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  • Round 2..

    So last July was about the time I came across the primal lifestyle (I don't like to call it a "diet" because I don't feel that it is). In 6 months I lost 26kgs (roughly about 65lbs) which is fantastic, however, it is still off my goal. I gave up due to a lot of reasons (main one was probably that I got my heart broken). But! That was 5 months ago and I have got over it and realised I need to get back on the band wagon and lose the excess weight!! There's 15kg (37.5lbs) left and it is really important to me that this goes.

    My reasons for losing weight are: I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension.. losing weight could possibly "cure" it. POSSIBLY! Also, even though I am an older Aussie (26) I would like to fulfil my dream of being in the defence force which I can still do if I become fit enough. As well I love the overall feel that the primal lifestyle gives.. if anyone else reads this that suffers with IIH they will know that it is a depressive illness and the primal lifestyle makes you feel so much better.

    So my weaknesses are chocolates and... well chocolates lol... I've been eating a lot of bread lately too but I know I can give that up easy. It's giving up the chocolates that worries me I know I have done it before... but they just look at you on the shelf and you have to have them. I guess it's back to avoiding this aisle.

    Another down point is MOTIVATION!! It is winter here and absolutely FREEZING!! I have never felt a winter like it. By the time I get home from work all I want to do is sit in front of the heater with my laptop or a book. Lazy!!

    I'm back into eating primal as of today. Although not all my meals are strictly primal.

    B - Omelette
    L - Chicken with Salad - Lettuce, Cucumber, Bacon and Cheese - Perhaps add in avocado tomorrow
    D - Steak with bacon, onion and gravy and Steamed Vegetables (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli)

    Water - Only 1.5L - Will increase with time

    Exercise - None - Lacking motivation badly

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      Hey crazedaussie,
      Great results you've achieved! I've also started - well I will official begin on Thursday when I'm back at home. So if you need any motivation, let me know as I'm also in Australia. Look forward to hearing more about your results.


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        Heya showupeveryday! Thanks I will never knock back any words of encouragement and likewise if you need any Best of luck starting on Thursday. I hope it all goes well for you.


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          New day has began and looking forward to it!!! Really cannot wait for the warmer weather but I'm thinking of cornering my ex fiancÚ and telling him he has to come walking with me tonight.

          Today will be an easy day. I work with my grandparents and my grandma looks after my baby cousins three days a week so the first three days of the week we stay in the office. The last two we usually go out and this means buying lunch (often something quick). Dreading the last two days.


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            So today was alright. Although I did give into my grandma's evil temptations and had an ice cream. Apart from that I'm doing good.

            For breakfast I had some fruit which I don't normally eat and I know we shouldn't really eat but I figure it's better eating this type of sugar at the moment than chocolate bars!!

            Lunch was the same as yesterday but as I said I added avocado and boy did I realise how much I have missed it!!!! Then came attack of the ice cream.. ARGH!!! But I don't feel guilty about it... Pick myself up and move on.

            For dinner.. which I'm currently in the middle of cooking.. I'm having pork chops (yummy!!) with steamed vegetables (same as yesterday and an omelette with bacon (I know a lot of pig) and green onion. - It seems like a lot but I've decided if I can't eat it I will take it tomorrow and add it with the rest of the chicken breast and avocado I have at work

            Water intake - Going on 2L - Getting better


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              Last night I was so restless sitting at my laptop that I made my mum come for a walk with me in the freezing cold at 7:30pm. 2 days and I'm already starting to motivate myself because I have the energy to!!

              When I started this last year I use to joke around with the girls I worked with at that time because I was so OBSESSED with this way of life and I would talk about it a lot. When you lose so much weight off something and can keep it off for such a long period of time (7 months now) IT WORKS! My boss was doing this silly fad diet and she would tell me what she'd be having for lunch and ask me if I wanted any... It would consist highly of grains, processed meats etc. I would say to her "you can't eat that!!" but she'd only laugh at me. This is probably why I've lost 26-27kg and she'd lost just under 10.

              Anyway, Day 3 is underway There were no more slip ups yesterday.. I did WANT chocolate last night.. but it was the simple fact that it was there. To stop thinking about it I got my mind going with a good book

              Excited for the weekend to be coming around!!! I think some long long long walks are going to be involved. Maybe some running (if my knee allows it)


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                I have somewhat of a question (that may never be answered, who knows really). My mum has been told she has high cholesterol. She's relatively fit, only small in weight (around 60kg) but she eats A LOT of crappy foods. I have told her that she should eat what I am eating. The reason that she won't is because of the fat in the meat and the amount of bacon I'm consuming. Also, she refuses to give up her daily intake of bread... which she will eat for breakfast and lunch (sometimes for an extra snack if she gets hungry) and she is a sound drinker of coca-cola!! My question is how do I get her to see what she's actually putting into her body now is worse for her health than what I am putting into mine? She complains a lot that she's bloated, tired etc and I tell her that it's because of what she eats... but she just won't listen to that... I need something more convincing.


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                  I would focus on the wheat there. If she changes her mind on that, everything else will follow.

                  Maybe get her Wheat Belly?
                  Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

                  Griff's cholesterol primer
                  5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
                  Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
                  TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
                  bloodorchid is always right


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                    Hi magicmerl, thanks for your reply. I actually just had a chat with her about 5 minutes ago and she was going on about how much weight she's put on lately. I said she needs to stop eating so much bread! She's like "No, it's just because I'm not active".. perhaps it's a lost cause for now.


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                      Day 4 has began - Friday the 13th!! So this morning I'm already feeling kinda low. I have a mad headache which could either be from the change in eating or from the IIH or both. Also my stomach is unsettled so I don't know what the go is with that. I can't remember exactly how my body reacted the first time.

                      Yesterday was a good day - No slip ups - Although by the time I got home and did all my run arounds after work - I was too drained to exercise which was a bit of a worry because throughout the day I was looking forward to it...


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                        So my brother and I just went for a run!! As I suspected my knee is acting up (work related injury, meant to get surgery on it) but I'm going to pushing it a little more and see if it helps any.

                        I've printed off some inspirational quotes and stuck them on my wall so I can read them as I get ready for work in the morning. I figured this would be a good idea to get me more motivated in life itself.

                        Today has been a relative good day.. I haven't really been hungry but I still feel crappy. I have a killer headache (running didn't help) but my stomach has somewhat settled. I gave in and weighed myself today.. even though I told myself I wouldn't until next Tuesday which is why I won't say the results but I have realised I haven't said my start weight.. I started at 69.1kg (roughly about 176lbs).. My goal weight still stands at 50kg (about 125lbs).. This will keep my doctors happy and if it means I don't have to take medication for the rest of my life and/or suffer with a constant headache for the rest of my life I will be happy too.

                        Lamb cutlets for dinner tonight!! Can hardly wait!!


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                          Day 6 today and feeling heaps better. At the moment I have been skipping breakfast because I really don't know what to eat. I am not big on fruit or eggs. I have just purchased some Whey protein as I was told last time that this was good to have instead of breakfast so waiting on that to arrive.

                          Yesterday was a fairly good day - Had roast chicken shredded with bacon and veggies for lunch and then the lamb cutlets I didn't have the night before (because I ended up having the chicken instead) for dinner with half an omelette (my brother ate the other half) with bacon and shallots in it and veggies on the side.. found that I was hungry awhile later so I had a banana and a bottle of water and was good for the rest of the night.

                          Today I have only just realised how hungry I am (probably because I have stopped to think about it) and it's 12pm. So, time for lunch. Don't know what that will be yet. Going to raid the freezer and fridge and find out!!

                          No exercise yesterday but I think it calls for two sets today!! Although I have been running around doing housework and stuff.. does that count as exercise? Those washing baskets can get awfully heavy!!


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                            Yes appleeatdaily.. he is joining me on this venture!


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                              First week is down and onto the second!! So I figure that I have my big goals and they are fairly important but I also have a small event coming up in two and a half weeks, my friends 25th birthday!! She's having a Madd Hatter themed party. So I'm hoping that I can de-bloat (?) myself enough to look half decent in a dress (sad thought ).

                              Also, I have noticed for the last couple of days my tattoo on my lower leg has been extremely itchy. I googled what it could be caused by and they reckon it could be from changing what you're eating or the weather. Considering it has been FREEZING here for the last couple of months.. I don't think it is that. Has anyone else had any problems like this? It's quite irritating.

                              Today I found enough energy to do 30 minutes brisk walking on the treadmill at the steepest incline it has. Followed by a workout on 'You Are Your Own Gym' and then a 10 minute cool down on the treadmill. Time to get serious!! I figure if I do the treadmill at a brisk walk.. just before I have to start jogging on it.. by next week I can start jogging (if my knee allows it which it will.. ).

                              Food wise I'm doing fairly well.. Hoping to do some serious shopping this week! My first investment will be some olive oil which I seem to always forget.