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  • Haven't logged meals so much here since its on fitness pal so getting lazy to do it twice, but since eating out disaster next day 13g carb 845 cals and had no appetite, just bloat and general bleugh feeling, Okish next day 83g carbs 1600 cals, then 32g carb n 1145 cal , freshs veg eggs, fish and some beef, also some black currants yummiest ! Blackberries and Greek yoghurt.....some cravings for carbs made low carb cheesecake oooo is that bad ? ! Ate 2 slices so didn't go mad but it does have palm sugar in that a good intention under my foot ? ...I hope not..will report back

    General feeling Olympics went so well and feeling a bit flat it's over....I loved the whacky closing ceremony too...want to visit the park to see all the amazing planting that's been done it just looks wonderful and will be a fabulous resource for a part of London that has been pretty sidelined in substantial community I am crossing all my fingers that it will pay off for E London

    Myself feeling pretty ok, mood and energy good, level.have weghed last week and was down 2 lbs ! So just keeping on am happy with how things are going

    was so lucky to get free ticket to box at Prom last night , great seats, some lovely music and some , well bit challenging ..but its good to stretch the boundaries and made Bartok sound amazing..... Cats furious and woke me at 5am with a bite ! How dare you go out and come home late ...

    we are about to holiday with my family in will I cope with dreaded spud...they do not grow a spud like it in England so it will be testing might allow myself 1/2 a spud..but otherwise hope i mostly stick to the homegrown veggies and fresh meat n fish so should b ok...will be lovely to spend time with my Ma who is 86 and about to have a go at starting potty training my bro's son who she partially babysits .... she just thrives on being involved in whats goin on in the family, an amazing matriarch and loves having a 2.5 yr old around some of the time ! She is pretty amazing !
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