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    QUOTE=tachikomoo;918779]YOU GO ARTY!! I'm going to read the PB fitness book right now!! crazy cat ladies on a primal rampage arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr[/QUOTE]

    check this out - crazy cat lady.jpg[

    aaaaaaa! obviously what some poor soul thinks we will become if active .. ...ha ha ha

    no Tachi I SWEAR I do not look anything like that...... and I only have 2 cats now ....

    seriously though you can buy these things !!

    v v funny
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      certainly is a bit small and looks like maybe I am not meant to post something like that since I also ended up with an ad for primal fuel ...ooops was not meant to be an ad
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        Yoga today was good 90mins flew by and really think I can notice some difference in my shape, tum definitely much smaller and felt my yoga practice is so beneficial ...feel lovely afterwards

        Yesterday food
        IF fast 16 hrs
        Coconut water
        L chicken salad , ate only quarter
        D venison steak, red cabbage, half swt pot, strawbs cream chocolate sauce...euuuu yomyom !
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          B poached egg 2 slc bacon
          L chicken salad
          D steak spring greens small corn on cob strawbs

          Got some corn in our organic veg box, I am hoping it's sensible to think that v occasional indulgence in legumes will not throw me off wildly, didn't notice any appreciable digestive reaction soo far we shall see
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            So as far as I can tell have had no reaction to the corn..but didnt weigh self, tum not bloated yet...we get an organic veg and fruit box delivery but as we get the seasons box it's what's available at the time, soooo it also contains peas this time ..hmmmm, lovely getting this box which arrives on the doorstep full of goodies, praps at the moment bit less than usual, torrential rainy April, may, June, n july have hit crops and farm has had v bad time. Hard to believe we had a hosepipe ban in may and June...

            DH is fixing up his boat which is now out of the water and trying to engage me in coversations about outdoor sockets , sanding materials, marine plywood "screw fix are selling a socket for 9.95 that i just saw in b&q for 19.95."......why does he have to do this ! I know nothing of these things, I am a crazy kat lady in a dressing gown and Birkenstocks , I have blonde hair (dyed ) i like to wear high heels to parties and own several pairs of shoes that I cannot walk in ! I am not going to paint anti fouling on his blooming boat...end of ! Also he has eaten a burger in a BUN and last night ate 2 pieces of bread at the tapas bar .... , we went to see in search of sugar man , wonderful docufilm...we really enjoyed

            Otherwise the cats have got fleas's a seasonal thing every summer , I am in an agony as I just hate putting this toxic insecticide on them but it's the only thing that does work, cats are itching and scratching, sometimes they even jump and run out of the room like they are burnt by an ivisible hotmpoker....horrible so of course I have relented and bought this terrible muck in the scary blue pipette thingy. I have tried flea combs and other dubious concotions that are available including one that involves powdering the puddy which is completely insane...they both wriggle and struggle while I try to get this nasty evil flea killing fluid in that spot behind their head where they cannot lick ...then I follow them round trying to make sure they really cannot get at that spot to ! O god ...I hate this...then the fieas knowing their end is nigh seem to go into a feeding frenzy , cats scratch like crazy for couple of hours ! anyhow all is well they are both alive this morning, eating, yowling, (they hate each other btw) this flea drama happens every year ! I will only use this stuff in extremis..

            Soo food
            B 97% pork saus poached egg
            L was not hungry
            D tapas anchovies, prawns, meat balls, aubergine, Serrano ham, olives, bit too much RW ....but did not eat any bread, actually was not tempted ..might have been different if I had !

            I bought a coconut DH is goin to open for breakfast he tells me that he thinks water will be bitter which is disappointing, but I believe him he is a W Indian with experience in exotic produce .....well exotic to an irish woman , coconuts do not feature highly in Irish cuisine
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              B coconut meat also water was good ! Coddled egg with chorizo n tomato
              L pear cheese almonds
              D roast leg lamb red Austrian red cabbage, carrots, coconut baked custards, kiwi fruit, strawberries

              Bit lazy this w/e didn't feel like doing much so not a lot of exercise but I enjoyed it !
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                B 2 eggs scrambled
                L moussaka cabbage broccoli
                D grilled chicken breast, Austrian red cabbage, carrots in butter
                S 2sq 85% choc

                Today did another sprint workout as schedule makes it difficult to get to gym. This time on rowing machine, no way that I could manage same intervals as on elliptical, did 30 mins 1min recovery 30 sec sprint, actually did improve during the workout so last 5 mins went for 1 min sprt v 1.5 recovery...was really surprised that I felt better about half way thru, so just to remind self to,try bit harder next time. The usual glowing sweaty result but pleased did get there as had bit of a struggle with self , slept like log .
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                  B Greek yoghurt, 1 pear, 1 kiwi fruit
                  L moussaka salad with toms, cuc, lettuce, parmesan, spring onion
                  D lamb curry , curried cabbage
                  2 RW 2sq g&b

                  Searched high n low for organic chicken livers but can only find at riverford organic so maybe will wait until next veg box and order meat box too as all their meat is organic and fits PB , we are spending fortune at butcher so may even work out cheaper, I do love the butcher though since its a proper shop with real butchers who know how to prepare meat , we had a duck from them couple of weeks ago much more xpensive than supermarket but boy ! Could you tell the difference I taste texture, smell pretty much all the senses...also saved lots of duck fat which I am using for cooking etc

                  As to liver I bought pigs liver and pork belly so will be happily making pâté which is one of my favourite foods , so great that I can enjoy it guilt free ! Thats a novelty I used to only have it for treats

                  ...sometimes I do worry a bit am I really doing the right thing since i am bit brainwashed about saturated fat pretty sure I would struggle to eat this way without a forum which is so full of info , and DH is up for it too which helps besides my major benefit soo far which is most noticable to me since PB is the retreat of el bloater the belly who is a shadow of her former self , although I would say still has way to go...but a waist is emerging ...shhhhh maybe !

                  Did my LHT today after 17hrs IF and Tachi I did all dead lifts, squats, lunges with 35lbs total dumbbells ! 3 sets of each 8 reps plus 24 overhead press with 20lbs and some waist exercise with medicine ball....See how you are keeping me going ...thank you !!!! And oOk it's probably small beer for proper lifters but I am pleased with self, my knee did not complain /maybe just a tad with lunges on that side but I hope it's going to strengthen that area. Last time wS too nervous to try lunges with heavier weights. So 35min workout completed and was completely STARVING when I got home, plus legs felt pretty tired..also used the chin up machine and the guys in the gym are beginning to be bit more friendly and helpful ! Did 3sets of dips n chin ups at about half body weight started at 8 reps and finished on 6 ..that is pretty hard and don't imagine I could do eve 1 for real ..ha ! But I do want to ..
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                    AWESOME !! hey well done, that is fantastic )) i am especially jealous of the dips and chin ups, gonna try those when I get home now if I can find somewhere to hang from lol, but seriously that's well awesome especially the heavier weights, its mostly a mental barrier imo

                    I've also noticed a huge improvement on bloating since going primal so must be doing something right, also great great job on the IF, 17 hours too!


                    • Thanks Tachi ! Thighs n bum are telling me it's totally not a mental thing today ...hehehe...but agree its often the case can do more than you think ...

                      L lamb curry left overs, kiwi fruit, cheese
                      D grilled chicken massive salad with homemade mayo
                      G n b choc last piece !
                      White wine ...ehem !

                      Is a lovely summer day today we have had so few like this DH getting ready for big sailing race at weekend much pouring over gps and muttering about marks..arent those things you should clean up ? ...duh ...

                      well I can't pretend to be too interested or next thing I know I'll be rail meat throwing myself across the coach roof of some slippery yacht for 6 hours...o yep I got the bruises, medals t shirt and even chipped toof to prove it...I am a total fair weather sailor growing up sailing off the west coast of Ireland you'd think I would be more up for it but somehow while i got some salt in the blood its sunny salt ! Maybe too much time spent in soggy damp clothes in soggy damp weather before they invented gortex, I do love the water but cruising preferably somewhere sunny not racing is my good if weather stays nice for weekend though
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                      • I feel the same way about sailing. Growing up as I did on Long Island Sound. I'm great ballast and I can coffee grind with the best, but it better be sunny with a stiff breeze and a full beer cooler or I'm happy enough staying on Terra Firma.
                        Height: 5' 10"
                        Highest Weight: 292
                        Recent Starting Weight 287
                        Current weight: 244.0
                        Goal weight: 195
                        Body Fat 32.5%


                        • Hey David ! Another sailor of discernment ....hussarr ! Actually love cooking on board too aren't u always starving everything tastes fabulous but these racing freaks won't have even a cooler on board...seriously they are suffering from a in cure able condition haha ...yay pass me a coffee
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                          • Ok so Thursday went for japanese ...yum yum and ate too much , greedy girl ! mostly good choices I thought dunno maybe not ? we had mixed sashimi 15 pieces to,share, 1 beef Teriaki skewer each, 1chicken yakatori skewer each, I Mackerel fillet , I large portion Japanese fried veg, 2 RW ....I was stuffed and subsequently could not eat much next day....looking at it now and cal wise is not that high ..doesn't seem huge amount but maybe protein overdose ...or the teriaki marinades are full of junky stuff, is that what u mean Tachi ? Would like to know more as even 2 days after still have bloat and appetite not returned...mayb a good thing haha but weird.....
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                            • I find that I react to the wheat used in the teriyaki sauce, that and the MSG most Asian restaurants use. Its the same with most soy sauces, most are made using wheat and autolyzed yeast extract (a form of msg) and my tummy hurts so much afterwards. I was lucky enough to find wheat-free and msg-free teriyaki and tamari sauces to use at home.
                              I'm a 39 y/o mother of 3 sons ages 12, 14, and 15
                              HT: 5'7"
                              SW: 223 June 2012
                              CW: 191.4 April 21 2013
                              TWL2D: 32 lbs

                              Primal Goals: to feel healthier, fitter, and sexier than ever before

                              Favourite primal resources: The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, The Food Lovers Kitchen, Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary and of course Mark's Daily Apple!


                              • Originally posted by primal me View Post
                                I find that I react to the wheat used in the teriyaki sauce, that and the MSG most Asian restaurants use. Its the same with most soy sauces, most are made using wheat and autolyzed yeast extract (a form of msg) and my tummy hurts so much afterwards. I was lucky enough to find wheat-free and msg-free teriyaki and tamari sauces to use at home.
                                Hi primal me and thanks for that maybe it explains what was going on ! I do have tamari at home which is naturally brewed and wheat free it never crossed my mind that this wasn't just normal tamari and that restaurant might use non trad ingredients....argh ! Something definitely got me was 2 days before my tum recovered.....
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