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    Hello! I am 19 year old University student and obese. I have always struggled with my weight, however I was never 'obese' until two years ago. I used to be able to run 5km, now I can't run 500m! I ate an awful diet of bread, potatoes, wheat biscuits, pastries etc. When I moved out of home, it got worse. Pizzas, fried chicken etc. I knew it was bad for me and I tried to eat 'healthy' but it left me drained and hungry - thus I would turn to the easy way out of take-out again. I was ADDICTED to soft drink, sometimes it was all I would drink - no water!

    I am now eating primal/paleo. I began the process about a month ago, being totally paleo for about a week. Not so easy to get the best organic meats, coconut oils etc but I have cut out all grains/breads/pastas anything with flour. Eating nothing but meat and veg, I naturally don't like many fruits so I don't tend to eat many (except for coconut, I eat that). I am drinking a lot of water and also milk (full cream, try to buy the most unprocessed I can find and afford). Milk is better than drinking soft drink in my opinion, so I am not too worried about it.

    I am now full all the time and no longer snacking! I eat when I feel like it, and lately that hasn't been very much.

    10th July 2012

    B: n/a

    L: n/a

    D: Pork Loin Chops (beautiful caramelised pork fat - yum!), Steamed broccoli+Cauliflower+Carrot.

    Exercise: Walked my two dogs seperately. Approx 20 minute walk each. Total 40min.

    Note: I am not intentionally fasting. Didn't eat breakfast and lunch as my body simply didn't want to. I felt extremely full until about an hour before dinner.
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    11th July 2012

    B: Pork Loin Chop leftover from night before

    L: 4 Scrambled eggs

    D: 4 Chicken Drumsticks (skin on) cooked in fresh roma tomatoes and spices.

    S: Had cup of tea with a small drop of honey for my sore throat :/

    So much hungrier today than yesterday!
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      Having some frustration with hubby on eating primal. He can't seem to give up his fruit juices and other sugary drinks. Has however asked me to make him lunch now, so at least he'll be getting two primal meals a day. Buying kangaroo this week for a nice curry or perhaps roo meatballs

      I think I'm making small but noticeable progress. My stomach feels less bloated and I feel happier. My skins looking better and I have lost a little weight, I am yet to get some scales though!

      12th July 2012

      B: n/a

      L: Leftover chicken drumsticks with a few sauteed mushrooms and eggplant

      D: HUGE steak with homemade pepper sauce (cream, peppercorns, chilli flakes)
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        Wow been away a few days! Will try to catch up.

        So happy. Feeling so energised and bright. permament rash on arms fading, skin much better and softer.
        And I've lost 4kgs thats without doing any exercise as its been raining! Starting sprints this week with some strength exercises.

        15th July 2012

        B: n/a

        L: Bacon! Lots of bacon!

        D: Homemade hamburger without bun. (patty, pineapple, lettuce, onion, beetroot)
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          16th July

          B: Salmon fillet with asparagus and Carrots

          L: Pork loin chop with pepper sauce and half avacado

          D: Pork Loin chop with carrots, squash and avacado

          Workout: 20 sec sprints with 1-2 min recovery walk between x 6.
          20 Wall pushups
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            Great start.

            Take pictures of your journey.


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              Thanks! I'll update with some pics soon

              Wowee sprints have helped the weight come off. lost another kilo.

              17th july 2012

              B: salmon and asparagus

              L: slice cheese

              D: a super massive steak. it was a monster!

              Workout: sprints, wall pushups x 20, squats x 20 (bodyweight)
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                Feeling fantastic had so much energy today - got up early even though it was raining a little and went for a few sprints and a long walk. Working on filling up some 3 Litre milk bottles with water to lift - I have no upper body strength AT ALL. I really feel like my stomach is sort of 'tightening'. The rest still feels jiggly :3

                18th July 2012

                B: Chicken Breast

                L: Tea with a little honey

                D: Cooking 3 chicken breasts (to be shared with hubby!) with tomatoes, bit of cream and mushrooms. Will probably add some avacado, squash and carrot on the side

                Workout: Couple of sets of sprints for fun. 25 wall pushups (noooo upper body strength at alll).

                Craving salmon at the moment but I've run out
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                  19th July 2012

                  B: 2 scrambled eggs

                  L: n.a

                  D: HUGE STEAK and avacado

                  workout: Rest day, did a few wall pushups and slow walking.
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                    Rest day yesterday (20th). No workout, did a small walk. Body compisition has changed, wish I had a before picture which would demonstrate it. Thinking about starting leangains today (or at least trying it)

                    July 20th 2012

                    B: n/a

                    L: Bacon

                    D: Shredded chicken, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese

                    Workout: Casual walk.
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                      21st July 2012

                      B: N/A

                      Late Lunch: Chicken and a small bit of hubbys potato salad (oops)

                      D: Chicken salad, fetta, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onion, carrot
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                        Hi! Been a while but didn't forget about the site or primal living! Had a couple of bad food days when I went to visit my parents, but back on track now Feeling pretty good.

                        Currently cooking curried beef heart. My first time cooking and even eating offal. So far - I love it. Tastes like a strong steak. Probably didn't need the curry sauce either, but I thought I might if the heart was a bit too strong for me. Not the case! New favourite thing to cook, and only $2.50 for a whole heart. Yum! Only downfall was the prep (especially since I don't have a good sharp knife) - but my dog enjoyed the offcuts. Must con the hubby into eating it. This may be a challenge. He thought I was crazy when I bought it. He didn't think I'd eat it. Proved him wrong.

                        Hubby (really the boyf, but I call him that) gets the idea of paleo/primal, but doesn't seem to be able to fully grasp it. I can see the cogs turning in his head, but it never quite gets there. He believes he can drink all the sugary drinks and eat all the sugary fried crap as he wants and still lose weight because he has a physical job and plans to start exercing. SO HE HAS CHALLENGED ME TO SEE WHO CAN LOSE WEIGHT (OR INCHES) THE FASTEST! Oh dear...

                        Progress pic

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                          13th August 2012

                          B: Salmon, lemon and bacon wrapped asparagus.

                          L: Curried Beef heart (which was delicious)

                          D: Half a steak, one chicken thigh marinated in mixed spices.

                          Workout: 30 wall pushups, about 50 bodyweight squats (15 per set)

                          This was a BIG meal day. Knowing my body, won't eat as much tomorrow.
                          Lacking a bit in exercise motivation lately, but at least I'm getting some done. Once it gets a bit warmer I think this will improve.

                          Loving the fact that my intense stomach pains have disappeared again. Those few days I had eating crap really did me in.
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                            14th August 2012

                            B: Chicken thigh leftovers

                            L: n/a

                            D: Roast pork cooking in the oven with assorted vegetables. Can't wait.

                            Workout: Walked dog, 30 wall pushups, 50 bodyweight squats.
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                              You are going to kick your husbands butt (until he starts to eat primal too, then his testosterone will leave you in the dust, but don't tell him that)

                              You look great.


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