my exercise and attitude and the REAL shocker to me was that despite no running , prev ran 2/3 times pw , I did not gain any extra weight ! So WTF was exercise doing for my weight problems ? Excuse my language ...having said thata did love early morning park all to myself, watching the seasons. Nature, plants and animals, am country girl so struggle with this v large metropolis.. I .had a lot of fun on my runs...which is what I miss ..anyhow am now going to aim to go for lifting many many thanks to you...hope when new gym opens might get at bar bells, meantime will keep on with weights. BTW you can buy a chin up bar that can be put above a door am working on DH to put one up since he wants to get rid of his belly and he does no exercise besides sailing ...maybe we are mad to try but I would like to really be able to do them ...can't resist a challenge...

          Just love your blog and that stoat is just fab ! If i get any pictures of stoats when on hol will post them there !

          I don't have any Camembert recipes off hand as jsut eat it really ..but you could goggle this total cheese out yumfest , you can put it box and all into the oven, it will go all melty and unctuous, dip in with some carrot stick, celery, peppers etc crudités....yum yum praps glass of RW too ? Ahhh heaven

          Have a great w/e
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            hi hi arty, hope you had a great weekend i am reporting that my knees are killing me haha I must be very careful with them! I'll have to get out the foam roller but I'm also thinking of doing some stretching and stuff to try and get less stiff. Yoga maybe? I dunno, how silly is this -- I have to watch workout/training DVDs in a different language or I just think they are too stupid and cheesy to follow lol, but then I don't understand what they're saying so I may be doing it wrong!

            I just heard from a colleague at work that he found it helpful before weight training to go on a brisk-ish walk for 20 mins to warm up so I may try that, cos I'm done in! also some foam rolling... sucks only having a shower in your house sometimes instead of being able to soak in a hot bath!

            I don't know if I'm being too impatient or just cheating on weekends, but since I've started this journal my weight has bounced between 243 (high) and 237 (lowest), though measurements indicate over an inch lost off my waist, but i can't see it!!! well, nevermind, its still only baby steps and I'm just gonna keep at it, it IS going down, but I think I need to work on portion size now

            and not eating so many strawberries and cream on weekends!! haha

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              Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll I'm bummed, weight's bounced back up to a happy 240.6, I know it shouldn't bum me out but it is, so I've decided to go as strict primal as possible for the next few days and get my bum in gear! I've been doing this for about a month now and the only thing I've not dropped is dairy and sometimes a legume or swede/turnip side dish, but much less dairy to come and a lot more planning me thinks! I'm not going to punish myself, just regroup and keep at it!

              I also think I need to do some more gardening now that my back is a bit stronger, but my knees still feel knackered from Sunday's exercise and I don't want to push them too hard. Will see if the weather holds up.

              As a note, redcurrants kinda make a weird 'snacking' food as they take ages to get through very few but are quite sour!

              Today's Tracker

              as a side note, I'm really doing a lot better about 'binging' and I haven't touched wheat but the once, so there are some positives!


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                As another side note, I had to go to Asda today (the green wal-mart) and I was on my lunch break so I had to hurry, so I was dashing around the store dodging fat people and old people (or both) and my knees were holding up despite being sore, and I was neither sweaty nor exhausted with a sore back despite carrying a quite heavy basket of BACON and veggies around the shop. This from the girl who used to be exhausted and sore just walking to the store a couple blocks let alone trying to walk fast...

                I think I may be expecting too much from myself and this may be why my past 'diets' have failed. I am about to go home from work and work on the garden, before I would have dragged myself home and been exhausted on the drive in. Something has definitely changed. More props to the primal WOE!


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                  Hey tachi ! Sorry ur bummed out I do know th feeling and it ain't a straight road this weight loss journey IMO ...but from what i can see you are doing so well ! making changes and the fantastic weight work .....and not forgetting to look at the big changes in your stamina and energy levels, you mention which sound v significant ! One month is not long either well according to my bod which really likes to take its time with changes....ho hum ! Plus I always find it soooo much easier to hang onto the negative than the positive which is a ....bummer ! So pay no attention to that scale I say , go sally forth and do the primal thing and do not be deterred and definitely do not give yourself a hard time...put down that stick ! You r doing fine I think !
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                    Thanks Arty and cheers for the comments, I'm glad we're all in this together as its really fab getting to see other folks like yourself go through the same experience and talk about how things are going for everyone, plus you are really nice and always cheer me up I think you and I started about the same time so I hope we can do great things for ourselves!

                    Today's Tracker

                    Knees were quite sore and I got distracted doing other stuff (bad me, bad) so I didn't do my weights yesterday, but I think my knees needed the rest. They feel better today so I will do some foam rolling and some stretching and pick up the weights tomorrow.

                    I'm also wanting to do some pushups and a pull up so I gotta work on those too, but at the moment working on lowering my overall calorie consumption, not gonna take on too much at once cos I gotta get the foundations right before I just go crazy.

                    On another note I'm now designing our back garden (well, the design is in place, just planning/putting in plants now) and I've decided to go with an English/Japanese theme, some native English plants with some Japanese show pieces, like the flowering cherry trees, some bamboo in one corner, and some conifers in another corner, with some climbers along the fence (good old English ivy and some honeysuckle too), also I was thinking of trying to grow a small ginkgo biloba tree as I absolutely love the leaves when they turn yellow. I'm thinking of getting the acer palmatum which will turn a lovely red in fall, the ginkgo which should turn a bright gold, and then the cherry tree, but also maybe an aspen? I don't know if those are too tall for the small back garden we have. Then some nice ornamental bushes and feature flowers, plus some bulbs. Low maintenance is key!


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                      Inspired yet again by arty and Sio and the other fine folks here on PB, I've ordered a copy of Primal Fitness to try and add a bit more DOING STUFF into my life. Currently I wake up, leisurely make breakfast and lunch, drive to work, sit at my desk, then at lunch (as often as possible) take a ~20 min walk, sometimes sprinting, then sit at my desk again, drive home, sit on my bum, and read/eat dinner/play video games etc. 3 days a week I try to do weights, but with the slow pace I have to take with my knees, when the rest of me is fine, makes me think I could do more. Could I? I have time to do other things, there's just nothing that I'm terribly interested in.

                      The garden is one thing and that will help, but I'd like to have a more structured approach as I find if I don't plan, then I just ... don't do. Same goes for meals!

                      Today's Tracker

                      Busy putting together a primal meal plan for me and my folks, they're coming to visit for 3 weeks and they've agreed to eat Primal as much as possible, though I worry they'll just revert to CW after going home, but I'll try my best to make those the tastiest darn weeks
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                        Hi tachi ! Agree soo much it's much better to have a buddy along the way who started at the same time...your ideas for garden sound lovely I just love spring and the early blossom and cherry blossom..will be fab with your bulbs and timing for those is perfect you will have so much to choose from ...i love gardening and wish I could keep chickens and grow veg but I share with neighbour who would not be have to keep the peace...still so lovely to,have that kind of space in the city I love it we also have lots of foxes who had cubs this year incredibly cute..sadly the foxes do not do that well often get mange and bad condition yep they are all eating left overs from fast food probably. I did burn incredible amount of calories according to fitness pal doing gardening so,exercise wise think its a pretty good way of going , and it's kind of playing too sort of ? What just did it formme was finding out when I done in knee all my exercising 3 gym 1 yoga 2 run pw week was doing nothing for my weight so for me more is not always = result, now sometimes take a little walk around which I am counting as moving slowly plus my housework Which I am counting too , glad it counts for something groan ! so my tentative suggestion is count things like this too ...otherwise I am doing 1 lht, 1 yoga 1 sprints (has to be on rowing or elliptical due to knee ) and I do feel more toned I think !
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                          hiya arty, cheers for stopping by again, I love reading your blog too, your observations about the olympics is really cool, and the stuff your hubby does is hilarious lol mine does the same thing but about totally random hobbies he picks up and then suddenly his focus is somewhere else! he's not that great with DIY but I think he's developing an interest... more useful than me at any rate!

                          we had a neighbour drop off some cauliflower they grew themselves, it was very kind of them! it was full of earwigs (not sure what they are called) when I cut into it though and some of the stalks had turned black inside lol so I ended up binning it, I felt so guilty and Grok would have severely admonished me for wasting food! I should have made do, but there was one in the fridge... oh well, so much for my pioneering spirit. I'm sure if I grew veg it would be full of bugs also, but I still wanna try, perhaps in a raised/covered bed area? I really really don't like bugs!!!

                          I also must admit I fell off the binge wagon this weekend, I still ate primally except one meal, but we got a Chinese takeaway and even though I had no rice I'm sure the sauce wasn't good at all. I wish I knew how to make good Chinese sauce without all the sugar, but I just couldn't be bothered cooking (or doing anything for that matter!), but the rest of my meals were primal and natural foods, some lovely grilled chicken in a shallot wine cream sauce, gammon steaks with swede and butter, cauliflower with a bit of cheese, and... sigh, lots of strawberries and cream. This is where my sweet tooth has gone, for sure! So, once these strawberries are gone I'm not going to get any more until my holiday end of August and even then measure EVERYTHING.

                          Today I'm starting over (yet again lol, but really just gotta do this!! I'm so close I can feel it!) and this time I'm going to start adding in regular IF. Thing is, with that leptin reset guide, I was meant to be eating 50g of protein for breakfast. I just can't do that, it makes me feel ill and bloated. I don't get hungry til much later, so why not take advantage of this and do an IF routine? That's my logic anyway.

                          So today I started with an IF routine of 16/8, meaning I fast for 16 hours then I have an 8 hour window of eating. I'll eat my first meal at approx 12pm, then my last meal at or before 8pm. So far its been OK, though I took my vitamins and stuff this morning with some green tea and that made me NOT a happy camper tummy wise, I think its the combo of taking them on an empty stomach and also drinking fluids first thing in the morning, which has never made my tummy happy! So tomorrow, I'll wait til 11.30 before I have my 'breakfast' at noon.

                          Today's Tracker - New and shinier with slightly different goals!

                          I guess its a lot of trial and error but its really difficult finding what works for me. But I'm trying to stick by Mark's theory of listen to your body and what its telling you! I have come a long way already from how I used to be, but I am excited and motivated to continue on, I just need to add something else in to get these pounds shifted. Its not fun carrying around two people's worth of weight!


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                            for what its worth, today's fast went quite well, and I'm actually only starting to eat now at 1pm due to work interfering. I look forward to tomorrow's fast! its turning out to be easier than I thought so far

                            it was observed somewhere (how unscientific of me I know lol) that women typically fast for 14 hours naturally, so 16 shouldn't be too big of a stretch for me, and if day 1 is any judge, its absolutely fine I may well even only have 2 meals a day, wouldn't that be something!

                            trying to keep my macronutrients balanced though, today's lunch was particularly good with celery and cream cheese, ham, and brazil nuts. I am also going to try and drop my dairy intake and see if that helps my skin.

                            AND i did my weights again on sunday! I didn't on Thursday when I was struggling lol, but I kicked my arse in gear so I didn't let the primal ladies here do it by themselves!

                            tubby cat is looking more slim since we got the back garden finished, he is now spending most of his time running in and out and around, very much enjoying himself, though he is bringing us all manner of souvenirs from the garden. there was a decent size toad out the back but the cats sniffed it and ignored it and it stood very still! maybe it was stinky, but they didn't bother with it, so we just left it. no shrews yet!


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                              yesterday was good, I had a headache later in the day but not sure why, it may be just getting used to the fasting. ended up eating 2 meals and what I ate was very carefully balanced using the MyPlate tracker and my macronutrient goals, but ended up being quite tasty as well

                              I'm going to try and eat more fish as I used to eat it quite a bit but its tapered off recently in favour of BACON lol, so gonna aim for at least 2 days a week to eat fish for lunch and at least 1 dinner, probably salmon. I feel good today and only 1.5 hours til I eat, this fasting thing is turning out to be fairly easy for me but the secret so far is not to feed my tummy ANYTHING or it wakes up and is hungry straight away. Little sips of green tea are fine though. As work is pretty busy when I first get in its bearable to push lunch back.

                              30 mins now since I started writing, not that I'm counting or anything!!

                              First thing I've noticed about IF is that with such a short eating window its hard to smash it full of calories, but I am staring at this tomato on my desk like it is AMBROSIA lol.

                              Today's Tracker


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                                Hi tach !! Love to hear about the toad And how things are going with you

                                am sure toads don't taste good for puddys and lucky you to have him , I could do with a few here as my slugs n snails are outta control , devouring my on war path which mostly involves squishing as won't use anything chemical ..yuk but ha ! take that for eating my whole dahlia collection ..swines ! well done for weights seriously great and I am sure it will do,great things for you and hope can follow you if new gym is more accessible , I get nervous if my knees gives me gyp so think v sensible to listen to body and pain is definitely not ok ...hope u enjoyed your ambrosia apple ..nom nom ! thanks for kind words about the blog.... Is fun to write something else beside what I ate, even if I am fairly obsessed with that too
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