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    Today is the day. I'm quitting.

    Goodbye, sugar! Goodbye, gluten!

    I'm fat, 41, and ready to choose something different for my life.

    I've thought a LOT about how to approach losing 110 pounds I've piled on since my son was born eight years ago. Ahem, I don't think I can call it baby fat now that the baby is about to start the THIRD GRADE! And I've decided that I have to approach this with the same gravity and focus that I used to quit smoking cigarettes. So, I'm quitting my two major food addictions- cold turkey.

    I am strong like bull. I can do this.
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    Good on ya! Will is everything. ¡buena viaje!



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      I survived an entire day in the real world without sugar and grains!! Huzzah.

      I better go to bed while I'm still ahead.


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        Nom nom nom.

        Breakfast - Coffee with dollop of heavy cream (not hungry)

        Lunch - Grilled chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted celery, roasted carrots. (Eaten at my desk at work between meetings - home cooked leftovers from last night) Topped with a drizzle of Annie's Goddess Dressing

        SO YUMMY