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Primal Journal: Milly3 (newbie)

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  • Primal Journal: Milly3 (newbie)

    Hello everyone,

    I've been really inspired by reading this blog for a few weeks and really impressed with how supportive this community is!

    About me: I'm 19, a college student, and I eat healthier than most (that's not saying much). However I'm a bit of an emotional eater. I sometimes go on carb binges, I have a terrible sweet tooth. I would like to lose a few pounds but mostly just feel more alert, energetic, and have a strong body. I dance several times a week but I'm going to start strength training as well.

    So I guess I'll start with today:

    breakfast: a banana and 1/4 cup cashews eaten on the way to class

    snack: peach

    lunch: salad-- lettuce, oranges, avacado, almonds, olive oil, 5 chocolate kisses for dessert

    plan for dinner: cabbage and ham stir-fry

    exercise: ballroom dance class for 2 hours

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    Great start Milly!

    Stick with it. I also found it helps to plan out your meals for the day in the morning. I tend to get less hungry throughout the day because I know there is a juicy steak waiting for me for dinner

    Best of luck. It truly is life changing in many emotional and physical ways.

    Good luck!


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      Well it's been 5 days and I've stuck with it! Which is probably more than I can say for any other diet thing I've ever tried.

      And I'm seeing differences in my life!

      --Yesterday I didn't get enough sleep, which usually results in me crashing around 3. But 3 rolled around and I got tired for a little, but then when I headed to my dance class I felt this surge of energy and strength and went through the whole hour feeling electrified, like nothing I've ever experienced. It was amazing.

      --I'm feeling a lot more emotionally stable. This was really noticeable today: I got back a paper with a grade much lower than what I was hoping for I was very disappointed, but instead of taking my normal route of going home and sulking in front of the TV, I felt calm and humbled by the experience, resolved to figure out how to do better next time, called my sister to talk, and walked all the way downtown to the grocery store because it was a beautiful evening. I know that I couldn't have been this mature if I didn't have the calm, clear-headed energy that I'm feeling.

      --I've noticed my stomach is flatter and my waist a tiny bit more defined. Also, t-shirts that were tight around the arms last week are looser.

      --After meals I feel really satisfied. I think it's the fats I'm now adding to meals-olive oil, avocados, walnuts, are my favorite.

      My groceries for the week:

      -One dozen (local farm) eggs

      -3 avocados

      -Can of coconut milk

      -Jar of coconut oil -- smells SO good!

      -5 small hydroponically grown tomatoes

      -A bunch of spring kale

      -3 cans of salmon

      -1 can of baby clams

      -1 pound of (locally raised) ground beef

      -small wedge of blue cheese

      -bag of organic carrots

      I decided to avoid buying nuts and fruit this week because I am too tempted to snack on them when I'm not hungry.

      Breakfast today:

      Not very hungry; 1/2 cup greek yogurt and a handful of peanuts (eh)

      Lunch: Big salad: greens, walnuts, dried cranberries, olive oil, blue cheese

      Dinner: AMAZING-- omelette (of eggs raised just down the road!), blue cheese, tomato, half a can of salmon; cooked in 1 tb coconut oil. Over a bed of tender spring kale greens. mmmm.


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        This was a rough weekend...aaaa I thought I had it all together and I totally did not. I was eating perfectly primal all week. Then on Saturday night my friend who I never see invited me over for a movie and we ended up making cookies. I tasted the batter, which turned into eating a cookie, then another, then another, and wine and chocolate.. and suddenly my old carb cravings came roaring back. I fought them off for meals, but couldn't restrain myself from the fruit and cookies that are so ubiquitous at college events, and when I fought the cravings I ended up eating too much Primal food. I could feel myself bloating up and gaining weight, feeling heavy, lethargic, almost falling asleep in class. This morning I tried to fast instead but then I got really hungry during class and had vending machine junk. GROSS.

        I realized at that point how this is a physiological problem, not a moral failing. Because last week, on primal, I didn't give the vending machines a second glance. My blood sugar was doing roller-coasters after a weekend of carb overload, so the cookies really were calling out to me-- my hormones and blood sugar changing the way I interact with the world. This realization made me forgive myself, and make a plan. I went home as soon as I could and got out the package of grass-fed ground beef I bought last week. I browned it with salt and pepper and let myself eat as much as I wanted, plus a whole avocado. After a bowl of that, the cravings were gone. I was full and happy and I didn't want anything else. Sugar seemed repulsive again and my energy began to return.

        I think this was a really good lesson for me. I simply cannot handle sugar. It's both physiologically and emotionally addictive.

        My goal for this week is to go totally purely primal: no cheese, no sugar-coated nuts or dried fruit, no milk. I want to really cut the cord that's binding me to carb addiction, and see if it makes a big difference.

        Also, I know now what my body is really asking for: protein and fat. As soon as I gave it meat and oil, it was happy. Not only did my body feel good again, my mind got clearer and my mood improved. Emotions, brain, body---all tied up into one. Funny how we don't tend to think of them that way.