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    So I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 67.6kg. Not a bad effort! Although I have noticed that certain areas are starting to tighten up... I love this!! I'm feeling a whole lot better too. I forgot to take my medication this morning and usually I just feel drained and have a rotten headache without it. This morning although I have a slight headache (worse than usual) it's not really bothering me and I still have energy. Perhaps maybe (HOPEFULLY!) this might just work! I don't even feel like I did a work out last night so I think I may need to get my Wii back out... it helped so much last time. Plus I really should start working on push ups and sit ups.. hmm.. these all seemed so easy in high school


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      Since I forgot to take my medication Wednesday morning yesterday wasn't too easy to get through. It's almost like a punishment for starting to take it again. I still managed to stick to everything though and even did my exercises last night which at the start I really couldn't be bothered doing and was trying to talk myself out of. It'd be nice to just have a "normal" life again. Medication and headache free.


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        I thought I would add some "progress" photos. I can't get a full body shot at the moment because I'm on my own and I don't really like taking photos in the bathroom mirror (I think I read too many Facebook memes) but these are what I consider my main problem areas. Stomach and back. Not so much my bum because that pretty much went last time.. it's more my lower back region that needs to go It seems to be going already, which is good! Also the upper back needs to be toned. Not so worried about my legs and arms because they just go with the flow. My stomach on the hand.. Why is it always so hard to lose weight there?!?!
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          Kinda slacked off a bit writing in here but yeah.. anyway.

          I told myself that I wouldn't weigh myself anymore, I can't remember if I wrote it in here or not, yesterday I did and I'm at 66.6kg which I thought was kinda funny but anyway.. I am getting there... this is roughly 166.5lbs. My goal at the moment is to lose the other 1.4kg to get down to 65kg before I have to see my doctors at the hospital as they challenged me to lose 5kg before I saw them next.. which wasn't meant to be until next year but as I said before I have slacked of writing and there was a reason

          I've convinced my mum to go primal (minus her love of milk and toast for breakfast *sigh* a compromise FOR NOW)


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            So I set myself a minor goal - To get down to 65kg before I go back to the hospital. My hospital appointment is Monday.. Today is Friday and I'm at 64.7kg I haven't been this weight since I was about 17/18. Still having trouble exercising at the moment but I am doing what I can even if it's just 5 minutes here and there. My grandad actually commented on how much weight I've lost today and for someone like him to notice it makes me feel quite good about myself... then he offers me pizza FOR BREAKFAST lol.. no idea!