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    Day 10 (from the fuuUuuuUuture!)

    The Rundown

    So, I didn't post yesterday, because yesterday kind of sucked towards the end. It started off fine, as I noticed a shirt fitting a bit better, and I went the day without a headache or hunger. So, everything seemed to be going fine.

    Then I got to my workout. At first, it was great. I can already feel the gains I'm making, which I honestly wasn't expecting. With a 3-second rest every 25 wall pushups, I hit 90 on my first set, and 50 on the second. Probably could have pushed it a bit higher on the second set, but decided not to. I think I'll definitely be upping myself to the next tier on that one.

    Unfortunately, after that, things started to fall apart. I tried to shift to the 1-leg Assisted Pull Ups, only to find that the stool I was using doesn't really clip the laminate floor where I need to do them. So.. the stool decided it wanted to slip. Then, I just switched back to the 2-leg, but found my knee starting to hurt a little towards the end. I moved on to the squats, only to have both my knees start to hurt, at which point, after my planks and second round of push ups, I decided to call the workout early.

    I figure it was a mixture of the walk I took, plus the shovelglove, in which I've been going a bit lower, and it does involve a bit of twisting at the knees. I just didn't want to push it.

    But even that wasn't too bad, as it wasn't like I just decided not to do the workout. Dinner, however, was the real mess.

    Multi-vitamins used to have the effect of making me a bit nauseous. These new ones I've been trying, haven't. They're split so you take 3 a day. Well, night before last, I had taken one near the beginning of my steak, and a second after it. And I was fine. Last night, however, I took both at the same time, a few bites in, and within about 2 more bites, I was feeling sick to my stomach.

    So, no steak for me!

    Ended up, about 4 hours later, downing a vanilla whey protein powder + water mixture, because it was a workout day and I didn't really want to go through the night nearly fasted. Wasn't tasty, and had some stuff in it I would have rather avoided, but, you do what you need to.

    Today has started out better, and hopefully that keeps up.

    The Workout

    Shovelglove: 14 minutes

    Wall Push Ups: 90/50
    2-Leg Chair-Assisted Pull ups: 30
    Pole-Assisted Squats: 20
    Forearm/Knee Plank: 45sec
    Forearm/Knee Side Plank: (Left) 45sec (Right) 45sec

    The Food

    A few bites of sirloin with bleu cheese, vanilla whey protein shake.
    Double Vitamin, Double FishOil, Coconut Oil.

    SW: 324.6 ----- CW: 310
    Primal Journal


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      Day 11

      The Rundown

      So, today was a bit better than yesterday. The highlight definitely was dinner, which I made the Primal Texas Chili. The chili from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook was a major disappointment, but this was just absolutely delicious. Will definitely be making it a regular in the rotation. Not bad for about $20 worth of ingredients. (well, $20 since I currently can't afford grass fed steak).

      Unfortunately, my knees were still a little tender when I tried to do one of my daily pull ups, so I decided not to do anything today, to give them whatever time they needed to recover from whatever caused the pain. Definitely can't afford my knees to get jacked up for any long period, because nearly all of my exercises hit my knees.

      One of the worst parts of being a fat guy.

      But, if I'm only out of commission for a day or two, its not that big of a deal. Maybe a small hit to my weight loss this week, but since this is for the long haul, what does a few extra days matter?

      Speaking of weight loss, due to my whacked out eating yesterday, I decided to weigh myself. Apparently I was suddenly at 309.8 or something. Crazi-ness. If that wasn't just some oddity of the extended fast, and that number holds (might weigh myself tomorrow just to see :P), then I might be on track to lose 30 pounds this month. Which would be craziness.

      Still, if that doesn't happen, I'm not going to beat myself up or anything. Would be awesome, but I'm not going to blow my knees out or starve myself to make it happen.

      Today definitely didn't fit into IF or anything like that. Had lunch around 12, and ate dinner around 8. Might shift back into 19/5 tomorrow, but we'll see when I'm hungry. Definitely didn't eat a "huge" dinner, so will just have to wait and see. I might monitor my weight for a couple days to see how the eating whenever compares to the IFing. Either way, I can't see myself eating more than two meals a day.

      Other than that, just had a bit of a neck/head ache today. Think it was from how I watched The Dark Knight with my wife this afternoon. But, on the bright side, The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow! Woot.

      The Workout


      The Food

      Double Baconator from Wendy's, without the ketchup/mayo/bun.
      Vitamin/Fish Oil/Coconut Oil

      Primal Texas Chili
      Vitamin/Fish Oil/Coconut Oil

      SW: 324.6 ----- CW: 310
      Primal Journal


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        Week 2 in Review

        So, this past week was really weird. At one point, the scale said I was down to 309. Then it was up to 311. Then 312. Then 313. Then 314. Then 312. Then 314.

        I know that it isn't actual weight gain, but it was really frustrating. In the end, last night, at my SIL's birthday party, I just said screw it, because despite a 24-hour fast, my weight went up two pounds during the day. I ended up having two burgers and a slice of cake, because hell, at 315, it was pretty much like last week didn't exist anyway, right?

        Was stupid, I know. Luckily I didn't feel sick or anything, and worst thing about this morning is just some gas.

        Weigh-in this morning was 312.4. So, in total I'm down 12 pounds in two weeks. That should be great. But I've never lost so little on the second week, and the yo-yoing was just obnoxious, and its not like I lost any inches in my waist either.

        All I can think is that the one meal a day thing seriously doesn't work for me. Guess I'll go back to my 5-hour eating window, since that at least seemed to produce some sort of results.
        SW: 324.6 ----- CW: 310
        Primal Journal


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          Hey Inksplat,

          Just read through your journal. Keep up the good work! I had a hard time losing when I started playing around with different fasts. It drove me crazy! Right now I am back to the basic eating clean principle. Look forward to following your progress.

          PS I'm In MD as well : )
          My Story As It Unfolds


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            Hang in there - bodies are complicated, and progress is almost never perfectly linear.

            If you wanna come on over to my place tonight, I'll chat with you until you feel better.

            I did something weak last night, too - instead of my go-to dark chocolate, I ate an entire small Toblerone bar, of the milk chocolate kind. Was really nibbly, even though we had a really beefy dinner and all. Humph. Must've been sunspots - Fourth's speech therapist was complaining that all her kids last week were wiggy, and she blames it on solar flares...
            I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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              Alright, so, after a few days of frustration, and one more day of bad eating, I've decided to start a Whole30.

              3 meals a day and dropping dairy in addition to everything else I've cut out, and no more weighing for the rest of the month.

              I don't know what in the hell went wrong, but as of this morning I weighed 314.6. Which just makes no sense. I mean, day before yesterday (yesterday being a day of pizza), I was 312.8, but still. For almost a week, my weight just bounced up and down, which really doesn't seem possible, and isn't like anything I've ever experienced before when dieting. I never plateau in week two or three!

              Only thing I can figure is that the fasting just seriously was not working for me, and despite eating sub-2000 calories a day, my body was just laughing at me and storing it all away. Even though I somehow wasn't low on energy or anything.

              I don't know. I'm seriously confused.

              Anyway, the plan is to just go ahead and jump into the Whole30 and see what happens. 3 meals a day, no dairy, no weighing.

              And, try and teach myself to like vegetables. That's probably going to be the hardest part, ha.
              SW: 324.6 ----- CW: 310
              Primal Journal


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                Originally posted by Inksplat View Post
                the plan is to just go ahead and jump into the Whole30 and see what happens. 3 meals a day, no dairy, no weighing.

                And, try and teach myself to like vegetables. That's probably going to be the hardest part, ha.
                Sounds like a great plan at this stage, especially the no weighing. Maybe give IF a go after the Whole30, once you're body is ready again.
                My Primal Journal - Food, pics, the occasional rant, so...the usual.

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                  So, yesterday, Day 1 went pretty well.

                  3-egg Scramble + Mushrooms, Asparagus + few slices of avocado on the side for breakfast.
                  Big spring mix salad + chicken and avocado, topped with a delicious Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette that I made for lunch.
                  Sirloin Steak + half a sweet potato with a tiiiiny bit of roasted cauliflower on the side (it wasn't ready in time for dinner, and I was stuffed by the time I was done).

                  I did weigh myself this morning, which was I mistake, ha. I really just sort of wanted an actual starting point, since the two days prior had been bad. Unfortunately I went up another 2 pounds to 317. Buuut I'm not going to let myself freak out. I'm eating healthy, and once my body gets used to the 3 meals a day again, hopefully it'll all get better.

                  Was checking out Nerd Fitness last night too. I wish the books weren't so expensive, because there are some pretty amazing success stories over there. But, not up for spending $80 on books when I can just spend some time doing research.
                  SW: 324.6 ----- CW: 310
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                    Hey Inksplat!

                    Nuthin' nuthin' here, just wanted to say hello! I just pulled in a notch on my belt, and you probably are doing well Primally as well. Hope all is good!
                    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC