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The Auntie Thesis (Like The China Study, Only Better?)

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  • The Auntie Thesis (Like The China Study, Only Better?)

    If life is love, then hatred is death. If hatred is death, then self-hatred is suicide. I'm done hating myself.

    That's my motto. The new me....*cue angels singing*

    Now onward to the juicy parts!

    Since this is the first page of my Primal Journal, I thought I should just go ahead and post a link to the long autobiographical story I've just posted to my blog. (Here is a link to the blog entry for pictures. Feel free to poke around while you're there and perhaps subscribe to us )

    As a head's up, I'm just going to straight up tell everyone that I am a Christian (not the rabid fundie type or the judgmental "God says" type either). My story is colored with references to my faith and since my faith is the primary catalyst of this journey, it's only fitting.

    Now to the numbers!

    I started this journey at 303 lbs on May 2, 2012. I'm currently at 274 lbs. For a total loss of 29 lbs. Woot.

    Since I don't have insurance, you're not going to get those geekalicious figures detailing my blood chemistry and lipid profile. I know, I know, many sigh in disappointment.

    Now those who clicked the link and read my snazzy autobiography will know that I'm going to attempt a 60 day juice fast starting next week. I'm thinking of starting July 10, but I may start later in the week depending on how fast I can clean and prep the massive load of produce that mi padre is supposed to be bringing back from his sojourn to Arkansas this weekend.

    I know what many of you are thinking.....A JUICE FAST? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING??? NOT PRIMAL!!!

    And if that is you, I say "Hey, it's self-experimentation at its finest. If it works, great. If not, well, live and learn." I want it to work very badly, but I also know that my body is very broken at the moment. I'm viewing this juice fast as a long-term fast, not a hippie dippie raw foodist conversion experience. After 5 years of vegetarianism, I really enjoy eating meat. I don't see that changing just because I forsake food for 60 days.

    Wish me luck and pray if you are so inclined. You can follow my journey here in my journal, here on my blog or on twitter (@AshleyDLG).

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    congrats on the weight loss, especially with pcos (i have it too) my mom gave me a magazine tear out about juice feasting and now i see your journal

    must be a sign
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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      I'm just going to post my pre-fasting food routines and meals here, mostly for my own references. Not a shining example of a Primal-ite, I know. Normally, I'd be heavier on protein and fat and not eating as many carbs or as much fruit. But I am trying to transition my body and get it ready for the fast....which is starting tomorrow.

      Pre-Fast Day 1:

      Woke up. 3 hours later, I drank 2 coffee cups of warm coconut milk (So Delicious brand, unsweetened)
      Had some peanut butter (glass jar kind), probably about 2-3 tablespoons. Since it was a treat day (once a week, I have a day where I allow myself some treats, sometimes Primal, sometimes not) I had 2 graham crackers with the peanut butter.

      Drank two 32 oz bottles of water.

      Dinner (had a late dinner due to waiting for my sister to get off work):
      2 pieces of Tilapia fried in coconut oil, coated in Sriracha, garlic, and ginger
      2 small helpings of fried rice with scrambled eggs, carrots, peas, and onion
      an entire bag of steam-in-bag broccoli/cauliflower mix
      a small helping of leftover Asian blend veggies that I found in the back of my freezer

      Overall water intake:
      4 32 oz bottles, 1 16 oz bottle while working in garden

      Pre-fast Day 2:

      1 coffee cup warm coconut milk
      small bowl of peanut butter and sunflower seeds

      2 32 oz bottles of water

      24 oz of Fridge Drawer Cleanout Juice (1 bunch kale, 1 very soft peach, 1 plum, 1 tired granny smith apple, 1/2 bag of forgotten carrot chips) NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

      2 ginormous helpings of emergency protein (ground turkey, tons of spices, 1/2 can of organic tomato sauce + 1 tbsp honey + pinch of cinnamon for flavor)

      several chunks of watermelon

      Overall water intake:
      4 32 oz bottles, 3 16 oz bottles

      Day 3:

      4 eggs, scrambled with loads of Mrs. Dash and butter
      6 links of whatever sausage my sister left in the fridge (cheap ass microwave sausage)

      32 oz water
      a few wedges of cantaloupe

      24 oz watermelon juice

      Chicken Fajita Salad w/ extra guacamole

      Midnight Oh Shit Tomorrow Is Fast Day!!! Snack:
      2 small pieces of my sister's pizza.
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        So I started my fast today.

        I started the morning by drinking a 32oz bottle of water.

        Then I drank about 20 oz of cantaloupe juice before heading to the farmer's market, where I bought $14 worth of nice heirloom tomatoes (some organic, some not). I came across some striped green tomatoes that I haven't tried before so I bought a few of those as well.

        When I got home from the market, I spent about 30 min working out in the garden. I have been waiting for the remainder of my tomato plants to bloom so I could move them to the front yard where the bees and yellowjackets and other bugs live. My Cherokee Purple has several nice blooms on it, as does my second Brandywine plant and the Isis Candy plant. My Black Cherry plants are lethargic and one is pretty much dead. Thank you, heat wave....for killing my plants. NOT.

        Hopefully, they will all take off within the next few weeks and I can have a nice harvest of fresh tomatoes towards the end of my juice fast. Or maybe I can transition off the fast by eating my harvest. We will see.

        I came inside and juiced up a storm. Juiced most of my market haul, along with a beet, some carrots, and other stuff. Made some V13 (kind of like V8, only better). Made about 64 oz. Currently drinking a 32oz bottle of it as I type this. Tasty. (V13 recipe was taken from this ebook).

        I'm already having some detox-y symptoms. I have a faint headache and my gut is rumbling. Good thing my day is relatively quiet. Not like yesterday where I made the mistake of drinking watermelon juice and then driving a friend to the airport during rush stuck in traffic and then thought I was going to crap my pants on the way home. Tmi, perhaps, but sometimes the truth is UGLY.


        I know this journey is going to be hard. Really hard. My family doesn't seem to want to be healthy. They are moderately supportive, but they also cast a doubt on my situation. I don't know how many times I've heard "You can't do that!" since I announced my fast a couple of weeks ago.

        I'm like "I can't sit here and rot away any more. I'm dying, in a not-so-obvious way. Or maybe I've never lived to begin with and I want a shot at life. My parents are baby boomers, they had a lot of fun and friends were they were young. They don't understand what my life has been like. Sure, I didn't go without material things as a kid. I was loved, etc. But I was also cruelly and mercilessly bullied as a kid. I was teased and hurt. People treated me different because I was fat and Hispanic in an all-white town. It sucked. Jr high and high school weren't much better. No one liked the "fat girl". I was weird and people teased me then too. I did have friends, but I had no confidence and it wasn't like I got much attention from the opposite sex. I lived on the internet, spent hours gaming and writing poetry, immersed myself in books and music and computers to avoid the world.

        College was ok, but it was a lot like high school minus the catty girls. I was the only woman in my major until my last year when a middle aged woman transferred into the school. 3 years of being THE ONLY female in a sea of guys is a bit daunting. I didn't really make friends there. The guys though I was weird and didn't take much notice of me. I concentrated on my work, did well, but in the end, I was alone.

        Same thing at all the jobs I've had, church, and any other activities or things that I've undertaken. I've been alone. And it has sucked. I can't get my parents to understand what it is like to be alone. And I don't know why their approval matters so much to me. I'm 26, shouldn't I be able to get past it??

        I suppose this emotional cleansing...toxic feelings and thoughts leaving my system. I'm just tired of being alone but I'm unsure of how to be part of things. I'm nervous about social affairs, I dislike crowds, I don't really care for small talk or false sincerity. Social niceties are not my thing.

        ~Auntie Thesis
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