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    Thanks Mshathvri, very kind of you and thanks for stopping by I've really had a hankering for some kielbasa with cabbage and butter. My gran used to cook cabbage and liver, but I was never a fan of liver before, maybe I should give it a go? Suggestions on preparation?

    Today I have some lessons in the evening so I have made my breakfast smoothie (no sweetener and still just as tasty, making it that way from now on!) with some fatty fatty greek style yogurt (that's literally all the smoothie is, frozen blueberries/raspberries and yogurt, so filling!). Then I have some cherries for snacking on at work (I'm still trying to get over the snacking thing, very much a boredom eater normally and if I drink water it just makes my tummy feel empty!). Will look through the forums and see if folks have some suggestions for cutting back / stopping snacking. Or maybe swap my snacking choices from fruit to veg? We shall see!

    Then for lunch/dinner I've made a home made curry! A nice few semi-fatty cuts of chicken with two whole onions (love onions) and fresh tomatoes with spices and a handful of green beans, swirled in some yogurt at the last to make it creamy. I'm looking forward to it even though its a bit smelly sitting here on my desk at work haha... at least my coworkers are used to my weird food offerings now! I'm going to do an IF tonight (wasn't planned, just made too much curry) so going to eat lunch later than usual and then 1) try not to fall asleep and 2) enjoy a nice food-free evening, keeping myself busy with Japanese lessons and painting the fence some more!

    Also a photo of my cat for the cat lovers, this is the youngest of the three, Maya she's a bengal and she comes in every morning for snuggles and cuddles, makes it very hard to get out of bed lol. I love her to bits! Second photo is her trying to wedge her head into the letterbox...

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      omg Tachi she is just adorable !! I can see why you love her, and they are so funny when they are young and playful ...sooo cute and beautiful eyes thanks for posting !

      ....and have you trained her to fetch the (lol!) or is she just trying to rip it up ....

      what is keilbasa btw - sounds interesting the only liver I really like is chicken liver pate - DH is suspicious of the regular livers that Tesco sell as he thinks those poor old chickens probably get chemicals and drugs for dinner so I don't make it often and usually end up eating it all myself !

      and weight training...well done you ! I do a bit at the gym, wish that more women went into free weights area, is chocoblock with men ( don't exactly make you welcome throwing those big weights around ) maybe its just me I am guessing the rest of the female gym members feel the same as we all seems to end up down in the cool down area where the heaviest weight is only 5kg - ...its a pretty crappy gym and I am hoping to move waiting for a new one to open next couple of months ...
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        I've never made liver before, but I figure that lots of butter and medium heat in a cast iron skillet never hurt anything.
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        My plan for the year (July 23rd 2012-July 23rd 2013):

        Walk to Mordor. I have walked 12.33 miles out of 1779.
        Do Convict Conditioning / balance exercises.
        Eat primally.
        Take a progress picture once a week.
        Don't weigh myself.

        Starting weight: 223
        Current weight: ???
        Goal weight: 145

        Waist measurement 08/03/12: 42 inches and three quarters
        Goal waist measurement: 30 inches


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          aye she's over a year old now but just isn't growing much at all, she eats her food but never very much, maybe she knows more about it than we do? we offer her chicken and pork or bits of egg and she's not bothered, but she'll do backflips for tuna or butter.

          Kielbasa is a kind of Polish sausage I think? Not sure what makes it different but its at most grocery stores though I'm yet to find a place that doesn't dose it with crap. I did find some french-style sausages without any added sugar or junk though (what is it about french stuff!!)

          I'm really lucky with the gym stuff, my brother-in-law brought his squat rack and olympic weightlifting stuff around to our garage so we just go outside, that has helped a lot as I hate gyms and don't think I would/could go otherwise I reckon it is a good investment though, I'm sure you can get a set on ebay cheap or just do the body weight exercises without having to go out anywhere.

          Today was a bit crap though, I'm trying to do a leptin reset (chart shamelessly stolen from MamaGrok) and today I was making poached eggs, but I'd never made them before in these poachpod things we got (hubby always made them previously) so I overboiled and they sunk and were swamped and it was a messy messy disaster and I wasted all the eggs. So even though one of the goals of resetting leptin resistance was to eat within 30 mins of waking, it was more like an hour..... but!

          I also turned the last bit of my shower to freezing this morning, in my efforts to do that leptin reset thing, and wow that puts some zing in your day! nice and warm now though

          Coworker has a birthday today and I've just seen someone walk in with a cake... aha, a challenger appears!


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            Defeated the birthday cake, though I wavered at first and said 'oh just a tiny slice' before I stood up at my desk and shouted "NAY!!" (ok not really, but I did go into the kitchen and say no thanks nevermind). Then I went home and had a nice dinner but a stressful evening, the little tiny cat posted above squeezed out under the fence and went on a merry adventure around the neighbourhood ... TWICE! We finally found the hole in the fence though. We keep ours indoors/out in the garden because there's some really mean neighbourhood cats (and a couple dogs) around and I don't want my bebe's getting hurt, especially her as I don't think she'd back down!

            But nevermind, all safe and sound, though it kind of led to a binge on strawberries. I told myself they were going to go off (they were half mushy) and they'd be wasted if I didn't eat them, but really I know the excuses by now! So yes, sort of a binge, though it was only about 12? large-ish ones.

            Today is going much better, and now I'm portioning into my daily meal a small (and I do mean small!) dish of some frozen berries with a dab of yogurt for a 'dessert' feeling after dinner tonight. Straight after dinner though, so kind of with dinner?

            Lunch today left me feeling incredibly satiated, I think it was all the nice fatty fat on the pork loin that I'd put in the slow cooker last night. Mmmm fat.

            Tonight I'm making a pork-and-seaweed soup with some carrots, more nice shredded fatty fat pork in a ramen-like broth with some konbu and wakame seaweed. Then I think I'm gonna do some weights as I didn't last night cos of chasing cats around!


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              you are making me hungry just reading .......!!

              herding cats is a nightmare , I have holes in my jeans to prove it , trying to get our diabetic cat back from next doors garden !! very sharp fence ( eek ) he just hated that we had to keep him in (but we could not trust the neighbours not to feed him carbs which would have been life threatening )... he did escape from colditz more than once also we had one totally mean cat in our neighbourhood for a while that used to beat up the cats if he got any chance .. I can understand your worry !! glad all well though ..

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                monday hugs for all

                this weekend was a mess. primal, but a mess. I made sure to eat the correct foods but it wasn't on any sort of schedule, it was definitely TOO much food, especially cream. I am confident the reason was due to my sweet tooth going into overdrive mode as I've not had real sugar in weeks now. The cravings are getting easier to manage, and sometimes I don't even notice the difference. When I first used to make strawberries and cream, I'd put some vanilla flavour and sweetener in the cream, but now I just have it plain and can really taste the sugar in the strawberries. And peaches. And apricots. Yes, this weekend was a bit of a fruit and cream binge...

                At least the fence is now painted, thanks to my darling hubby who stuck through it while I was experimenting with French cooking techniques in the kitchen and burning my hand (ow) which I quickly doused with wine (in my tummy that is, not the wound haha). Anyway, I've decided to restart the Leptin reset and just barrel through the menu planning as I am now off work earlier this shift so I will have time in the afternoon to plan the next day as well as cook a lot of it up.

                I was having a lot of problems with getting the 50g protein breakfasts, quite often falling short. I added a small chicken breast in plus a bit of yogurt and bingo that sorted it on the tracker... but heaven help me I don't know if I can eat so much!!

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                  I had that weird stomach-ache sick feeling again this morning/last night, it woke me up at about 6am, I was nearly ill then it subsided and I went back to sleep, its very weird that. Not keen on that feeling at all, but my dinner last night was totally primal, just some leftover pork in homemade curry sauce with carrots and shallots. I do hope that feeling goes away, but it may have been the pork or something in the pork as my tummy didn't feel too happy after I'd had some of the pork for lunch.

                  Aaaanywho, I've also learned its very difficult to eat a big breakfast, especially within 30 mins of waking up! I don't know why this is such an integral part of the leptin reset thing but I'm really struggling with more than like 40g carbs. This morning I had two small turkey breast portions, probably about 150g or so (kitchen scale battery went dead arg) and two portobello mushrooms which were LUSH with some brazil nuts and a couple small apple slices. Everything went down fine until I got to the turkey and then it was like urrrghhhh so I've had to wrap it up and take it to work. But I'm not going to force myself to eat it, its just there if I get hungry so I don't binge.

                  I'm also finding it really difficult to cook breakfast AND lunch in the mornings when I'm on an earlier shift... I should have just got my bum out of bed at 6.15 when I woke up! Why can't everyone just work from home and work in their beds... haha

                  I'm really enjoying eating primal but I don't know if I should put off this leptin reset or just bite the bullet and keep going, its only another 4 weeks or so, I just feel like I'm struggling to learn too much at once! Hubby is thinking of setting up an indoor greenhouse so we can grow some fresh veggies, just thinking of where to set it up and put it so that the cats don't eat/wreck it. Apparently spinach grows quite fast indoors and a nice constant fresh supply would be lovely.

                  Today's Tracker

                  As a side note, I've just had another small chocolate at work. Here's the thing, I unwrapped it and ate it and it was only after I had it I panicked and thought CRAP I'm not meant to have those. Completely thoughtless snacking. I just didn't stress about it as that would have made things worse, but it frustrates me that it wasn't an active thought, it literally was just put on my desk by a colleague and out of habit I ate it. That's positively BOVINE!

                  ...actually I think cows probably have better manners


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                    Hi Tachi ! amazing have just been reading the Whole30 book It Starts with Food during my lunch break maybe some info helpful - the description of what dopamine does to our brains and impulses in response to certain food esp sugary, salty fatty ones really rang some bells for me in terms of feeling driven to eat foods like biscuits or chocolate, never read it explained so well and I think giving me some insight into my own unconsious eating ...ahh jammy dodgers !! - am hoping that it may help me figure things out scale still no shifty ....
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                      hihi arty, luckily I never liked jammy dodgers, but my god, i would kill for a cadbury's lol. Interesting book that, I might have to take a peek. Its crazy what science can tell you that you should be able to act on, but like so many people in some of the threads have said here, you can see a donut in a bear trap, know its gonna take your arm off, but still try and grab it anyway (like me this afternoon)!

                      well today I have done my first workout (proper workout) in 2 weeks with weights. I hit a new squat record with 60kg weights (that's more than what Siobhan weighs now!!) and bench presses at 45kg [99 lbs!!](ok only one set haha, the rest at 42.5) and a few other minor ones. Boy was I proper knackered after that, but I feel great! I hope I sleep well tonight, I have really missed weights, which is .... a really screwy thing for me to admit, the girl who hated sweat and was allergic to exercise. I track the progress on fitocracy which also helps even though there's some real nutters on there!

                      still hate running though lol so yeah, not completely mental, but getting there! also arty the scale shifted back the other direction for me so no joy, must have been temporary, though I waited 3 days for the weight at that level to stay before declaring it a loss. nevermind! I'm going to take my waist measurement now for a laugh...

                      yeah not much improvement there, though thank heavens it is DOWN, waist 1 month ago was 111 cm (43.7 inches), is now 108 cm (42.52 inches). That's the first real improvement I've seen!! I am really encouraged by this even though I know it is so so small lol, I measured other parts as well and they are all same or 1 cm lower, so this is body fat going, hooray! shoo body fat! you are of no use!

                      oh and did I mention I did all my exercises barefoot, rawrawraewr

                      I will admit that I wanted to just come home and watch TV today and be a slug and not move. my brother in law came around to do his weights and that gave me the edge I needed to go do mine as well. sometimes a mate makes all the difference! if only I could take my cats on jogging trips....


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                        Hey tachi ! Soo luurve bit of a Cadbury girl but also green n black is my chios of choice..yum....

                        Magnificent workout u did ..not surprised u r tired, am nowhere in your league sorry to say ! Max free weights for squats 14kg...I do sets of 10 ....but still feel it ...even so maybe I should try a bit harder but I'd have to grab the weights from the boys in the gym... Might be tricky ...o well ..
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                          this woman was my inspiration for beginning weight lifting .. most women think if you lift heavy weights you'll turn into some sort of amazon freak but that's not true at all, the only difference is to do 3 sets of 5 reps of really heavy weights instead of lots of reps of lower weights, so the exercise is over a lot faster. when I started, I could barely do a squat with my own body weight, then I could barely do one with just the olympic bar (20kg), then barely with 25kg... you get the idea it took 3 months to get to that stage and I really really recommend it! though I am also trying now to do a pull up lol...


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                            Wow, I am amazed you can lift me! I have got to start lifting. If I can get started, I think I will really like it.
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                              Awake too early, I am checking journals on MDA, and I picked yours "at random." I see other journalers I've been following as well. Cat people of course. I have three, Lord help me.

                              What got me into your journal was your beginning stats: 5'11" and 240 pounds. I am now 5'10" and 235. I've been working to get a grip on the Primal way of life for about a year and a half and have been seriously focusing on the food aspect for about two weeks now. For a variety of reasons, my primary concern has been incorporating Prirmal ideas about sleep into my life.

                              You've been inspired by others, and now you are giving me inspiration to keep focused. Thanks!



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                                Thanks Edith, that's very kind of you and glad you're stopping by! The more cat people the merrier! Really good to see other ladies around with the same build, it can be hard being taller cos (at least for me) I've found the weight gets startlingly high before you go from thinking 'chubby' to waking up one day and freaking out cos you can't see your feet (and then even longer before you take control and do something about it!). With being taller I was always able to 'hide' the flab a bit better and it would stretch out or distribute itself around my tum but as long as I sucked it in it was okay, though finding clothes long enough can be a pain lol...

                                I used to think as long as I looked down and (pardon me for being a bit crude ladies) have my feet be obscured only by boobs then it was fine. But when the gut came out past the boobs, well, oh dear hah. My loving, darling, sweet husband refers to the fat deposits on my back as my 'back bacon'. He is wonderful. And also, one of those infuriating skinny people who eats whatever he likes and never gains a pound, though he is doing weights with me and actively trying to gain weight (but not primally).

                                But he is incredibly supportive and also truthful, if my bum looks big in it he will say so and spend hours researching things that may help me on my lifestyle change. My parents from the states are coming out at the end of August and while they're staying at my house for a couple weeks they're going to try a primal diet with me. My dad is diabetic now and my mom's got a load of health problems too, and between them I hope I can show them the beauty of a primal way of life. I'm just stealing Siobhan and Arty's recipes for their visit haha.